In the suburbs, as research and a new map by MSU faculty suggests
March 16 2011
For those who wonder if Lansing really is a “food desert,” two Michigan State University professors have something to show you
March 16 2011
I understand Michigan has this crater-sized budget hole and everyone is getting nixed. I get it, I get it. That’s just the way it is.What I don’t understand is why conservative legislators...
March 16 2011
On my way to a meeting in February, I got stuck in the snow. It was fully 24 hours after the President’s Day snowstorm, but the street (in an affluent Ann Arbor neighborhood) had not been touched...
On his way to India on business in search of jobs for Lansing, his office says
March 9 2011
Mayor Virg Bernero slipped out of Lansing Tuesday for a surprise business trip to Mumbai, India, that his office announced in a press release after he had departed.Bernero is going “to meet with...
Forum addresses federal military spending in light of states and communities struggling to make ends meet
March 9 2011
Wednesday, March 9 — Local and federal officials and leaders from neighborhood, religious and human services organizations gathered in Lansing Saturday to criticize the nation’s military budget...
March 2 2011
Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-led Legislature aren’t talking about ending public employees’ collective bargaining rights like their GOP friends across the big pond. Instead, they’re...
Despite facing felony drug charges, Fredrick Wayne Dagit helped his son set up a medical marijuana delivery service
March 2 2011
Nine weeks in jail and pending felony drug charges aren’t keeping Fredrick Wayne Dagit from doing what he believes is his mission: medical marijuana
March 2 2011
[Power On] Krista Smith: It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for, when Lansing honors its own! Right now the nominees are walking down Michigan Avenue, heading for the small vestibule inside...
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March 2 2011
Solo Performer Joe Hertler: 266 Jen Sygit: 91 Jeff Pianki: 61 Phil Denny: 61 Venue Mac’s Bar: 358 Green Door: 235 The Loft: 227
2208 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing. Mon-Sat 11 a.m.-7 p.m. (517) 708-8191
Feb. 24 2011
Quickly becoming one of the most popular dispensaries in Lansing, CCC has continued to provide only the best in medical marijuana strains and edibles to its members. Upstairs from CCC is Capital City Grower...
Feb. 23 2011
While it’s commendable to take time implementing medical cannabis (marijuana) dispensaries for the benefit of sick citizens (“E.L. Dispensary Regulations on Hold,” Feb. 16, 2011 [online]),...
Penguin exhibit, Potter Park Zoo
Feb. 23 2011
Humans weren’t the only Lansing residents snowed in Monday morning. According to zookeeper Dennis Sweeney, the penguins at the Potter Park Zoo found their exhibit impassable after Sunday night’s...
The attorney for the Capital Area District Library says the library has a case to back its weapons policy
Feb. 23 2011
CADL was granted a temporary restraining order last week against members of the gun rights advocacy group Michigan Open Carry, whose members have repeatedly challenged the library’s weapons policy...
Lou’s Barber Shop in Old Town to close after 74 years
Feb. 23 2011
Norman Rockwell prints on the wall. A 1950s black rotary dial telephone. Two 1955 Paidar chairs with ashtrays built into the armrests. Military memorabilia. No answering machine.The inside of Lou’s...
East Lansing is on the home stretch of regulating medical marijuana dispensaries, while Lansing is struggling to do so. Why?
Feb. 23 2011
“Lansing has the distinction of being in both Ingham and Eaton counties,” Smith said, adding that he was part of a medical marijuana panel discussion with Dunnings and Sauter hosted by the...
Feb. 23 2011
Her problems with Snyder’s budget: The elimination of the income tax exemption on pensions and the Earned Income Tax Credit, the $470-per-pupil cut to K-12 education, the 15 percent cut to universities,...
Whitmer: Governor’s plans don’t match rhetoric
Feb. 23 2011
Wednesday, Feb. 23 — State Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, says Gov. Rick Snyder was all about reinventing Michigan through shared sacrifices in his State of the State speech...
4720 Ballard Road, Lansing
Feb. 21 2011
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Roof damage is an inevitable outcome of a house fire. This house on Ballard has suffered an extensive fire that significantly damaged the roof. It is an...
Open gun carriers feel the need to protect themselves at the downtown Capital Area District Library, which the library director calls
Feb. 17 2011
I recognized Tyler — who did not want to give his last name for his “personal safety” — from a Lansing City Council meeting one week before. He joined a group of about five others...
LCC professor brings informal science gatherings to the Lansing area
Feb. 17 2011
Azima learned about the idea of a science café in 2007 from a board meeting of the National Science Teachers Association in Toronto. But the idea isn’t new. The British started the program...