Nov. 15 2012
He wasn't on the ballot, but the biggest political winner in Michigan last week was Gov. Rick Snyder. "One Tough Nerd" held his majorities in the state House and on the Supreme Court
State, county officials identify Potter Park Zoo as a potential source of elevated E. coli levels in the Red Cedar River due to runoff from animal enclosures
Nov. 14 2012
As visitors marvel over the more than 500 different creatures at Potter Park Zoo, they probably aren't concerned about where all that critter feces goes
Nov. 14 2012
One of the most easily recognizable architectural styles is the A-frame, ubiquitous in the construction of lake and mountain homes. This style of architecture, which has been utilized throughout history,...
What going over the fiscal cliff would mean for Lansing
Nov. 14 2012
Lots is at stake in Lansing in the fight over the fiscal cliff. The term is used to describe federal sequestration, a series of automatic, across-the-board spending cuts and tax increases that could take...
Lansing City Council to consider new ordinance after Niowave pole barn fallout
Nov. 14 2012
The Niowave pole barn fiasco has prompted the Lansing City Council to consider new legislation that would require notifying the Council about any new construction on sites with an already approved special...
The future is murky for Cristo Rey Community Center
Nov. 14 2012
Eustacio Lozano's workload has gotten lighter in the last few years, but he doesn't sound happy about it. "Tacho," the custodian since 1989 at Lansing's Cristo Rey Community Center, at 1717 N. High St.,...
Nov. 7 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Architectural character is most often the result of practical responses to social and environmental aspects, as well as the available materials, of a given...
Circulation's down for the LSJ since it unveiled a paywall six months ago, though corporate is confident
Nov. 7 2012
Diane Gracia-Wing, an East Lansing resident who subscribed to the Lansing State Journal for over 30 years, says her hometown daily is useless to her. For Gracia-Wing, the quality of content has declined...
Nov. 7 2012
The rise of Tim Greimel, who is expected to be named the Democrats' new leader in the state House of Representatives, has been nothing less than fascinating. Greimel, of Pontiac, a former Oakland County...
Nov. 2 2012
Two fewer commissioners, redrawn districts and the candidates for those seats (i = incumbent)
Oct. 31 2012
The logic is simple: If we in Ingham County can support the zoo, perhaps we can find it within our means to support human beings. We urge a "yes" vote on a first-time countywide millage, for $52 per $100,000...
Last-minute ad spices up judicial race
Oct. 31 2012
A field of five candidates in August's primary election for a vacant 30th Circuit Court judge seat was narrowed to two — and things between those two have gone sour
Meet the candidates for countywide seats in Ingham County
Oct. 31 2012
Will 2012 be the first year in over a decade that a Republican is elected to a countywide position in Ingham County? No. But we'll give our due deference to Republican challengers trying to make races...
Divisive politics in Delhi Township
Oct. 31 2012
The election battle lines in Delhi Township were drawn in sludge. The sides call each other a trio of tea partiers and devotees of a township good old boys' club. The teams were set last spring when Delhi...
First-time millage would help thousands keep medical benefits
Oct. 24 2012
Joan Nelson, director of the Allen Neighborhood Center, has been involved with pitching the Ingham Health Plan since its inception in 1998. She and folks at the ANC went door-to-door to help people enroll...
Local proposals affect schools, libraries and development
Oct. 24 2012
Five millage increases and one land sale authorization are at stake in six different jurisdictions in greater Lansing, adding a local flavor to ballots already inundated with statewide proposals (see page...
Oct. 24 2012
Few buildings have enjoyed celebrity like the skyscrapers of the 20th century. Skyscrapers define a city's skyline and identity. On both accounts, Lansing's tallest building doesn’t disappoint
The American Family Association is paranoid about a one-day event in schools that promotes tolerance. One local principal says AFA couldn't more misguided.
Oct. 24 2012
For the past 11 years, Oct. 30 has been a day for promoting tolerance in schools across the country. It's called Mix It Up at Lunch Day, and the goal is to have K-12 students eat with peers whom they likely...
Council opens discussion on an ordinance that would require more transparency by developers
Oct. 24 2012
Another politically charged battle between organized labor and the chamber of commerce could be brewing in the Lansing City Council chambers. Look no further than a proposed ordinance that aims to increase...
Oct. 24 2012
Lansing's four major television networks are seeing more than $5 million in revenue this campaign season. But it's not as much as the stations hoped — and not as much as it could have been