March 7 2017
TUESDAY, March 7 — A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories.In Trump era, minority anxiety up, civil rights...
March 3 2017
Ash and M.K. Kelly in a Lansing bookstore LANSING — Twins MK and Ash Kelly, both wearing wire-rimmed glasses and hoodies in navy blue, are wandering on Michigan Avenue in Lansing, jamming their
South Lansing businesses targeted in door-to-door energy-saving drive
March 1 2017
Energy efficiency isn’t as glamorous as shiny solar arrays or vast wind farms, but this month’s targeted push has the potential to expand throughout Lansing, taking pressure off the city’s...
'Family first' rings true as Bernero calls it quits
March 1 2017
Two Fridays ago, Virg Bernero appeared to be off and running for a fourth term as mayor of Lansing
While other cities collapsed, Lansing progressed despite Great Recession
March 1 2017
In January 2006, newly sworn-in Mayor Virg Bernero was unpacking boxes in his new ninth floor office overlooking the Capitol. It was still the New Year’s holiday, but he was ready to get to work
Brown Clarke expected to announce run this week
Feb. 27 2017
MONDAY, Feb. 27 —Lansing City Councilwoman Judi Brown Clarke is expected to announce this week that she will run for mayor of Lansing
Bernero says he is not running for a fourth term
Feb. 27 2017
MONDAY, Feb. 27 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced on his Facebook page today that he will not seek a fourth term
Rep. Andy Schor pitches a gentler style in bid for mayor of Lansing
Feb. 22 2017
After a long day as a minority voice in Michigan’s Republican-controlled Legislature, Rep. Andy Schor likes to unwind with a book before bed
Feb. 22 2017
State Rep. Andy Schor sat down with editor and publisher Berl Schwartz and reporter Todd Heywood for an hour and a quarter on Friday to answer questions about his decision to run for mayor of Lansing....
Neighborhood activist files for Council in 2nd Ward
Feb. 22 2017
Rodocker, who has filed to run in the 2nd Ward in the August primary election, sees an area of the city overrun with medical marijuana dispensaries and shuttered businesses along crumbling roads. That,...
Feb. 22 2017
When this location was featured as an Eyesore in April 2014, it was “vacant and boarded, its falling soffit precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment.” The...
Berl caricature
Lansing needs a drink of courage on sanctuary cities
Feb. 22 2017
Action, not words, is usually what counts. And in normal times, that would be enough on the undocumented immigrant issue
Spending and dark money become hot button issues
Feb. 22 2017
Lansing’s 2017 candidates and dark money groups could spend as much as a million dollars in eight months in a bid to elect a new mayor. Dark money — untraceable money ostensibly spent to educate...
Feb. 17 2017
Including sexual orientation and gender identification in the hate crime law could elevate the punishment for some of these incidents
Council approves new law regulating home pot growing
Feb. 15 2017
In an action that will have ramifications for home growers of medical marijuana, the Lansing City Council has approved an ordinance regulating odor and electrical use
Feb. 15 2017
Architectural critics often divide their subjects into ‘capital A’ Architecture and ‘small a’ architecture. The former category includes famous museums, large monuments and examples...
Journalist sees silver lining in America’s racial discord
Feb. 15 2017
Back in 2014, journalist Jonathan Capehart wrote this headline for a Washington Post blog: ‘‘Black lives matter’ to everyone – finally.”
Lansing is finding out in sanctuary city debate
Feb. 15 2017
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare wrote. And that may be the case in Lansing in the debate over whether the city should declare itself a sanctuary city
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wilderness
Feb. 15 2017
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wildernessAt an obscure trailhead hidden behind a backyard in southwest Lansing, a laminated card is crudely duct taped to a fence pole: “No motorized...
County weighs proposals for trail extensions
Feb. 15 2017
The next time I roll from my home turf in North Lansing to talk about trails with Parks Department Director Timothy Morgan at the Ingham County seat in Mason, I may do it on two wheels