Bryanton weighs retirement, Byrum and Swope in the wings
May 25 2011
Ingham County Clerk Mike Bryanton is leaning against running for another term in 2012, and there’s no shortage of interested candidates chief among them state Rep. Barb Byrum and Lansing City Clerk...
708 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing
May 25 2011
Property: 708 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing Owner: James Hornberger Jr. Assessed value: $22,000 Owner says: Demolition is coming Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: The word is, this lovely...
The divide at Friendship Baptist Church is as apparent as ever
May 25 2011
Stone was pastor of Friendship Baptist for 27 years. He led a “march for justice” in Lansing protesting the 1996 death of Edward Swans while in custody of the Lansing Police Department. Stone...
Knapp’s building restoration work will soon poke into daylight
May 25 2011
This story was updated May 25—In the next two weeks, eagle-eyed downtown lunch eaters will be able to spot the first visible sign of work on Lansing’s next big renovation project, the conversion...
821 E. Kalamazoo St., Suite D2, Lansing (517) 316-0700 Hours: M-F 10 a.m.-9 p.m. & Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m
May 25 2011
It’s construction season in Michigan, so add Kalamazoo Street to the list of roads being resurfaced, repaired and upgraded. Sections of Kalamazoo are limited to east-bound traffic, making access...
215 N. Capitol Ave., Lansing
May 19 2011
Eye candy of the week Property: 215 N. Capitol Ave., Lansing Owner: Central United Methodist Church Assessed value: $0 Misconceived notions can have damaging effects. In the name of energy efficiency,...
Correcting the record
May 18 2011
I was pretty surprised and hurt to learn first-hand how little research Mr. Melinn put into his column this week (“Hewitt out, six others get in 1st Ward race,” 5/11/11)
With time running out for the August primary, the administration is still shy of the Council support it needs to put part of the Red Cedar Golf Course up for sale
May 18 2011
The administration’s plan to sell more than 12 acres along Michigan Avenue in the Frandor area is tied directly to financing a major effort proposed by Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann...
How Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero envisions commercial medical marijuana activity
May 18 2011
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who spoke out last week against a proposed ordinance that would make most of Lansing’s medical marijuana dispensaries move, has offered an ordinance of his own that would...
An audit of Lansing sidewalks to provide extensive data for city, be a catalyst for grants
May 18 2011
James, a 32-year-old auditor for Jackson National Life, and Lavigne, a 27-yearold University of Michigan urban planning student, were walking the Genesee Neighborhood just north of downtown Lansing Saturday....
May 18 2011
Like just about everyone else in town, downtown worker Judy Putnam was marveling at the gorgeous new Accident Fund headquarters the other day when she got the itch to peek inside.What’s the harm,...
1419 Turner St., Lansing (517) 819-8167 Hours: M, W, F; 3 p.m.-7 p.m.
May 18 2011
Buono’s Medical Marijuana Caregivers is located on the west side of Turner Street near North Street in a singlestory, compact, brick building, in the middle of an industrial-looking zone
May 11 2011
Admittedly it’s only an idea at this point, but I think we’d better jump on this before it becomes any more than that
What will happen to the 41 operating medical marijuana dispensaries in Lansing? A draft regulation ordinance that would force most of them to move surfaces, raising questions
May 11 2011
The draft ordinance, written by City Attorney Brig Smith with input from Lansing City Councilwoman Carol Wood, has raised the eyebrows of some dispensary owners and local attorneys because it would restrict...
534 S. Magnolia Ave., Lansing
May 11 2011
Property: 534 S. Magnolia Ave., Lansing Assessed value: $19,500 Owner: Richard Arrington Taxpayer: Thomas Arrington Owner says: Could not be reached for comment Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn...
The Meridian Township Board of Trustees schedules an election on a controversial property rezoning, but it may not be needed. Meanwhile, state allegations of a local doctor’s overprescribing pharmaceuticals may have implications for medical marijuan
May 11 2011
The Meridian Township Board of Trustees schedules an election on a controversial property rezoning, but it may not be needed. Meanwhile, state allegations of a local doctor’s overprescribing pharmaceuticals...
Union leaders want to see the Lansing City Council levy 3.7 mills in light of the failed millage. Three Council members suggest $5.3 million in new revenue and cuts, which the Bernero administration calls a “pipe dream.”
May 11 2011
Because of the failure last week of the special election to raise property taxes by 4 mills to generate revenue for police, fire and roads services, union officials are hoping the Council will raise taxes...
May 11 2011
Councilman Eric Hewitt, the first-term member from the 1st Ward, opted against filing for re-election, creating a wide-open, six-person race that features a former councilman, a former state representative...
What are time banks and how are they faring in mid-Michigan?
May 11 2011
Brett Dreyfus first heard about time banks about 15 years ago, but he was in no position to start one: “I just didn’t have the time,” he said. But when Dreyfus was elected as a Meridian...
900 W. Holmes Road, Lansing (517) 977-0725 Hours: M-Sat, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
May 11 2011
Green Leaf Clinic is located on the north side of Holmes Road in a small strip mall near the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard intersection. The edifice is adorned with a modern-looking illuminated sign,...