Race, politics come to the fore of the proposed Waverly Road sidewalk project
Jan. 12 2011
I prepared my black Palomar GT mountain bike Sunday morning to travel the path that has been called both treacherous and unused in the past 10 days.Is it so dangerous along Waverly Road in Lansing Township...
Jan. 12 2011
Maybe you forget your near-death experiences. I don’t forget mine. It happened on Waverly Road, exactly along that little stretch of road the city of Lansing and Lansing Township may lay this alleged...
A new group of lobbyists seek to defend medical cannabis
Jan. 12 2011
Sensible Michigan, a political action committee formed by a group of six people from Detroit, is drumming up support to defend the state’s medical marijuana law. They believe it’s a law on...
Inside Lansing’s medical marijuana farmers markets
Jan. 12 2011
Your Healthy Choice Clinic at 628 E. Michigan Ave. on Sunday afternoons turns into a shoulder-to-shoulder shopping center for qualified medical marijuana patients and caregivers. At any given time between...
The Greater Lansing Food Bank offers training, grants for starting community gardens
Jan. 12 2011
Wednesday, Jan. 12 — Want to start a community garden but don’t know how? The Greater Lansing Food Bank can help
A rally at the Capitol against the DEA’s request for medical marijuana patients’ records
Jan. 12 2011
Wednesday, Jan. 12 — About 30 people gathered on the east-facing steps of the Capitol today to protest the federal Drug Enforcement Agency’s request for seven Lansing-area medical marijuana...
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers reflects on gun control, 9/11 workers’ compensation on City Pulse on the Air
Jan. 12 2011
Wednesday, Jan. 12 — U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, said today that the tragic shooting Saturday of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson was not a failure of gun control policy but of the mental...
A new Council staffer and recognizing MLK
Jan. 11 2011
Tuesday, Jan. 11 — The Lansing City Council unanimously approved Monday appointing Karen Hulett as legislative office manager to eventually replace 23-year veteran Terese Horn
A new City Council staffer and four public hearings on tonight’s agenda
Jan. 10 2011
Monday, Jan. 10 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on replacing legislative office manager Terese Horn
Clergy, Mayor Bernero want an apology from Bill Ballenger for his comments in the Waverly Road sidewalk flap
Jan. 7 2011
Friday, Jan. 7 — The Clergy Forum of Greater Lansing, a group of black pastors, called today for a boycott of political analyst Bill Ballenger’s services over his “elitist, sexist and...
The state attorney general looks to challenge the length of Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.’s appointment to the 54-A District Court
Jan. 7 2011
Friday, Jan. 7 — The state attorney general filed a motion today with the Michigan Court of Appeals that seeks to remove recently appointed Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. from the 54-A District Court
Public safety funding amid tight economic times is stirring the pot on a sidewalk project in Lansing and Lansing Township
Jan. 6 2011
Veteran political analyst Bill Ballenger sits in the living room of his Waverly Road house, the first house north of the bridge over the Grand River in Lansing Township.Outside of his living room window,...
PETA recognizes two Lansing area businesses that it says won’t sponsor the circus
Jan. 6 2011
Thursday, Jan. 6 — At least one Lansing-area business that supports animal rights has vowed not to sponsor the annual Caravan Circus
Lansing City Council discusses the controversial Waverly Road sidewalk project
Jan. 6 2011
Thursday, Jan. 6 — Shortly after the Lansing City Council unanimously re-elected Council President A’Lynne Robinson and Vice President Kathie Dunbar to their respective positions, a few members...
Jan. 5 2011
In your paper’s delightful Newsmaker’s of 2010 interviews - which highlighted the arts so clearly and wonderfully as being newsworthy - Chad Badgero’s interview with James Sanford highlighted,...
The Capital Area District Library is reviewing its no-weapons policy after two people with guns were asked to leave in the past month
Jan. 5 2011
On Dec. 11, an unidentified man walked through the downtown Capital Area District Library with a shotgun strapped to his shoulder. After an alarmed patron called the police, the man was asked to leave...
1112 Bensch St., Lansing
Jan. 5 2011
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This two-story Lansing home is clad in a classic early 20th century exterior siding that, at one time, was quite handsome but has experienced some neglect....
Drumming up support for a ‘gaming facility’ in Lansing
Jan. 5 2011
O’Dell estimates 1,000 jobs could result in a downtown gaming facility. He is quick to point out that his aim is a “gaming facility” (casinos have a negative stigma, he said) without...
Jan. 5 2011
Consider this: After the 2009-2010 session, there were 16 term-limited Republican senators who didn’t have another public office lined up after Dec. 31. There were five House Republicans in the same...
A state senator takes jabs at a $1.3 million infrastructure project trumpeted by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
Jan. 3 2011
Monday, Jan. 3 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero defended a proposed $1.3 million sidewalk project along Waverly Road in the city and Lansing Township today against an attack by state Sen. Rick Jones,...