College puts three century-old houses up for auction; preservationist says it's an 'empty gesture'
June 13 2012
Despite a flurry of objections from local preservationists, Lansing Community College is sticking to its plans to replace three century-old downtown houses at the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue...
June 13 2012
1. The New Emergency Manager Repeal Law The public employee union, AFSCME, teamed up with Michigan Forward and others to repeal the state’s new emergency manager (EM) law, P.A. 4, which gives gubernatorial-appointed...
Three houses from the 19th and early 20th century are to come down for a green space with signs. One was the home of department store owner F.N. Arbaugh. City official surprised.
June 6 2012
"The fact of this building coming down upsets me more than us losing our office," Bonnie Faraone, wife of attorney Michael Faraone, told the group. The Faraones have kept their law office at 617 N. Capitol,...
June 6 2012
Commissioners Deb Nolan in the Okemos-based 12th, Brian McGrain in the East Lansing-based 10th and Carol Koenig in the East Lansing-based 9th all found themselves crossways with the Lansing Labor Council...
Democrats came close to having a primary fight over who gets to be the almost certain sacrificial lamb against Mike Rogers this fall. Then fate — in the form of a state Bureau of Elections’ ruling — intervened and saved everyone a lot of
June 6 2012
Michael Magdich, a staunch alternative energy supporter from Livingston County, hoped to oppose Lance Enderle, the Democratic nominee two years ago, in the August primary for the Democratic nomination...
Lansing's interim superintendent doesn’t see layoffs this coming year, despite budget woes
June 6 2012
Of the district's $175 million budget, 85 percent is paid to personnel expenses, Caamal Canul said on the "City Pulse Newsmakers" TV show, which means frozen pay and benefits for next year but no layoffs....
The Lansing Police Department's latest attempt to reduce crime in a jurisdictionally challenging corner of the city
June 6 2012
It turned out to be 17-year-old Dennis Duane Gibbons Jr., who Tran said was attempting to break into the store from the roof. His point of access was the roof and the heating vent. Initial police reports...
The good news is downtown Lansing is busier than it has been in decades, thanks to the combined efforts of merchants and City Hall. But not all the news is good. Reporter Sam Inglot spent chunks of early weekend mornings on Washington Square as well as ta
May 30 2012
I went to South Washington Square between Allegan and Washtenaw streets on two separate weekends around 1:30 a.m. The first night was a busy one. Around closing time at 2, a group of roughly 60 people...
May 30 2012
This house in the Baker-Donora Neighborhood screams, “Not welcome.” It’s plain to see that the owner wants no one near as soon as you look at it. As if the three broken porch steps aren’t...
May 30 2012
This column tries to focus on “local” as part of the sustainability ethos, where we minimize our ecological footprint while strengthening our social fabric and sharing our economic prosperity
May 30 2012
Moments before the 4 p.m. May 15 candidate filing deadline, Kathy Rodgers filed instead to run against Mitchell for the Democratic nomination for supervisor. With nobody else filing to run for treasurer,...
Legislation from the mid-'90s has led to the steady exodus of students from the Lansing School District
May 23 2012
The large number of students leaving has hurt the district two-fold, said Myra Ford, president of the Lansing School Board. She said the district is missing out on the per-pupil funding for those students...
May 23 2012
Civic institutions located in easily accessible places have the ability to drive economic development. These buildings and their public spaces can be thriving places of commerce. Adjacent businesses benefit...
Old Town's Walker Building goes from green to serene
May 23 2012
The recent life of Old Town’s historic Walker Building has been a lot like the Hulk’s, only in reverse. When it was big and green, nobody noticed it. Now that it’s settled down and dressed...
Distrust, accusations of thwarting the legislative and collective bargaining process sum up budget cycle 2012. Oh, and the city's finances are still grim.
May 23 2012
As Mayor Virg Bernero delivered verbal blow after verbal blow to the City Council’s budget amendments Monday night, 1st Ward Councilwoman Jody Washington looked on in disbelief. And disappointment....
May 23 2012
Most of it ended up back in Mason at the drain commissioner’s office, where it was bagged and made available free through word of mouth to anyone who wanted it, Lindemann said. That’s how such...
Preservation Lansing awards shine a light on great old buildings and the people who love them
May 23 2012
Just eight buildings (pictured above) and two districts have been designated as historic by Lansing. The Ottawa-Walnut Historic District consists of two double houses at 320-328 W. Ottawa Street, among...
After layoffs and declining revenue, Delta Dental is comfortable with its executive compensation. A former board member and a dentist who recently dropped his membership are not.
May 17 2012
Three years ago, as Delta Dental of Michigan was laying off dozens of employees and losing big contracts with auto industry retirees, it was uncertain whether the nonprofit dental insurance company’s...
Two prominent black ministers say same-sex marriage is a "civil right" but one that doesn't square with the Bible
May 16 2012
“I think the president is to be commended. He did not allow his own Christian philosophy or theology to dominate his presidential responsibility,” said Bishop David Maxwell, head of Mayor Virg...
May 16 2012
Time and the elements have slowly but surely chipped away this 125-year-old home on North Walnut. The flaking paint job is like wrinkles on an aging person — it could use a face-lift, or at the very...