East Lansing Council aims to tighten project oversight
Nov. 11 2015
For many East Lansing voters the recent election was a referendum on developments and tax incentives. But how a new City Council is going to handle those is not entirely clear even to the candidates...
Lansing, East Lansing voters reject dirty politics
Nov. 11 2015
For such a minor election, the balloting last week offers some worthwhile takeaways
City questions scope of Red Cedar pollution abatement project
Nov. 11 2015
Pat Lindemann, the Ingham County drain commissioner, readily shows a photo on his cellphone of two unsightly sewer lines on the banks of the Red Cedar River
Nov. 11 2015
Thanks in part to Metro Lansing’s vibrant Hispanic community, local diners have no shortage of choices for reputable Mexican cuisine. And coming soon to a scene already full of Cancuns, Aztecos,...
Ingham County moving to resolve ‘ethical lapses’
Nov. 11 2015
As readers of the City Pulse are aware, Ingham County has recently found itself in the midst of a situation regarding alleged unethical actions by one of our former highlevel employees
Employee pay a mystery At area banks, credit unions
Nov. 11 2015
I suspect that few folks reading this don’t have an account at a bank or credit union. I belong to two credit unions. Credit unions differ from traditional private banks in that they are member owned
Hispanic leaders taken aback by award to Jones at Chavez dinner
Nov. 11 2015
A cosponsor of a Senate bill some Hispanic leaders in Michigan view as a mandate for local police to profile Hispanics received a special recognition award at an Oct. 30 dinner honoring labor leader...
Arrival of Uber means fewer cabs, cab drivers
Nov. 6 2015
LANSING – Uber may be a household name, but the entrepreneurial ridesharing company reached Michigan only two years ago, tacking Detroit and Ann Arbor onto its momentum for global popularity. S
Officials say apple cider at St. Johns mill safe to enjoy
Nov. 4 2015
LANSING—Apple cider seekers shouldn’t be deterred this fall by what one expert is calling a unique, isolated incident of tainted cider in St. Johns
Nov. 4 2015
This impressive building is on Michigan State University’s “Laboratory Row,” a portion of West Circle Drive that features some of the campus’ oldest remaining buildings. It was...
Ingham County leading way on e-cig ban to minors
Nov. 4 2015
Ingham County is poised to become the first county in Michigan to ban the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors
Bishop vs. Gilbert race rated an eyecatcher in Michigan
Nov. 4 2015
The way Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consultants sees it, Democrats have the same lethal attraction to Michigan's 8th Congressional District as moths do to candles
Central Pharmacy
Nov. 4 2015
Two years ago, registered pharmacist Michael Salquist was in a tough spot. Lansing Community Pharmacy, the independent pharmacy at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Kalamazoo Street he had worked at...
Sheriff's Department and Mason PD both rely on county IT services
Nov. 4 2015
Following an interview with City Pulse 10 days ago, Ingham County Administrator Tim Dolehanty made a decision to refer emails and other documents related to Michael Ashton’s acceptance of junkets...
Controller told of ethics concerns last spring, Byrum says
Nov. 4 2015
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum said the county’s top appointed official was warned about allegations of improper vendor and staff relationships in the county Information Technology Depart ment in...
City Pulse endorsements for Lansing and East Lansing
Nov. 3 2015
TUESDAY, Nov. 3 — Voters decide today on local candidates and ballot issues, including in Lansing and East Lansing. Here are City Pulse's recommendations in those two communities.In Lansing
Election will decide if East Lansing is ‘for sale,’ Altmann says
Oct. 30 2015
FRIDAY, OCT. 30 — East Lansing City Council candidate Erik Altmann said today that the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce has done the city a “real favor with this smear campaign” against...
City bees pollinate urban education
Oct. 30 2015
LANSING — Urban beekeeping is an increasingly popular teaching tool that also provides support for the threatened pollinators.“Rooftops and balconies are great places for beehives in the cit
Chamber attacks Council candidate over development record
Oct. 29 2015
THURSDAY, Oct. 29 — The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce has roiled East Lansing residents with a mailer attacking City Council candidate Erik Altmann just a week before voters cast their ballot
Mackerel Sky
Oct. 28 2015
Skeptics can scoff at the seeming bandwagon attitude of East Lansing’s recent rebranding as “the City of the Arts,” but the moniker is actually the capping of a long, slow march toward...

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