Smoking club customers monitored for a week before the bust
Nov. 4 2010
(Thursday, Aug. 19) Undercover agents spent a week monitoring cars and customers before they raided the Green Leaf Smokers Club in Williamston and arrested the operator, one of the agents testified Thursday
A medical marijuana vote and a snow and ice removal public hearing scheduled for tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting
Nov. 4 2010
(Monday, Sept. 20) The Lansing City Council will vote tonight on adopting an ordinance that regulates in-home, medical marijuana caregiver services in the city. The ordinance focuses solely on home occupation...
Michigan is one of 14 states to straddle that line
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 6) Cannabis. Grass. Marijuana. Ganja. Weed. Pot. Medicine. That last descriptor, legitimized by 63 percent of Michigan voters in 2008 and in 13 other states since 1996, has changed the...
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 6) The possession of marihuana violates federal law. However, the likelihood of federal prosecution against an average patient or caregiver is low. In fact, the U.S
Shekina Peña, owner of Your Healthy Choice Clinic at 628 E. Michigan Ave., discusses the benefits of feasting on your cannabis
Nov. 4 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 6) Peña says to be forewarned while cooking at home, because the aroma of cooking crock-pot sized batches of cannabis butter can be quite pungent. When cooking with cannabis-based...
Local politician hospitalized but feeling “much better”
Nov. 4 2010
Alexander challenged Rogers in 2004 and 2008, helped lead a local petition drive to increase Michigan’s minimum wage and worked to extend health care coverage for the nearly 30,000 Ingham County...
Nov. 4 2010
Virg Bernero says he's "stronger today" as a result of the pounding he took in Tuesday's gubernatorial election. He also hammers the state's newspapers for their editorial support of Gov.-elect Rick Snyder....
East Lansing holds a satellite “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
Nov. 4 2010
Thursday, Nov. 4 — Mid-Michigan political junkies gathered Saturday at Reno’s East Side in East Lansing to become part of comedians Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s “Rally...
Nov. 3 2010
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero's 2010 gubernatorial bid officially ended Tuesday night, but those who've followed Bernero's political career say it's unlikely that his political career has suffered any long-term...
Nov. 3 2010
So now what for Michigan environmental policy? The reactions of environmentalists and conservationists to Rick Snyder’s triumph range from fear and loathing to tentative hope. A few in the conservation...
Republicans celebrate a wave of victories
Nov. 3 2010
DETROIT — Well, there you have it. The Republican Party has a lot to cheer about.The GOP snagged the governorship, the offices of attorney general and secretary of state and two state Supreme Court...
Nov. 3 2010
Customers at Lou’s barbershop at 521 E Gr. River in old town along with other businesses are upset with Lansing’s snow clearing ordinance, with its $116 fine. The sidewalks are city and for...
Controversy surrounds the firing of the former Potter Park Zoological Society director
Nov. 3 2010
Diane McNeil, who was fired in March after 25 years at the Zoological Society, refused to disclose financial records of the society a private nonprofit in charge of fund-raising and education at the zoo...
Unique partnership hopes to educate eastside residents on efficient and affordable home renovations
Nov. 3 2010
The homes across from each other at 1501 and 1512 E. Kalamazoo St. will be hands-on models for home restoration. About 40 students in LCC’s Environment, Design and Building Technologies Department...
Preservation was just not in the cards for MSUs historic Morrill Hall
Nov. 3 2010
When Morrill Hall was built in 1900, it was a huge house a women’s residential college and it still feels like one. The creaking floors, obsolete fireplaces and time-melted glass windows moan in...
Vets get legal help from U of D Mercy Law School
Nov. 3 2010
On the morning of Election Day, a mobile law office sat outside the Volunteers of America building in downtown Lansing, providing legal advice for the area’s veterans
Snow removal standards, a closed session and the unveiling of a (planned) consolidated service garage
Nov. 2 2010
Tuesday, Nov. 2 — There was no scheduled legislative business during Monday’s Lansing City Council meeting, but that just meant all the action happened immediately after during Committee of...
Tonight’s Committee of the Whole will discuss the administration’s formal snow removal standards
Nov. 1 2010
Monday, Nov. 1 — The city of Lansing has come up with a set of standards that clarify city residents’ snow clearing responsibilities in light of the new snow and ice removal ordinance. However,...
The Urbandale Farm Project gets federal money to expand on the east side
Oct. 29 2010
Friday, Oct. 29 — A $90,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture is helping Lansing get back to its roots
Oct. 28 2010
We said enough to Republicans who take treasure chests of campaign dollars from insurance companies, "big oil," pharmaceutical companies and Wall Street executives for policies that make them rich at the...

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