Sept. 23 2015
While the actual city limits are several blocks to the west, this intersection serves as the apparent western entrance to East Lansing, subtly marking one end of the central business district with a slight...
Apartments, retail coming to downtown high rise
Sept. 23 2015
WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23 — Look for an announcement tomorrow that the long-shuttered Oliver Towers in downtown Lansing will be renovated into apartments and retail shops
International students with startups face visa difficulties
Sept. 18 2015
LANSING—International students face daunting challenges starting a business. But as more and more international students enroll at Michigan universities, more and more keep trying to open busin
A cautionary tale from the front
Sept. 16 2015
Eric Pavona had the world in his hands when he graduated from Okemos High School. He had high college entrance test scores, he’d been working and saving money, he had scholarship offers from numerous...
As more people use drugs, injection drug use increases — and so do cases of HIV, other diseases
Sept. 16 2015
In December 2014, a small Southern Indiana county started registering an explosion of HIV cases. Scott County had usually identified only five news cases of the infection every year. But in December that...
One addict talks about his struggle
Sept. 16 2015
Soon, another friend introduced him to heroin. She stuck a needle in his arm and injected the drug. “It just took every ounce of stress that I had and released it for just 10 minutes, 20 minutes....
MSU out of step on paying commencement speakers
Sept. 16 2015
In the current age of inequality there is a lot of talk about a minimum wage and even, occasionally, a living wage, even as we read or hear about extravagant salaries for CEO’s or celebrities. One...
Hertel bill seeks to educate high schoolers on sexual consent
Sept. 16 2015
“In my time with the East Lansing Police Department, I have seen a scary trend unfold,” Lt. Det. Scott Wrigglesworth said at a press conference at the Hannah Center announcing the measure....
BWL faces questions over shuttering aging power plant
Sept. 16 2015
Officials at the Lansing Board of Water & Light started hunting last week for two Lansing residents to serve on an advisory committee that is charged with brainstorming new electricity-generation options...
Sept. 16 2015
At first glance, it is the obvious things that draw one’s eye to this elaborate building. The fluted Corinthian columns and pilasters on the front portico and the multi-colored woodwork on the third...
Why Sam Singh voted against Gamrat expulsion
Sept. 16 2015
Only two Republicans, Gamrat, still clueless about how she's perceived by colleagues, and Martin Howrylak, from Troy, voted against the death penalty. Ironically, most of the support she received in the...
Schools see need to address LGBT issues
Sept. 11 2015
LANSING — Over the past several years, Kim Phillips-Knope’s role in assisting Michigan high school staff address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues has changed.Phillips-Knope,...
Fairness vs. freedom: Republicans split on renewable energy
Sept. 9 2015
A far-right tea party conservative could make strange bedfellows with Michigan Democrats (insert Todd Courser joke here) as lawmakers craft a new statewide energy policy. State Rep. Gary Glenn...
Courser and Gamrat still don't get it
Sept. 9 2015
It's obvious by now that House Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat have made some terrible decisions: Their all-too-public affair, the misuse of their offices to hide it, the looney pay-for-gay-sex...
Sept. 9 2015
You can call it a restaurant. You can call it a cocktail lounge. Just don’t call Bridge Street Social, the new eatery coming to downtown DeWitt early next year, a wine bar. Sure, one of the co-owners...
Sept. 9 2015
Property: 323 North Sycamore St., Lansing Owner: Ingham County Land Bank (This Eyesore is being rerun to include architect Dan Bollman’s sketch of what it could look like as an Eyecandy.) While...
Random Battle Con takes over the Radisson
Sept. 4 2015
FRIDAY, Sept. 4 — Joe Shall is a stocky, 34-year-old man who makes up for his burgeoning bald patch with a goatee that stretches to his chest. He is amiable, with a quick chuckle, and says he’s...
Rejuvenate group, LEAP combine to help advance dining in south Lansing
Sept. 3 2015
THURSDAY, SEPT. 3 — Melissa Quon Huber wants to see south Lansing popping with “vibrant corridors,” and she has a plan to achieve it. Working with residents involved in Rejuvenate South...
Ingham county dentist’s conviction of sexual assault overturned
Sept. 3 2015
THURSDAY, SEPT. 3 — The Michigan Appeals Court in a unanimous ruling has overturned the conviction of a Ingham County dentist on all 15 counts of criminal sexual conduct. In August 2012, an Ingham...
A quick look at Greater Lansing's biggest schools
Sept. 2 2015
A quick look at Greater Lansing's higher education institutions. Statistics compiled by Brooke Kansier, design by Nikki Nicolaou

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