Jan. 18 2017
While not as obviously eye-catching as its Old Town neighbors (or the delightful mural on its northern wing), this building exhibits a simple elegance and authentic details. The main front facade is divided...
New maps show where overdose crisis is worse
Jan. 18 2017
“Scanner — 30-year-old male overdose victim, not breathing, needles on floor nearby, 3600 block of Lathrop.”
City Council fails yet again to select 2017 leadership
Jan. 17 2017
TUESDAY, Jan. 17— The third time is, apparently, not the charm for the Lansing City Council
Jan. 13 2017
FRIDAY, JAN 13 — This morning, the Gillespie Co. announced a new development on the south side of Michigan Avenue’s 2200 block
Whitmer attacks Schuette over handling of Flint water crisis
Jan. 13 2017
FRIDAY, Jan. 13 — Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer is skeptical of the charges Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has brought against officials in the Flint water crisis. “I don’t
Jan. 11 2017
According to a reader’s tip, “The AT&T building on Washington Ave. is not a bad example of brutish architecture, but the windows at street level which once held a communication timeline have...
Lansing considers ‘sanctuary city’ status as Trump inaugural approaches
Jan. 11 2017
Monday night, a group of about 25 activists shrugged off a January cold snap to circle in front of City Hall in support of an idea that goes back to the Old Testament’s Book of Numbers
City Council deadlocked over new leadership
Jan. 11 2017
Lansing City Council is splitsville. After hours of back and forth debate, the body failed Monday to come to a consensus on who would make up the leadership for this year
McClurken takes on Yorko for City Council
Jan. 11 2017
James McClurken is mad as hell. Mad enough to run for the Lansing City Council
ELFCO owners determined to keep on truckin’
Jan. 11 2017
East Lansing Food Co-op owners decided almost unanimously to sell their store Sunday, with 114 votes yes to 7 no
City Council deadlocked over new leadership
Jan. 10 2017
For a deeper look at the issues dividing the City Council, see Wednesday’s print edition of City Pulse. TUESDAY, Jan. 10 — Lansing City Council is split. After hours of back and forth deb
East Lansing Food Co-op to close by Feb. 4
Jan. 3 2017
TUESDAY, Jan. 3 — The East Lansing Food Co-op will close its retail store by early next month, its board of directors decided last night. “The ELFCO Board decided last night that the store...
Singapore businessman’s LLC owes $162,000 in taxes, records show
Dec. 30 2016
FRIDAY, Dec. 30 —A limited liability company operated by a Singapore businessman is responsible for $162,258 in delinquent property taxes for the “Homeless Hotel,”...
Poverty agency director likes Schertzing as successor
Dec. 29 2016
THURSDAY, Dec. 29 — The retirement-minded executive director of Capital Area Community Services thinks Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing would make a fine replacement for him. “I’d...
Agent for Ingham County’s top tax delinquent convicted in federal court
Dec. 28 2016
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 28 —The registered agent for S&S Acquisitions Group, LLC — the top Ingham County tax foreclosure target — entered a guilty plea for violating federal banking regulation
‘Not looking for a job,’ says state rep. — except maybe Virg’s
Dec. 28 2016
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 28 — Is Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero trying to find state Rep. Andy Schor another job?
Dec. 28 2016
Moon built nearly 300 buildings over a 60-year career, only about 30 of which survive. His own house was one of his best. The porch, a curvy confection of gingerbread with many sculptured details and its...
Dec. 28 2016
Say what you want about the election of Donald Trump, it defied convention. In that spirit, we recount for you 2016’s Top Ten local news stories not in boring old prose but in the style of Shakespeare’s...
Food Co-op to close retail store in new year
Dec. 21 2016
The East Lansing Food Co-op, challenged by ever-increasing options in the healthy food market, will close its retail store soon, its board has decided
A church’s dream faces foreclosure by Ingham County
Dec. 21 2016
In September 2014, members of the Tabernacle of David church on the city’s southwest side were excited. They’d bought a former charter school right across the street at 2130 W. Holmes Road....