Short staffed, city attorney contracts for outside law firm
July 6 2016
Struggling to maintain basic legal operations, the City Attorney’s Office in Lansing is hiring outside legal counsel for various cases
How could Dunnings’ staffers, authorities not have known?
July 6 2016
With Gretchen Whitmer the new county prosecutor and disgraced Stuart Dunnings III, “retired,” his sordid prostitution and coercion case enters a new and politically fraught phase for him and...
July 5 2016
Cover story: ‘Labeled,’ but not licked “Dense,” “slow learner,” “retard” — Eric Staib has been pigeonholed, pegged and pinned...
Meridian residents heckle CATA at tense township board meeting
June 29 2016
The ins and outs of CATA's proposed $133 million Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, system along Lansing's Michigan Avenue- Grand River Avenue corridor would be hard enough to sort out in a calm Zen garden. A...
Move could close facility on Pennsylvania Avenue
June 29 2016
Michigan State University and McLaren Greater Lansing officials are in negotiations about building a new hospital on MSU property in the area of Forest Road and Collins Road, southwest of campus, according...
‘I was a hate-crime victim’
June 29 2016
“This is how I’m going to die.” That was all I could think as I lay face down, my hands cuffed behind my back while the two men rained blows down on the back and side of my head
Council comfortable with Bernero’s latest choice for city attorney
June 22 2016
For months, the Lansing City Attorney’s Office has been rocked by one controversy after another. That’s something City Attorney nominee Jim Smiertka hopes to fix
June 22 2016
This sign faces the southbound lane of Capitol City Boulevard, seen as one departs the Capital Region International Airport. For reasons of practicality and safety, most airports are located in wide open...
Landmark Clara’s Lansing Station closing after 37 years
June 22 2016
With its cone-shaped towers, carved stone arches and vintage attached railcar, Clara’s Lansing Station is more than just the most visually striking restaurant in town — since 1979, it’s...
From Lansing and Orlando, shock, sadness and unity
June 15 2016
As the cast of Riverwalk Theater’s production of “Rent” slowly merged back into the crowd of people — some wearing “Love Wins” t-shirts, and others wrapped in rainbow...
June 15 2016
This building and its mirror image seen at the right edge of the photo form bookends that will eventually frame an entrance to this long-term development on the east side of Lansing. Designer-builder Dave...
Location sets Outfield apartments apart from other downtown housing
June 15 2016
There is a definite grad school-housing vibe to the Outfield, starting with the first-floor lounge with its panoramic view of the field, a bar, pool and shuffleboard tables, couches and, of course, big-screen...
June 14 2016
From Lansing and Orlando, shock sadness and unity As the cast of Riverwalk Theater’s production of “Rent” slowly merged back into the crowd of people — some wearing “Love...
June 8 2016
This property was featured as an Eyesore in, 2009 ( 3521-eyesore-of-the-week.html and its neglected conditions remain much the same. The broken windows noted then are...
Will the Zika virus spoil your summertime fun?
June 8 2016
As I write this column, spring — or what feels like summer — is finally here in the great Midwest. After more than a few false starts, it looks like the days that we all long for during the...
Bishop’s seat was vulnerable with a strong challenger
June 8 2016
It may have been news — national news, in fact — that Melissa Gilbert was ending her bid for Congress. But was she was ever serious, ever willing to undertake the grueling campaign, needed...
Bias complaint may prompt Council to forego housing approvals
June 8 2016
Half of the Lansing City Council, prompted by a federal housing discrimination complaint orchestrated by the Bernero Administration, is prepared to halt approval of all developments that include housing...
June 7 2016
2016 Summer Farmers Market Guide Summer is here, and farmers markets are sprouting up all over. Get the scoop on Greater Lansing’s farmers markets in this week’s issue
House bill introduced to limit bathroom use based on ‘biological sex’
June 3 2016
FRIDAY. June 3 — A group of 20 Republican members of the Michigan House of Representatives have introduced legislation aimed at transgender people that would require people to use government bathroo
June 1 2016
Alois Sandner of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the April 27 “Eye for Design,” noting that the detail “can be found on one-time apothecary shop” on the corner...

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