A unionization effort is underway at Peckham, a private nonprofit
May 2 2012
The United Peckham Employees Association is a group of Peckham workers with help from labor activists — including the Lansing Workers’ Center and the International Association of Machinists...
May 2 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This diminutive commercial building on the north fringe of Old Town is easy to dismiss as insignificant. But small commercial buildings, like this one,...
May 2 2012
This year is no exception. Ingham County Circuit Judge Paula Manderfield and East Lansing District Judge David Jordon are hanging up their robes for good, and a combined eight attorneys filed by the Tuesday...
May 2 2012
Presumably, selling the building would mean the end of Emil’s. But when contacted for comment, Paul Grescowle, the grandson of the original owners who runs the day-to-day operations at Emil’s,...
Mark Grebner digs the details
May 2 2012
While Lindemann has yoked his power as drain commissioner to a passionate crusade for low-impact development and cleaner water, Grebner wants to pull the plug and drain the drama from the office
Pat Lindemann paints the big picture
May 2 2012
“The Great Lakes basin has 20 percent of the available water in the whole world,” Lindemann said. “This is a major responsibility.” He blinked, as if distracted from a telescope...
A grim season for a neighborhood of refugees in south Lansing who are the targets of ongoing vandalism, theft and physical intimidation. LPD: 'This is big as far as attention-wise right now.'
April 25 2012
But since November, Bo and his family haven’t been sleeping due to a combination of fear and duty — they take turns staying up all night to keep intruders away. Several other neighbors in Summer...
April 25 2012
It’s easy to forget how many unique features there are in our communities when you travel the same routes day in and day out. If it isn’t on a main corridor or located right next door to work...
Longboarders, under the radar, converge on Lansing for the state’s largest competition
April 25 2012
Two races took place in Lansing last weekend. One you may have heard of — the inaugural Lansing Marathon on Sunday had nearly 2,000 runners participate and got plenty of news coverage. You probably...
How Google, Facebook and Apple can predict your next moves
April 25 2012
Not only do websites like Google and Facebook track your moves online and sell them to advertisers, but smartphones track your daily movements and know where you are at any given time
April 25 2012
Lindemann is the 20-year incumbent running for a sixth term managing the county’s numerous drains. It’s a deceivingly powerful position that comes with the ability to blow up million-dollar...
Beneath the politics of consolidating Lansing police operations, a web of studies and planning
April 18 2012
The study, which began in 2010, cost $175,000, Chad Gamble, the city’s chief operating officer, said. The administration has been sitting on preliminary data since at least December, before former...
April 18 2012
The city stopped mowing certain areas of 14 parks throughout the city last year as part of that plan. The goal was to save money. But City Council members and concerned citizens warned the administration...
April 18 2012
Unbeknownst to me, we exercised a similar approach locally in the past couple of months. A local businessperson was stymied in an attempt to accelerate her business because of a needed immediate infusion...
How Lansing's workaday knight took the city to heart
April 18 2012
He could have pushed a mailbag or worked on an assembly line all those years, and nearly did. Instead, he combined the daily-grind work ethic of his Detroit roots with the knightly passion of the Watergateera...
Bernero's plan to spend a portion of police millage money lacks Council support. He says consolidating police headquarters at the South Washington Office Complex won’t happen without it.
April 11 2012
At issue is a relatively small piece of Mayor Virg Bernero’s fiscal year 2013 budget recommendation. He’s asking to use $193,900 in new millage revenue on renovations to a former armory on...
April 11 2012
Lansing residents love their outdoor spaces, clamoring for them at the first waft of warmth. One of these beloved outdoor spaces is the courtyard at Tallulah’s Folly in Old Town. Whether for feasting...
After seasonal cutbacks, city looks for help at Cooley Gardens
April 11 2012
Unlike the downtown cubicle refugees who steal an hour of sanity in Cooley’s cool pines and flowerbeds, Lansing’s parks and recreation director was still working. In suit and tie, he started...
April 11 2012
The Ingham County Circuit Court is making its presence known these days by raising legal questions about the laws coming out of the Capitol this session. At least six times in the last seven weeks, the...
Local nonprofit helping to renovate local recovery houses
April 9 2012
After serving in Vietnam, Taylor Swan brought back home with him combat stress. And years later, he found himself battling dependency on drugs and alcohol. In a quest to get sober, Swan went to a rehabilitation...