How Lansing's workaday knight took the city to heart
April 18 2012
He could have pushed a mailbag or worked on an assembly line all those years, and nearly did. Instead, he combined the daily-grind work ethic of his Detroit roots with the knightly passion of the Watergateera...
Bernero's plan to spend a portion of police millage money lacks Council support. He says consolidating police headquarters at the South Washington Office Complex won’t happen without it.
April 11 2012
At issue is a relatively small piece of Mayor Virg Bernero’s fiscal year 2013 budget recommendation. He’s asking to use $193,900 in new millage revenue on renovations to a former armory on...
April 11 2012
Lansing residents love their outdoor spaces, clamoring for them at the first waft of warmth. One of these beloved outdoor spaces is the courtyard at Tallulah’s Folly in Old Town. Whether for feasting...
After seasonal cutbacks, city looks for help at Cooley Gardens
April 11 2012
Unlike the downtown cubicle refugees who steal an hour of sanity in Cooley’s cool pines and flowerbeds, Lansing’s parks and recreation director was still working. In suit and tie, he started...
April 11 2012
The Ingham County Circuit Court is making its presence known these days by raising legal questions about the laws coming out of the Capitol this session. At least six times in the last seven weeks, the...
Local nonprofit helping to renovate local recovery houses
April 9 2012
After serving in Vietnam, Taylor Swan brought back home with him combat stress. And years later, he found himself battling dependency on drugs and alcohol. In a quest to get sober, Swan went to a rehabilitation...
April 4 2012
I think for the most part it’s because the plan that was presented to us we all felt was very concise and very comprehensive. As our current interim superintendent indicated, it wasn’t cherry...
Neighborhood is not keen on negative effects of "greener" stormwater system
April 4 2012
Along with other residents of Barnes Avenue, Draper, who has lived at 419 Barnes Ave. for nearly 10 years, said the ditches are an eyesore. They fill up with water after heavy rains and melting snow, and...
April 4 2012
The smashed-in second story window of this house is like a black eye peering out onto the street. The missing front door screen offers an easy view of the several “Unsafe — Do not enter or...
April 4 2012
While Robinson declined to talk about the race until next Thursday, the other two admitted the concern among some within the African-American community is real and that there are ongoing discussions about...
April 4 2012
In the United States there are 19 states that have casinos included in their statewide smoke-free laws. That only applies to those state-owned and operated: tribal casinos obviously are sovereign. In the...
Who come from state prison clearing brush along the River Trail
April 4 2012
“My boss, the director of the department, lives in Lansing and runs the River Trail. He loves it,” said Russ Marlan, Corrections Department spokesman. “He noticed during his runs, parts...
Is there room for both models?
April 4 2012
As a young reporter in college, he remembers the typing, gluing, lead slugs, lead pages and other Linotype components for putting a newspaper together. Now he’s overseeing the LSJ’s transition...
March 28 2012
Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper corporation, apparently thinks that it has the right to move City Pulse. Gannett owns the Lansing State Journal, Detroit Free Press and USA Today. On any given...
March 28 2012
Even the most unassuming buildings have a special story, whether it’s the architect, owners, design, materials or past events. This home on Sparrow Avenue is a lovely addition to Lansing’s...
If a casino comes to Lansing and the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians owns it, smoking will be permitted inside the facility
March 28 2012
The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians would have felt singled out and at a disadvantage with the only smoke-free casino in Michigan, those close to the negotiations said
March 28 2012
How little we know of the larger world around us. Point of order: How many readers knew that the UN has made this the International Year of Cooperatives? I stumbled upon this fact recently when I was working...
March 28 2012
What are the objections of the people in the 4th Ward? We heard a lot about both the pros and cons from everybody. But the kinds of things that ultimately led me to the vote I made were people in the...
March 28 2012
I went there last week and it was gone. I wish Ieuro;d patronized that stump more often. Top of the Town is more than a contest. Our goal is to whip up appreciation for the finer things in our world, the...