The owner of a local medical marijuana dispensary responds to being robbed at gunpoint Saturday
Nov. 17 2010
Wednesday, Nov. 17 — The owner of Turtle’s medical marijuana dispensary, 2121 E. Michigan Ave., said the store “didn’t skip a beat” after being robbed at gunpoint by three...
A local neighborhood association leader to be recognized; Committee of the Whole to talk snow removal standards, consolidated service garage
Nov. 15 2010
Monday, Nov. 15 — The only scheduled business for tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting is a resolution recognizing Anita Beavers for her 10 years of service on the Colonial Village Neighborhood...
7051 W. Eaton Highway
Nov. 11 2010
With housing values unlikely to increase in the near term, why not invest in energy-saving measures that not only reduce your energy bills but also make you money? Lansing resident Pat Ballentine has provided...
The future of wind energy in Michigan looks good — but what’s standing in its way?
Nov. 10 2010
Friday, Nov. 5 — Michigan is poised to be a top-tier wind energy producer in the United States. But standing in its way is a “vocal minority” who are concerned about how commercial wind...
Nov. 10 2010
An accurate statement is that during my 9-day hospitalization at Sparrow Hospital, the multi-disciplinary team working on my case conducted extensive testing and numerous medical procedures to diagnose...
Lansing is working to regulate medical marijuana businesses amid dispensary crackdowns in southeast Michigan
Nov. 10 2010
On Aug. 25, the Oakland County drug enforcement team raided Clinical Relief in Ferndale. Nine people were arrested and await a potential trial on felony drug manufacturing charges. An undercover officer...
MI-GOAL advocates for equal treatment of LGBT public safety and criminal justice professionals
Nov. 10 2010
In 1991, Bouck, a gay man, was harassed and shunned after coworkers at the Michigan Department of Corrections found out about his sexual orientation. Though it was an “agonizing and debilitating...
1542 N. High St., Lansing
Nov. 5 2010
Address: 1542 N. High St., Lansing Owner: Wanda Lester Assessed value: $28,300 Owner says: Could not be reached for comment Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: A damaged roof detracts from...
The owner of a cannibis “club” finds his inspiration in his faith.
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Mar. 10) The Rev. Wayne Dagit is wading through 439 new e-mails when I visit him in his small, sparse office at the Green Leaf Smokers Club in Williamstown Township. It is 7 on a Wednesday...
As new medical marijuana dispensaries open, Lansing moves toward a comprehensive zoning ordinance to control them
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, May 12) A proposed zoning ordinance to control medical marijuana dispensaries in Lansing does not worry Ryan Basore.He’s a partner in the newly opened nonprofit dispensary on Michigan...
Law enforcement sees medical marijuana law as vague, may have to wait for courts to clear it up
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, May 19) For 40 years, attorney Richard McLellan has been representing regulated industries like liquor, gambling and insurance. And now, he is venturing into a new regulated industry: medical...
Nov. 4 2010
(Friday, May 28) A Lansing City Council committee is looking to possibly place a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries opening as it continues to work on a new zoning ordinance that would regulate...
Details of a confidential informant, 228 pounds of marijuana and a wrestling superstar emerge from the arrest of a local medical marijuana spiritual leader
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, June 2) At an arraignment in 55th District Court in Mason Friday morning, Judge Donald Allen Jr. led the handful of people in the courtroom through the criminal past of the Rev. Fredrick Wayne...
Is the case of Frederick Wayne Dagit bad for the medical marijuana cause?
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, June 9) On Tuesday afternoon, the Rev. Frederick Wayne Dagit sat in a black- and white-striped Ingham County Jail jumpsuit in 55th District Court in Mason. He looked calm, rested and alert
Talk of bombings surround canceled Lansing medical marijuana
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, June 30) Last February in Kalispell, Mont., the Montana Caregivers Network signed up between 900 and 1,000 Montanans for the state’s medical cannabis program in a single day. Spokesman...
Williamston pot club owner the victim of politics, lawyer says
Nov. 4 2010
(Friday, July 30) The attorney for the owner of Green Leaf Smokers Club in Williamston said in court today the charges against his client are “politically motivated” and result from a “classic...
Smoking club customers monitored for a week before the bust
Nov. 4 2010
(Thursday, Aug. 19) Undercover agents spent a week monitoring cars and customers before they raided the Green Leaf Smokers Club in Williamston and arrested the operator, one of the agents testified Thursday
A medical marijuana vote and a snow and ice removal public hearing scheduled for tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting
Nov. 4 2010
(Monday, Sept. 20) The Lansing City Council will vote tonight on adopting an ordinance that regulates in-home, medical marijuana caregiver services in the city. The ordinance focuses solely on home occupation...
Michigan is one of 14 states to straddle that line
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 6) Cannabis. Grass. Marijuana. Ganja. Weed. Pot. Medicine. That last descriptor, legitimized by 63 percent of Michigan voters in 2008 and in 13 other states since 1996, has changed the...
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 6) The possession of marihuana violates federal law. However, the likelihood of federal prosecution against an average patient or caregiver is low. In fact, the U.S

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