Some Stay Open. Some Stay Closed: The Road Ahead For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Sept. 14 2011
Within two weeks after the state Court of Appeals said on Aug. 23 that selling medical marijuana is illegal, the Greater Lansing Medical Marijuana Business Association held a meeting at the vacant Story...
What's up Republicans' sleeves this legislative season?
Sept. 14 2011
About midway between the eastfacing Capitol building steps and Capitol Avenue Sept. 7, a tall sign held by a medical marijuana advocate read: “WHERE ARE THE DEMS TO STOP THIS S_ _ T?” If the...
Dispensary owners consider filing suit against the city for not refunding licensing fees for opening a business
Sept. 14 2011
A group of former medical marijuana dispensary owners, joined by a Lansing-area attorney, is saying the same thing to the city of Lansing. The business owners want refunds for the fees they paid the city...
New ballot proposals make midterm more critical
Sept. 7 2011
Voters will decide if over 12 acres of the Red Cedar Golf Course near Frandor may be sold and if the city’s property tax millage should be increased. Until late August, the ballot only consisted...
Sept. 7 2011
You’ve probably never given much thought to the houses that frame the intersection of Kensington Road and West Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, just zipped through at nice 25 mph clip
Ingham County register of deeds wants foreclosure laws changed
Sept. 7 2011
Bill Donahue nearly lost his home to foreclosure a month ago. His family home of 25 years had been sold at a sheriff’s auction and he had an eviction notice on his door. It may have been just another...
Sept. 7 2011
A "job." It’s something about every adult needs to scratch out a living. It’s been retooled from rhetorical overuse into a cheap political hammer. It’s been used so many times by so many...
Sept. 7 2011
Lansing resident Carol Hess didn’t own her home on Harding Avenue in December, when the city’s Public Service Department shoveled the sidewalk, but she might be held liable for the $116.33...
Sept. 7 2011
If it were true that Wal-Mart had “always low prices,” would people shop anywhere else? Given the thousands of other retail outlets, I guess the answer is yes. Which might indicate that things...
Reflections and repercussions, 10 years after 9/11
Sept. 7 2011
The approach of Sept. 11, 2011, has set off a plume of words and images reliving the horrors and heroes of Sept. 11, 2001, but the anniversary has also opened a quiet back door to reflection. David Hollister,...
Sept. 7 2011
This week, WKAR Radio will air reports focusing on local residents affected by Sept. 11. These will include interviews with a Michigan State University psychiatrist and Pakistani Muslim woman who embraced...
Lansing City Council to meet Thursday afternoon over some light business
Sept. 7 2011
Wednesday, Sept. 7 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon over some minor business that includes granting nonprofit status to a local organization, settling two special...
Aug. 31 2011
Since late spring, progressive types angry about the public school cuts and the anti-union stuff coming out of Republican-led Lansing have been passing around recall petitions. They want Gov. Rick Snyder...
Aug. 31 2011
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell- Seyburn says: Sure 1434 Pontiac may look humble next to its two-story statuesque neighbors, but this bungalow can rival even the grandest American house with its efficient...
City announces plan to give Davenport University the Oliver Towers property in exchange for the college’s downtown campus. Towers would be demolished.
Aug. 31 2011
As part of a draft development agreement to be announced today by city officials, Davenport University would move its Lansing campus to the Oliver Towers property at Capitol Avenue and Shiawassee Street...
A look at the 11-year history of the nearly deserted building
Aug. 31 2011
The fire gutted the first floor and destroyed the fire and elevator systems, causing $250,000 worth of damages. After repairs, the Lansing Housing Commission was able to move into the first floor, but...
Aug. 31 2011
Is anything about those four sentences unclear to you? It was for the Ingham County Elections Commission. They ruled last week that the wording was so unclear, it wasn’t fit to put on the top of...
Start the new school year off right by getting the lowdown on the coolest places in town that won’t be advertised anywhere else.
Aug. 31 2011
Going back to school can be stressful. You have to find all your classes in buildings you might never have been to, buy expensive textbooks you might never use and pray that your teacher for your 8 a.m....
This story was corrected to reflect the correct name of the chairman of the WKAR Community Advisory Board.
Aug. 26 2011
Where does MSU get off not answering fair questions about WKAR’s financial situation?
Lansing skyline
Aug. 24 2011
Like an individual snowflake, every skyline is unique. Big or small. Short or tall. With a single glimpse you can see where a city has been, where it is now and from the arrangement of construction cranes...