A House Republican introduces medical marijuana legislation that seeks to survive the "Grandma Test" and allow for locally controlled dispensaries, er, provisioning centers
Aug. 22 2012
Although it probably won't make it into the final language of the bill, state Rep. Mike Callton said any proposed medical marijuana "provisioning center" should pass the all-important "Grandma Test."
n and now: What A Difference A Year Can Make
Aug. 22 2012
Last year's Court of Appeals decision in what's commonly known as the "McQueen case" effectively rid Michigan Avenue of nearly all 11 of its medical marijuana dispensaries. Today, only one remains. While...
Aug. 15 2012
If City Council approves putting a new Red Cedar Golf Course proposal on November ballots, what will we get out of it? Nobody really knows
The Lansing Sikh community responds to Wisconsin shooting
Aug. 15 2012
It was standing room only in a small south Lansing church as community members gathered to celebrate the union of a young man and woman. As the ceremony neared its end, photographers and videographers...
Aug. 15 2012
This November we're getting potentially six constitutional amendments and one referendum because a few deep-pocketed entities see money to be made or, in the case of organized labor, higher membership...
How much heat will it take to get fired up?
Aug. 15 2012
Vinifera grapes love dusty Mediterranean places like Morocco and Portugal. The vines are sinewy and stoic, like my Sicilian grandfather
Aug. 8 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Enclosing a front porch to gain extra living space, as seen here at 1915 Harding Ave., is a common practice in cold-climate states. It’s easy to underestimate...
Would city voters approve a $2.5 million tax increase over three years for fixing sidewalks? A millage is in the works — and has tentative support from the mayor.
Aug. 8 2012
The city of Lansing may be going back to voters for a second November election in a row asking for more public infrastructure funding. This time, it's for sidewalks
The tense final days of Steven Rigby and the posthumous fight over his possessions
Aug. 8 2012
We’ll never know how Steven Rigby would have wanted this to go down. We do know the Ingham County treasurer and his relatives disagree on how it should
Two of five candidates for an open 30th Circuit Court judgeship will advance to the November election
Aug. 4 2012
The speed and the cost of going to court, explaining the process to voters and generally "doing more with less" are concerns of all five judicial candidates looking to fill a vacant seat on Ingham County’s...
In redrawn county Commission districts, young and old Democrats looking to fill vacancies, unseat incumbents in primary
Aug. 3 2012
The latest Census figures mean the Ingham County Board of Commissioners will look different next year with redrawn district boundaries and two fewer members, from 16 to 14
Two Democrats and Two Republicans will square off to fill a position long held by conservatives
Aug. 3 2012
The township clerk is responsible for administering elections and handling requests for township records and is also a voting member of the Township Board of Trustees. Republican Mary Helmbrecht has served...
Land Bank finishes rehab of 530 Pacific Ave. as new owners move in
Aug. 1 2012
Other than hinting at a previous marriage, Greenwood didn't want to talk much about the life she's leaving behind. In February, she started her own business, Open Arms, a companion service for elderly...
Herewith, City Pulse offers its views on the best candidates in many of the competitive races in Tuesday’s primary election. Most of these are in Democratic races, in light of the non-competitive GOP elections or the views of candidates in those rac
Aug. 1 2012
The gregarious incumbent intermingles his personal and professional life more freely than appropriate, as proven by his request that county inmates dump some mulch at his house and "spread it around."
Aug. 1 2012
Republicans have a 50/50 shot at claiming the long-sought south Lansing, rural Ingham County seat in the 67th. The numbers are stacked against them in the 69th, but they have a moderate candidate there....
Aug. 1 2012
But all four Republicans on the Aug. 7 ballot have made such head-scratching decisions, it seems this campaign has been more an exercise in how far the human nose can stretch into the Tea Party’s...
Raising taxes and fiscal conservatives in little old Delhi Township
Aug. 1 2012
Goodrich says his opponent is accusing him of pushing a fictional "rain tax" that Goodrich says isn’t being planned. The alleged tax would charge residents based on the size of the hard surface areas...
Aug. 1 2012
Hetrick, 38, of Brighton, is a Lansing Grand River assembly plant employee who had worked at the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tenn. A Michigander since 2000, Hetrick says he was moved to run because of...
A look at ballot proposals from across the county
Aug. 1 2012
They don't have the amount of public attention as a public safety millage approved in November, but city of Lansing voters face a half-dozen ballot questions on Tuesday, including selling off parkland...
Who will fill Judge Jordon's seat in East Lansing?
Aug. 1 2012
Clement, 35, is a 2002 graduate of the Michigan State University Law School. He is a former Eaton County assistant prosecuting attorney and went into private practice six years ago. He is an adjunct professor...