The state attorney general looks to challenge the length of Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.’s appointment to the 54-A District Court
Jan. 7 2011
Friday, Jan. 7 — The state attorney general filed a motion today with the Michigan Court of Appeals that seeks to remove recently appointed Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. from the 54-A District Court
Public safety funding amid tight economic times is stirring the pot on a sidewalk project in Lansing and Lansing Township
Jan. 6 2011
Veteran political analyst Bill Ballenger sits in the living room of his Waverly Road house, the first house north of the bridge over the Grand River in Lansing Township.Outside of his living room window,...
PETA recognizes two Lansing area businesses that it says won’t sponsor the circus
Jan. 6 2011
Thursday, Jan. 6 — At least one Lansing-area business that supports animal rights has vowed not to sponsor the annual Caravan Circus
Lansing City Council discusses the controversial Waverly Road sidewalk project
Jan. 6 2011
Thursday, Jan. 6 — Shortly after the Lansing City Council unanimously re-elected Council President A’Lynne Robinson and Vice President Kathie Dunbar to their respective positions, a few members...
Jan. 5 2011
In your paper’s delightful Newsmaker’s of 2010 interviews - which highlighted the arts so clearly and wonderfully as being newsworthy - Chad Badgero’s interview with James Sanford highlighted,...
The Capital Area District Library is reviewing its no-weapons policy after two people with guns were asked to leave in the past month
Jan. 5 2011
On Dec. 11, an unidentified man walked through the downtown Capital Area District Library with a shotgun strapped to his shoulder. After an alarmed patron called the police, the man was asked to leave...
1112 Bensch St., Lansing
Jan. 5 2011
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This two-story Lansing home is clad in a classic early 20th century exterior siding that, at one time, was quite handsome but has experienced some neglect....
Drumming up support for a ‘gaming facility’ in Lansing
Jan. 5 2011
O’Dell estimates 1,000 jobs could result in a downtown gaming facility. He is quick to point out that his aim is a “gaming facility” (casinos have a negative stigma, he said) without...
Jan. 5 2011
Consider this: After the 2009-2010 session, there were 16 term-limited Republican senators who didn’t have another public office lined up after Dec. 31. There were five House Republicans in the same...
A state senator takes jabs at a $1.3 million infrastructure project trumpeted by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
Jan. 3 2011
Monday, Jan. 3 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero defended a proposed $1.3 million sidewalk project along Waverly Road in the city and Lansing Township today against an attack by state Sen. Rick Jones,...
Speech therapy in the light
Dec. 29 2010
The article "Pause to reflect" (12/22/10) by Lawrence Cosentino did not make me pause and reflect; instead it pumped me up with enthusiasm. The issue of speech therapy gets a short shrift in the media,...
Reflections on the gubernatorial campaign, a budget hole, fish and pencils.
Dec. 29 2010
The wonderful experience of seeing the state and meeting people from all over the state. I had incredible grassroots support and the support of my family, of course. It was an unbelievable, incomparable...
The owner of Your Healthy Choice Clinc, 628 E. Michigan Ave., talks about opening a medical marijuana shop downtown, legalization and hemp farming
Dec. 29 2010
How has medical marijuana, in your perspective, changed Lansing over the past year? It has definitely been a rocket for businesses and employment. I truly believe it has helped the community. I am excited...
The economy was a pervasive news story in 2010. Here is one local perspective from a woman who spent the whole year unemployed and spared a few minutes of her time while job-hunting at the local Michigan Works! Association office on Cedar Street.
Dec. 29 2010
How have you been impacted by the recession? I live in Leslie and have been unemployed for about a year. How was the transition from working to being unemployed? The transition didn’t go real...
Lansing Judge Amy Krause was appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals in December after serving on the 54-A District Court in Lansing since 2003. She will serve through 2012.
Dec. 29 2010
How would you describe your judicial philosophy? In terms of judicial philosophy, I try not to label myself. My philosophy, if you want to call it a philosophy, is that judges need to apply the law to...
The local developer’s Market Place project stalled in City Council before an Ingham County Circuit Court judge intervened — how will he top that in 2011?
Dec. 29 2010
What did you take away from the City Council and Market Place experience this fall? Basically, the out-crying of positive support saying, “Yes, we want to see the riverfront revitalized. Yes, we...
The executive director of the Capitol Region International Airport talks about attracting Sun Country Airlines, the airline business and going international
Dec. 29 2010
How does your background in law enforcement tie into your job as an airport director? Law enforcement or public safety is an integral part to the whole airport business. The emphasis on it has been growing...
A new MSU database of bird sounds meant for scholars, enthusiasts
Dec. 29 2010
Wednesday, Dec. 29 — Michigan State University’s Avian Vocalizations Center, or AVoCet, has launched a free, public and online database of more than 10,000 bird sounds from throughout the world
Ryan D. Richmond is the former owner of Clinical Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary in Ferndale that was raided by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department in August.
Dec. 27 2010
Monday, Dec. 27 — I am very concerned about how strong-armed-forces are moving forward to collect and control data on what is, at the moment, our protected personal rights
Dec. 22 2010
The State Police came to the correct conclusion: this was not a racist issue ("DWB ’unfounded’" 12/15/10). Let us once again review the facts: Quinney was speeding, and driving in an unsafe...

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