The executive director of the Capitol Region International Airport talks about attracting Sun Country Airlines, the airline business and going international
Dec. 29 2010
How does your background in law enforcement tie into your job as an airport director? Law enforcement or public safety is an integral part to the whole airport business. The emphasis on it has been growing...
A new MSU database of bird sounds meant for scholars, enthusiasts
Dec. 29 2010
Wednesday, Dec. 29 — Michigan State University’s Avian Vocalizations Center, or AVoCet, has launched a free, public and online database of more than 10,000 bird sounds from throughout the world
Ryan D. Richmond is the former owner of Clinical Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary in Ferndale that was raided by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department in August.
Dec. 27 2010
Monday, Dec. 27 — I am very concerned about how strong-armed-forces are moving forward to collect and control data on what is, at the moment, our protected personal rights
Dec. 22 2010
The State Police came to the correct conclusion: this was not a racist issue ("DWB ’unfounded’" 12/15/10). Let us once again review the facts: Quinney was speeding, and driving in an unsafe...
One Lansing resident’s struggle to keep his house from being demolished; he wins a round in court
Dec. 22 2010
When Dave Glenn bought the small, one-story home at 4613 Donald St. in the Old Everett Neighborhood in south Lansing 20 years ago, the house was nothing but an eyesore. He had “big plans” for...
1417 Sheldon Ave., Lansing
Dec. 22 2010
Let’s face it: although nobody finds portable toilets particularly appealing, they do provide an essential service. The quintessential blue box is an important feature of festivals, fairs, construction...
New and improved programming for Lansing’s public access cable TV channel 16 takes shape; programming due back by March
Dec. 22 2010
The past 10 years of public access television in Lansing have included obscure shows about Batman, neo-Nazi rallies, diatribes against the City Council. More recently, mind-numbing scrolls of community...
Dec. 22 2010
Here’s the situation: Krause’s current term is set to expire Jan. 1. She was elected in November to a new term, which begins at noon Jan. 1. Granholm appointed her to the Court of Appeals after...
Train tracks through Old Town to be activated for transporting recycled materials
Dec. 22 2010
The tracks, which run north and south through Old Town near the Chrome Cat, will support a three-car train transferring recycled material to processors throughout Michigan and the U.S., Bass said. The...
407 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing. M-F 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (517) 887-9960
Dec. 22 2010
Last year, Danny Trevino opened Hydro World Hydroponics, a grow-equipment store, and began instructing others in the art of hydroponic growing. The location on Barnes Avenue in south Lansing isn’t...
The city has a $15 million hole to fill
Dec. 20 2010
Monday, Dec. 20 — Finance Director Jerry Ambrose said today that the city will have to make up a projected $15 million budget gap in the next fiscal year’s budget
Recognizing “green” infrastructure, setting public hearings and a finance update on the Lansing City Council’s Monday afternoon agenda
Dec. 17 2010
Friday, Dec. 17 — The Lansing City Council will hold a make-up meeting Monday afternoon at 1:30 to meet the minimum amount of required meetings in a year
312 Mifflin Ave., Lansing
Dec. 16 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Living small and reducing your home’s footprint is the best way to live large, environmentally speaking. Join the movement that thousands have embraced...
The mother of a City Pulse contributor is missing; last seen in Fowlerville Dec. 9
Dec. 16 2010
Thursday, Dec. 16 — The search is still on for a 58-year-old Fraser woman who was last seen in Fowlerville on Dec. 9. Two formal searches have been conducted, turning up no results, Fowlerville Police...
Dec. 15 2010
Attendance and elections Obviously, Ms. Yorko believes she knows what’s best for Lansing, and that things around here are fine ("Yorko’s absences making her a political target?" 12/8/10). How...
Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann has big plans to manage Frandor’s storm-water runoff — but what is standing in his way?
Dec. 15 2010
On a cold, windy Wednesday night in November, Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann offered the first public glimpse into his vision for the Frandor Shopping Center at Emil’s restaurant...
A look at the 46 new medical marijuana businesses that established themselves with the city to avoid being blocked by a moratorium
Dec. 15 2010
Robert Ortega, who leases business space at 509 E. Grand River Ave. in Old Town, was surprised to find out a medical marijuana business is listed at his property. “Mr. Nice Guy” claims to operate...
The Michigan State Police calls three Lansing City Council members’ ‘driving while black’ allegations ‘unfounded’
Dec. 15 2010
Lt. Gene Kapp, who heard the Council members’ testimony and was interviewed in the Aug. 11 City Pulse story, also would not comment because he has since been relocated to the Michigan Intelligence...
Bar food, bikinis, private dances to rejuvenate the old Green House Bar
Dec. 15 2010
Owner Christopher Petrick is out of the country until mid-January, but his father, Steve Petrick, spoke on his behalf at a Dec. 6 General Services Committee to explain the operation to three Lansing City...
Dec. 15 2010
The big name is that of former state Rep. Lynne Martinez, who ran for mayor a few years back. Martinez was the state’s Children’s Ombudsman for a spell before becoming the executive director...

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