Corridor committees: Who made it, who didn’t
Feb. 1 2011
Tuesday, Feb. 1 — The Lansing City Council appointed four citizens to study main transportation corridors in the city at Monday’s meeting. But that was after it blocked one potential appointee
The Lansing City Council considers a team to study the Michigan Avenue corridor
Jan. 31 2011
Monday, Jan. 31 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to appoint three members to the Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority at tonight’s meeting
1003 N. Washington Ave., Lansing
Jan. 28 2011
The Dr. Earl G. Kaplan House at 1003 N. Washington Ave. designed by venerable Lansing architect Darius B. Moon is a testament to historic restoration. The nearly century-old Queen Anne has maintained...
A look at the city’s annual holiday tree recycling program
Jan. 27 2011
Thursday, Jan. 27 — The city of Lansing collected nearly 1,000 used holiday trees from residents this month as part of its annual holiday trees collection program. But where do all these trees go?
Jan. 26 2011
I was very angered by the article written by Gretchen Cochran in last week’s City Pulse (Will it take Superman to Fix Lansing’s Schools?). I am a teacher in the Lansing school district and,...
A rise in medical marijuana burglaries in homes and businesses has people wondering: Where is it safe to grow?
Jan. 26 2011
At least 11 incidences of burglary or robbery involving medical marijuana were reported from Meridian Township to Eaton Rapids in the past seven months. Six of them were residential. Nine of them were...
Jan. 26 2011
Newly elected Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, the state’s most liberal state House member in 2010, praised Snyder for pledging $25 million to the Pure Michigan advertising campaign. The Detroit...
A proposed federal law to tackle a snake problem in Florida could have local implications
Jan. 26 2011
When walking into Preuss Pets at 1127 N. Cedar St. in Old Town, reptile hobbyists will feel excited about the variety of reptiles in the store’s southeast corner
Two Democrats have opposing views on gun-free zones following incidents at the Capital Area District Library
Jan. 26 2011
In the wake of two men openly carrying guns in the downtown branch of the Capital Area District Library, state Rep. Joan Bauer is preparing legislation that would add public libraries to the short list...
Jan. 26 2011
In Michigan, a favorable state for gun owners, there is legislation afoot (crafted by a Democrat) that would eliminate the state’s gun-free zones. In Lansing, two people recently walked through the...
1723 E. Michigan ave., Lansing. Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. (517) 574-4528
Jan. 26 2011
At $20 a gram, the Maui Waui is a strain worthy of the Top Shelf designation. This forever-young strain isn’t the most potent sativa available, but the dank, moldy fruit smell and bright red hairs...
State Sen. Rick Jones and local attorney Matt Newburg discuss medical marijuana issues
Jan. 26 2011
Wed. Jan. 26 —State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said today that legislation to tax medical marijuana businesses is coming in 2011. And a local medical marijuana attorney says it should
A pep talk, tributes and a public hearing
Jan. 25 2011
Tuesday, Jan. 25 — The scene on the first floor of the chilly, well-lit Knapp’s building Monday night was so optimistic, you might think the city faces a $15 million budget surplus and state...
The City Council will meet for a quick session before the mayor’s State of the City speech
Jan. 24 2011
Monday, Jan. 24 — The Lansing City Council will hold a brief meeting at 5 p.m. today before heading to Mayor Virg Bernero’s annual State of the City address
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reaches out to women through workshops
Jan. 21 2011
Friday, Jan. 21 — Nine women attended a turkey-hunting workshop in Delta Township this week as part of the state’s effort to involve more women with what is stereotypically known as a man’s...
2730 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Lansing
Jan. 20 2011
It’s OK to think that this house at 2730 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. looks dreadful with its exposed plywood, mismatched siding and overall disrepair. Lansing-area resident and owner Dave Finet...
Jan. 20 2011
While Superman is fixing the nation’s schools, could he also swoop into Lansing and, faster than a speeding bullet, bypass the district’s school board, leap across the gaping budget hole, shake...
The Greater Lansing Network against War and Injustice’s (GLNAWI) position on the Tucson shootings
Jan. 20 2011
Thursday, Jan. 20 — In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we ask everyone to be tolerant and compassionate towards fellow human beings and speak out against hatred and bigotry
Marshall Street Armory: It’s ‘historic’ now
Jan. 20 2011
Thursday, Jan. 20 — The Lansing City Council voted unanimously today to give the Marshall Street Armory “historic district” status
Jan. 19 2011
A casino in downtown Lansing is a terrible idea (“Casino Lansing?” 1/5/11). The casino revenue generated to the tribes is only taxed at a federal level — nothing at either a state or...

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