Martinez commits to the First Ward, a fifth candidate jumps in, and who will get labor support?
April 6 2011
Former State Rep. Lynne Martinez has settled on running for Lansing City Council in the First Ward instead of At-Large, where she would have faced two incumbents with strong labor support
Property: Former Lansing Board of Water and Light substation, Valley Court Park, East Lansing
April 6 2011
In the 19th century, it was common practice to move a building sometimes more than once from one place to another. It was ordinary to see a building sliced in parts and moved piece by piece to a new...
Sifting through the scraps of a celebration on Grand Avenue
April 6 2011
At 8 a.m. on a recent Saturday, a tall man in an orange vest walked in front of the new headquarters of the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America, picking up bits of trash
A Lansing Township official takes a letter from Lansing over a proposed joint sidewalk project as “bullying.” The city says it wasn’t meant that way
April 6 2011
A letter the Bernero administration said was meant to help move along the proposed Waverly Road sidewalk project has drawn the ire of one Lansing Township official
April 6 2011
Michigan is Yours! is the moniker being used by developer Tony Gray and Chief David Tomby, who tried four years ago to build a casino on top of Cobo Hall something he called the Xanadu Plan. Detroit radio...
Poking the sacred cow of public versus private emergency medical services
April 6 2011
hat started out as a simple question how can deficit-ridden Lansing save $1 million in its emergency medical service, or EMS, budget? turned into an inquiry so fraught with political and economic feuds,...
5812-D S. Cedar St., Lansing. Hours: M-Sat 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Sun 11 a.m.-5 p.m. (517) 580-4461
April 6 2011
This small, white building is unmistakable to southbound travelers on Cedar Street with its giant red cross and cannabis leaf painted on the side. Upon entering through a screen door, there were two counters...
Well, just the unwanted, non-native, invasive plants
April 1 2011
Thursday, March 31 — In effort to restore native plant vegetation and the ecological health of local ponds, the Ingham County drain commissioner set a portion of Groesbeck Golf Course and nearby...
How the Ottawa Street Power Station fired up and flamed out
March 31 2011
State of the art equipment, hidden smokestacks and a stunning stylized-flame design made the Ottawa Power Station the city’s most cherished landmark. Slowly, it sank under the silt of time, neglect...
120 W. Church St., Williamston
March 31 2011
Property: 120 W. Church St., Williamston Owner: Stanley and Margaretta Freburg Assessed value: $61,300 Owner says: Could not be reached for comment Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This...
March 30 2011
In 2007, City Pulse was about to publish a short story that the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America was going to adapt the Ottawa Power Station to be its headquarters
How ‘the dominoes fell up’ to revive a great building and a determined city
March 30 2011
In early autumn of 2006, two anonymous visitors asked for a tour of Lansing’s derelict Ottawa Power Station. It was an unusual request.The city usually had to coax people into venturing inside the...
Masons restore a colossal flame to its original glory
March 30 2011
The most compelling reason to spend millions of dollars to gut, refit and save the Ottawa Power Station is its unique shell, tapered and colored like a giant flame burning from black at the bottom to red...
Lightning strikes twice at the doors of the Ottawa Power Station
March 30 2011
Lorenzo Ghiberti’s 15th-century bronze doors at the Baptistery of Florence have God, Noah, Adam and Eve going for them, but even the fabled “Gates of Paradise” don’t have transom...
Dancing delicately with the Ottawa Power Station’s steel bones
March 30 2011
Imagine replacing a dinosaur’s skeleton, working through a small hole in the top of its head, while the dinosaur is still alive.That’s pretty much what steelworkers had to do when they set...
How designers made Planet Machine habitable by humans
March 30 2011
Enter the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America’s new headquarters in downtown Lansing and you walk into a naked tug of war between a 20th-century power plant and a modern office building
Economic echoes of an urban renewal thunderclap
March 30 2011
Tell someone Lansing’s historic Ottawa Power Station is 172.2 feet tall and you might get a “hm.”Take a friend downtown to see the big orange flame jet into the blue or tremble in the...
March 30 2011
I wonder: If you ask the universe for Grace, Beauty, Laughter and Joy, does it come true?It does if you know Karen Hartwig. Karen Jeanne Hartwig was born March 4, 1963, and left this earth way too suddenly...
Like father, like daughter? Young Bernero testing political waters
March 30 2011
The name "Bernero" may be showing up again on another ballot near you. This time the first name accompanying the well-known surname won’t be "Virg." It would be Kelly
Questions arise over the operation of four medical marijuana dispensaries in Lansing
March 30 2011
One medical marijuana dispensary in Lansing appears to be operating without the city’s approval, and three more may be in trouble if the City Council adopts a revised moratorium ordinance.S S Collectives,...