Dec. 8 2010
Imagine a new governor of Michigan appointing an environmentalist as agriculture director — someone with a track record of fighting factory farms and calling for tough measures to reduce fertilizer...
Dec. 8 2010
Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko’s poor attendance at committee meetings is opening her up to political attacks from the unions.Yorko, who was elected in 2009 to represent the 4th Ward, missed...
Old school chats with new school when discussing … schools
Dec. 8 2010
School budgets are shrinking and the tools are changing, but still their fervor for lighting a fire of understanding in a young mind was contagious. They talked of inner city challenges confronted by school...
What is a master plan? What does it do? And why is Lansing’s 52 years old?
Dec. 8 2010
Lansing Planning Director Bob Johnson’s downtown office is modestly sized a computer desk, a small table and some bookshelves. Aerial views of Lansing dot the walls. One bookshelf is loaded with...
3303 N. East St., Lansing. M-Sat 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Dec. 8 2010
Medical Marijuana Services, a collection of six businesses that occupies the old A&E Printing building on East Street, is one the shops able to continue operation during the moratorium. MMS helps patients...
The Lansing City Council approves a moratorium on new medical marijuana businesses — but not before 46 new ones sneak in at the last minute
Dec. 7 2010
Tuesday, Dec. 7 — A flood of new medical marijuana businesses came forward literally minutes before the Lansing City Council unanimously approved a moratorium against them
The opposition to a medical marijuana ordinance needs to find one more vote before tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting
Dec. 6 2010
Monday, Dec. 6 — Opponents to a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses in Lansing need to secure one more vote in order to block it at tonight’s City Council meeting
811 Bement St., Lansing
Dec. 3 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Barn, shed, Quonset hut, privy call it what you like, these structures like the small metal building accompanying the petite early 20th century house in...
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy takes jabs at project labor agreements by way of downtown’s Market Place
Dec. 3 2010
Friday, Dec. 3 — Local developer Pat Gillespie appeared in an interview with the conservative think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy in November to chat about his experiences with the Lansing...
The federal Drug Enforcement Agency cleans out a medical marijuana growing facility in Okemos
Dec. 2 2010
Thursday, Dec. 2 — The federal Drug Enforcement Agency has raided a medical marijuana grow facility in Okemos. The man leasing space at the facility says the plant numbers were within the state’s...
Dec. 1 2010
Governor- Elect Rick Synder’s decision to commute from Ann Arbor to Lansing is anything but sustainable. Sustainability is defined by social and environmental impacts of economic activity
The mayor calls a moratorium on new medical marijuana businesses ‘absolute nonsense’ and ‘Nixonian.’ Meanwhile, businesses scramble to get grandfathered in
Dec. 1 2010
The proposed ordinance would ban any new medical marijuana establishments for up to a year while the City Council and the city attorney draft an ordinance that includes licensing through the city clerk’s...
The former School for the Blind library and museum comes back to life as a ‘neighborhood empowerment center’
Dec. 1 2010
When walking through the former School for the Blind library and museum on Pine Street with Gene Townsend, the construction manager who organized its redevelopment, one of the first things he said was,...
East Lansing is in the process of adopting a non-motorized transportation plan, en route to a ‘Complete Streets’ policy
Dec. 1 2010
East Lansing has close to 18 miles of primary road bike lanes, but the future may hold as many as 56 miles, according to a draft of the city’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.The plan outlines...
Dec. 1 2010
Some weeks, Rendon said he doesn’t take a paycheck so he can cover his employees’ pay and benefits. If the former Michigan Homebuilders Association president didn’t have some loyal repeat...
A look about mid-Michigan on the road to economic recovery
Dec. 1 2010
My journey went south, literally and figuratively, when I reached the unemployment office on Cedar Street. Little surprise, the drab, gray office in south Lansing kept a steady flow of 15 out-of-work employees...
Joe Lesausky replaces John Hooper as Lansing City Market manager
Dec. 1 2010
Wednesday, Dec. 1 — Joe Lesausky, the new manager for the Lansing City Market, comes from a healthy background of farming and public administration
Not all Lansing City Council members on board with a medical marijuana moratorium
Nov. 30 2010
Tuesday, Nov. 30 — It sure took a long discussion to set a date for a discussion at Monday’s Lansing City Council meeting. That’s because Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar and Fourth...
The Lansing City Council will introduce an ordinance tonight that places a moratorium on “medical marihuana establishments”
Nov. 29 2010
Monday, Nov. 29 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to introduce an ordinance to place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses at tonight’s meeting before a planned public hearing...
As BWL sees it
Nov. 24 2010
The Nov. 17 City Pulse article, “Hold back the ash”, left out some significant details about the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s land remediation project in North Lansing