Michigan Coalition for Open Government helps launch Sunshine Week
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — Michigan needs more open government. The state received a failing grade from The Center for Public Integrity — 44th out of 50 states, to be exact. We were graded on such...
A week dedicated to government transparency launches with announcement of new Michigan group
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — The Lansing City Council’s recent closed session meetings to discuss a confidential legal opinion about a Council member’s broken computer is a perfect example of why...
City Council holds public hearing on Niowave tax abatement
March 11 2013
Monday, March 11 — Local residents either outright opposed to a personal property tax abatement for Niowave, or against it until the company fixes the façade of a 14,000-square-foot pole barn/research...
Lansing becomes first city in Michigan with multiple districts in the program
March 8 2013
Friday, March 8 — With downtown Lansing’s recent designation as a Michigan Main Street community, Downtown Lansing Inc. will have access to roughly $250,000 worth of technical assistance from...
Diocese meets with citizens' group; spokesman says 'all options are on table’'
March 6 2013
After meeting with a group of citizens worried about the fate of North Lansing's Cristo Rey Community Center, the Catholic Diocese of Lansing has backed off its plan to merge the center with St. Vincent...
March 6 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: A shophouse — also known as mixed use with residential above and commercial below — is the ultimate in convenience living. Total commute time?...
Fate of Niowave's tax break is unknown, but could have consequences for company, City Council and neighbors
March 6 2013
Three groups have been the chief characters in the Niowave pole barn saga: the Walnut Neighborhood Organization, the company itself and the Lansing City Council. A Council vote tentatively set for March...
March 6 2013
It is a perpetual campaign — not just for president, but for state offices as well. Just three months after the 2012 general election, campaigning is well underway for 2014
Internal memo from city attorney finds no criminal wrongdoing, basis for removal or ethics violation related to Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar
Feb. 27 2013
A draft internal memo from the Lansing City Attorney's Office to City Council members last month clears At-Large Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar of any wrongdoing related to a city-issued laptop computer
Feb. 27 2013
A library is the living room of the community. A gathering place open to all. Be it a small, neighborhood library or the central district library, the building design must be both civic and approachable...
Financial Health Team to recommend Lansing increase its funding for long-term pension and health care liabilities
Feb. 27 2013
A key member of the mostly mayoral-appointed Financial Health Team in Lansing says the city should increase funding — or decrease costs — for its long-term liabilities for pensions and retiree...
Feb. 27 2013
Michigan is one of the dumbest states in the nation, but it's not a matter of genetics or innate intelligence. We aren't trying hard enough. And we're also losing too many of our best and brightest
Gun rights advocates' drive to loosen restrictions on campus
Feb. 27 2013
If you're a college student in the Lansing area and you have a concealed pistol license, there is only one campus where you can exercise that right — to some extent
Drain commissioner believes delay with drain project at Red Cedar Golf Course is because the Bernero administration wants more control over it. Bernero says that's 'complete nonsense.'
Feb. 20 2013
Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann believes the Bernero administration wants "total control" of his drain project at the former Red Cedar Golf Course, which is why it's been held in limbo for...
Feb. 20 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: As it becomes increasingly important to minimize the built environment's impact on the land to mitigate sprawl, maximizing every inch of the already existing...
The Supreme Court's effect on Lansing dispensaries and pending legislation to give them hope
Feb. 20 2013
It's shortly after noon on Monday, and a young man likely in his 20s or 30s is making a purchase at Alternative Medicine in Lansing. Fifty dollars is exchanged for a few grams of medical marijuana. Business...
Why is a development project near the Stadium District held up in Mayor Bernero's office?
Feb. 20 2013
Lansing developer Pat Gillespie is interested in transforming a prominent eyesore across the street from his Stadium District in downtown Lansing, but a key step in the process has been held up in Mayor...
Lansing School District considering heightened security at its buildings
Feb. 20 2013
The Lansing School District is considering spending roughly a half-million dollars to heighten security at all of its buildings. One district official says the expansion has been contemplated for years...
Feb. 20 2013
If you enjoy drinking a glass of wine now and then, you're probably familiar with the numerous choices of brands and types to be found in many local grocery and drug stores. The rows and rows of creatively...
Feb. 20 2013
A soft-spoken policy wonk has become one of the most influential voices in Michigan on how to reinvent the state’s economy. No, it's not the self-described "One Tough Nerd" in the Governor's Office....