A May election looks inevitable
Feb. 15 2011
Tuesday, Feb. 15 — The Lansing City Council is expected to vote next week on whether to hold a special May election in which city voters could decide on a 4-mill property tax increase. But the results...
A FY 2012 budget presentation scheduled for Committee of the Whole
Feb. 14 2011
Monday, Feb. 14 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to convene at 6:15 tonight as Committee of the Whole for a budget presentation. But this is no ordinary budget presentation
An informal survey shows support for tax increases to close Lansing’s $15 million budget gap
Feb. 10 2011
The administration won’t recommend a budget to the City Council until next month, so we hit the streets to ask 18 people how they would fix the budget. We broadly asked if they supported tax increases,...
Library patrons are worried about guns openly carried in the library; gun owners fear for their own safety without them
Feb. 10 2011
Thursday, Feb. 10 — The Capital Area District Library took a formal stance on its no-weapons policy Wednesday, citing “alarm and panic” from staff and patrons when guns are openly carried...
You call these guys religious?
Feb. 9 2011
Andy Balaskovitz (City Pulse, Jan 26, Guns, Violence and Politics) has researched the number of people with Concealed Pistol Licenses in the state and in Ingham County. He points out that in recent years...
Lansing voters may face a special election in May to raise property taxes to help pay for police and fire protection and roads. Mayor Bernero: ‘This may be the year that I have to cry uncle’
Feb. 9 2011
So far, the plan calls for holding a special election in May before the Council has to approve a fiscal year 2012 budget that could generate roughly $8.5 million in additional revenue for the city through...
Lansing Delta Township Assembly Complex
Feb. 9 2011
Factories were pronounced Cathedrals of Industry, so called for their massive scale and design that rivaled the architecture of Europe’s great houses of worship. Over time, industrial architecture...
Feb. 9 2011
Didn’t nearly two-thirds of Michigan voters say two years ago that a limited amount of medical marijuana could be grown legally? That it’s high time police found more productive uses for their...
First Ward Councilman Eric Hewitt wants off of the Ways and Means Committee. But can he just resign?
Feb. 9 2011
Committee Chairwoman and Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar set three meetings at 3 p.m. this month to address gaps in the looming $15 million budget deficit for fiscal year 2012. Normally, Ways and...
The Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad raids a medical marijuana growing operation that might be two plants over the state limit. Small stuff — yet the narcs call the feds. Why?
Feb. 9 2011
Since then, federal marijuana charges have been brought against Randall Lloyd Darling and Joseph David Johnson, the two growers who showed Every the plants. They face a minimum of five years in prison...
1105 S. Washington Ave., Lansing Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat Noon-6 p.m. (517) 708-7924
Feb. 9 2011
Open for less than a month now, Best Buds has been generating a big enough buzz to catch a contact high off of. Located in the heart of REO Town next to the old Dalmatian’s restaurant, Best Buds...
MSU grad brings a personalized touch to preparing for big exams
Feb. 9 2011
Wednesday, Feb. 9 — For many, starting a business is a dream. But for John Rood, Michigan State University alumnus and owner of Next Step Test Prep, it has been a reality
Open gun carriers voice concerns with CADL policy; Gillespie is reconsidered for Corridor Improvement Authority; and a General Fund halftime report
Feb. 9 2011
Wednesday, Feb. 9 — Members of the gun rights advocacy group Michigan Open Carry voiced their concerns with the Capital Area District Library’s no-weapons policy at Monday’s Lansing City...
Mayor: 'I have to in all honesty say I think we need more revenue'
Feb. 9 2011
Wednesday, Feb. 9 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero strengthened his support today for a potential property tax increase in Lansing
1115 Regent St., Lansing
Feb. 6 2011
Property: 1115 Regent St., Lansing Assessed: $43,900 Owner: Ellawyne and Dewayne Birch Owner says: Could not be reached for comment Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Vine-covered dwellings...
MSU professor says city officials need to ‘seriously think’ about Lansing’s food sources
Feb. 3 2011
Thursday, Feb. 3 — Thinking of moving to a densely populated neighborhood to get better access to nutritional foods? A recent academic study may change your mind
Feb. 2 2011
1)"Anyone that’s got a suggestion on what gun law would have stopped him (Loughner), have them write into your paper." Fair enough. It is my understanding of the incident that Mr Loughner was finally...
Two caregivers charged with violating federal pot laws for grow operation in Mason
Feb. 2 2011
Baldori, who represents Johnson, believes both defendants were within the state’s medical marijuana law. While Baldori said the DEA confiscated more than 200 plants from a grow operation in Mason,...
3711 W. Jolly Road, Lansing. M-Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sun 11 a.m.-5 p.m. www.lbmaryjane.com (866) 478-6828
Feb. 2 2011
Master Kush is a well-known indica/sativa hybrid that embodies characteristics of both phenotypes. The buds were dense and bright green with yellow-white hairs and a nice crystal coating. The faintly citrus...
No parking on residential streets for 48 hours. City officials say response to overnight snowstorm is going smoothly; costs to city undetermined
Feb. 2 2011
Wednesday, Feb. 2 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero issued an executive order today prohibiting parking on residential streets until Friday so city plow trucks can more easily clear secondary streets....