Lansing Council President Patricia Spitzley calls herself ‘weak’
April 14 2017
Lansing City Council President Patricia Spitzley said yesterday she was “weak” when she voted for the resolution that included calling Lansing a sanctuary city
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Bernero: ‘Embarrassed for city’ over Council reversal, but no veto planned
April 13 2017
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero said today that by reversing its sanctuary city declaration, the City Council has sent a message of “don’t count on us.”
Fourth MSU football player under investigation
April 13 2017
Another Michigan State University football player is under investigation for sexual assault and has been suspended from the university
Lansing mayor returns to Fox News show following sanctuary city rescission
April 13 2017
THURSDAY, April 13 — Last week, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend Lansing’s sanctuary city declaration in a heated exchange...
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Neogen CEO promotes misleading ideas on undocumented immigrants
April 13 2017
Neogen Corp. CEO James Herbert told the Lansing City Council last night that its sanctuary city declaration made his family and employees less safe
Advocates speak out as City Council prepares to reverse itself
April 12 2017
City and community leaders held a press conference at City Hall this morning, speaking out against against the effort to undo the sanctuary city declaration that the Lansing City Council passed
Dogs accused of goat killing win retrial in Ionia County
April 12 2017
“I think the judge realized there was evidence not brought forward” during the July 27 hearing, attorney Celeste Dunn said. In that hearing, dog owners Susan Vamvakias and Allen Hustin represented...
April 12 2017
Our new friend is a pink cockatoo (Via Defectum in Latin). She’s relocated to Lansing because she heard from the folks at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce that the region’s streets...
City Council prepares to undo its rare moment of courage
April 12 2017
Tonight’s meeting is the work of Carol Wood and Judi Brown Clarke. Surprisingly, they voted last week to support the call for sanctuary city status. Until then, they’d indicated that being...
Chamber says jump; Council says how high
April 12 2017
Judi Brown Clarke, an at-large Councilwoman and mayoral candidate, issued a press statement Tuesday in which she shared credit with Councilwoman At- Large Carol Wood for the special session
BWL final Central Substation design nothing like what was pitched
April 12 2017
The new design for the Lansing Central Substation was unveiled March 30 in a joint meeting between the Lansing Board of Water & Light Board of Commissioners and the Lansing City Council. It is barely recognizable...
Lansing City Council to vote on whether to reverse last week’s declaration
April 11 2017
In a special session requested by Councilwomen Carol Wood and Judi Brown Clarke, the Lansing City Council will meet tomorrow night to reconsider its sanctuary city declaration
County employees sent home because of wind damage had to use vacation time to get paid
April 10 2017
Some Ingham County employees were blown away March 8 during the devastating windstorm that swept through the region. But it wasn’t the weather
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Lansing, state chambers of commerce call on City Council to tone down resolution
April 7 2017
FRIDAY. April 7 — Soften the sanctuary city resolution. That’s the message two powerful business interests emailed the Lansing City Council last night. “We respectfully ask that you...
Former Lansing Council president files for mayor’s race despite woes
April 6 2017
Former Lansing City Councilman Harold Leeman Jr. watches as local television stations set up for the announcement of his bid to be the mayor of Lansing.Todd Heywood/City Pulse
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Most challengers for Lansing City Council seats support controversial decision
April 6 2017
Lansing City Council’s Monday night vote to approve a resolution that declares Lansing a “sanctuary city” has garnered a lot of attention and controversy
Capital City Film Festival offers more movies, music than ever
April 5 2017
The film festival formally kicks off its seventh year Thursday night with a Red Carpet Premiere Party at Lansing Brewing Co., but the festival actually started earli- er this week with a Tuesday night...
How we became Michigan’s first sanctuary city
April 5 2017
On March 20, a 36-year-old undocumented woman from Mexico was pulled over by Lansing Police Officer Matthew Meaton for improper lane use. He asked for her driver’s license. She produced an expired...
April 5 2017
This International Style building was designed by Detroit architect Ralph R. Calder in 1956, incorporating such style-defining features as flat roofs and smooth wall planes. Although the main entrance...
Schor far ahead for mayor, Dunbar hurting for Council
April 5 2017
Brown Clarke said in a written statement: “There have been several polls to date, each with varying results. And, we are still a couple of weeks away from the filing deadline and a final slate of...