César Chávez and North Lansing's Latino history
Sept. 12 2012
On July 30, 1973, labor leader César Chávez visited Lansing as part of a four-day swing through Michigan to gather support for a grape and lettuce boycott. In a speech at Cristo Rey Community...
A performing arts center is coming to Lansing Township — what's that mean for downtown Lansing?
Sept. 5 2012
Whoooooosh. That's the sound of Lansing Township leaving the city of Lansing in the dust on the goal of creating a performing arts center. On Oct. 1, construction is set to start on a 12,000-square-foot,...
Sept. 5 2012
Good buildings are not only attractive — they also have good DNA. What is building DNA? It's the original construction essentials like superior craftsmanship and quality materials that hold up through...
Sept. 5 2012
The sleepy 67th state House District is in slumber no more. Democrat House candidate Tom Cochran wound up and swung at Republican Jeff Oesterle where it hurt during the "City Pulse Newsmakers" program...
Sept. 5 2012
Sorry for the gulf between columns. I had the privilege of visiting West Africa — specifically, Burkina Faso and Senegal — last month as part of a small delegation from Lansing. Dropping in...
Five buildings nominated for first Preservation Lansing awards
Sept. 5 2012
For decades, Lansing blithely bulldozed its historic buildings and neighborhoods to make room for freeways, urban renewal projects and bland architectural junk. The city is still behind the curve compared...
Sept. 5 2012
Northwestern Elementary School, just south of the airport, looks more like a crack house than a school. The building, which has sat vacant for nearly a decade, is a sharp contrast to the surrounding neighborhood...
Aug. 31 2012
One state Supreme Court decision is the only thing standing in the way of a constitutional collective bargaining guarantee being officially tossed off the November ballot. You hear that giant swirling...
Is a new era of politics dawning in Delhi Township?
Aug. 29 2012
Following strong showings in the Aug. 7 primary, it's obvious a new breed of Republican politicians are gaining support in Delhi Township — and at least two township officials say the shift is contributing...
Aug. 29 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Great outdoor places, particularly outdoor rooms, are as invaluable to a community as great buildings. An outdoor room is an open-air place defined by edges,...
Company sends a representative to a community meeting with little knowledge of the pole barn controversy
Aug. 29 2012
Residents of the Walnut Neighborhood want to move beyond airing their complaints about a 14,000-square-foot pole barn in the neighborhood. Problem is, their corporate neighbor is not showing up to community...
Aug. 29 2012
For all the noise Tea Party activists are making within the Republican Party these days, you'd think this hodge-podge collection of every spectrum of conservatism imaginable would be kicking butt at the...
A Church of the Resurrection building on the East Side comes down as a cost-cutting move for the Catholic Diocese of Lansing
Aug. 29 2012
There will be no resurrecting a convent that stood for over 50 years on the campus of a historic church on the East Side. An official with the Catholic Diocese of Lansing confirmed Monday that the old...
Aug. 29 2012
Study hall used to be either a punishment or a blow off, depending on which side of the C-level you and your GPA lived. It was just you and several other highly motivated crammers — or professional...
Aug. 29 2012
With a new school year comes Welcome Week. With Welcome Week come parties. And with parties, more often than not, comes pot. To get a sense of what this time of year means for all those illegal dealers...
"Not your normal developers" put all their eggs in the Red Cedar Renaissance basket
Aug. 22 2012
With a host of outsized personalities involved with the redevelopment of Red Cedar Golf Course, who are the two guys who paired up with well-known developer Joel Ferguson on this ambitious, 61-acre plan...
Aug. 22 2012
This is no ordinary stone porch that extends the length of the facade of the house. The character-defining feature is made of material with a past
54B District Court judge candidates, along with East Lansing officials, are against district court consolidation
Aug. 22 2012
East Lansing has no interest in consolidating its court system with those of Lansing and Mason, which could have saved $1.6 million a year for the county, according to a recent consolidation plan
One thing leads to another as Goodrich's Shop-Rite marks 75 years in business
Aug. 22 2012
In less than a minute, I was chatting with amiable Ernst Floeter, 89, who came to the United States in 1944 as a P.O.W., captured by Americans on D-Day. Floeter was repatriated to Germany after the war,...
Few dispensaries remain, leaving little doubt that medical marijuana activity has gone back underground. Now, all eyes are on the state Supreme Court.
Aug. 22 2012
Once the neon flashes of an open sign and maybe a cannabis leaf showed plainly in the windows of 41 storefronts across greater Lansing. A half-dozen or so remain. Where once 11 medical marijuana dispensaries...