312 Mifflin Ave., Lansing
Dec. 16 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Living small and reducing your home’s footprint is the best way to live large, environmentally speaking. Join the movement that thousands have embraced...
The mother of a City Pulse contributor is missing; last seen in Fowlerville Dec. 9
Dec. 16 2010
Thursday, Dec. 16 — The search is still on for a 58-year-old Fraser woman who was last seen in Fowlerville on Dec. 9. Two formal searches have been conducted, turning up no results, Fowlerville Police...
Dec. 15 2010
Attendance and elections Obviously, Ms. Yorko believes she knows what’s best for Lansing, and that things around here are fine ("Yorko’s absences making her a political target?" 12/8/10). How...
Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann has big plans to manage Frandor’s storm-water runoff — but what is standing in his way?
Dec. 15 2010
On a cold, windy Wednesday night in November, Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann offered the first public glimpse into his vision for the Frandor Shopping Center at Emil’s restaurant...
A look at the 46 new medical marijuana businesses that established themselves with the city to avoid being blocked by a moratorium
Dec. 15 2010
Robert Ortega, who leases business space at 509 E. Grand River Ave. in Old Town, was surprised to find out a medical marijuana business is listed at his property. “Mr. Nice Guy” claims to operate...
The Michigan State Police calls three Lansing City Council members’ ‘driving while black’ allegations ‘unfounded’
Dec. 15 2010
Lt. Gene Kapp, who heard the Council members’ testimony and was interviewed in the Aug. 11 City Pulse story, also would not comment because he has since been relocated to the Michigan Intelligence...
Bar food, bikinis, private dances to rejuvenate the old Green House Bar
Dec. 15 2010
Owner Christopher Petrick is out of the country until mid-January, but his father, Steve Petrick, spoke on his behalf at a Dec. 6 General Services Committee to explain the operation to three Lansing City...
Dec. 15 2010
The big name is that of former state Rep. Lynne Martinez, who ran for mayor a few years back. Martinez was the state’s Children’s Ombudsman for a spell before becoming the executive director...
The Lansing ACLU chapter and Everybody Reads bookstore is hosting an event tonight to celebrate the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution
Dec. 15 2010
Wednesday, Dec. 15 — Do you have a favorite constitutional amendment in the Bill of Rights? Need a soapbox to share your thoughts on issues like freedom of speech, right to bear arms and unlawful...
Fear strikes patrons at the downtown Capital Area District Library Saturday when a man strolled through with a gun over his shoulder
Dec. 15 2010
Wednesday, Dec. 15 — A man carrying what appeared to be a rifle or shotgun over his shoulder walked through the downtown Capital Area District Library Saturday afternoon, alarming patrons and staff
Carol Wood gives her colleagues an early Christmas present by streamlining Monday’s Lansing City Council meeting
Dec. 14 2010
Tuesday, Dec. 14 — With 28 resolutions on Monday’s Lansing City Council agenda, the meeting was shaping up to be a long one. However, a motion by Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar, without...
The Lansing City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on a parks maintenance agreement with Ingham County, tax breaks for Foresight
Dec. 13 2010
Monday, Dec. 13 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on a five-year agreement with Ingham County that formalizes maintenance duties of city-owned park property in south Lansing
Eaton County Courthouse, 100 W. Lawrence St., Charlotte
Dec. 12 2010
Looking to take a trip during the holidays without breaking the bank? Why not partake in the latest trend of a day-long vacation, affectionately known as a “daycation?” Twenty minutes southwest...
2121 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing | Open 24 Hours | (517) 214-2244
Dec. 8 2010
Whether the idea was to fulfill a need or to seize an opportunity, owner and budtender Corey, along with his wife, Toni, have managed to do both by opening Turtle’s Medical Marijuana Compassionate...
Dec. 8 2010
I was moved, as well as disgusted by Councilwoman Wood’s recent statements, "I guess that’s his [Mayor Bernero’s] idea of regionalism," adding that she has been asked by "regional study...
More questions than answers remain after a federal bust of medical-marijuana growing facilities in Okemos
Dec. 8 2010
Five properties and at least 400 plants. That was the target and the take of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency on Nov. 30 at various addresses in Okemos used for growing medical marijuana
Dec. 8 2010
Imagine a new governor of Michigan appointing an environmentalist as agriculture director — someone with a track record of fighting factory farms and calling for tough measures to reduce fertilizer...
Dec. 8 2010
Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko’s poor attendance at committee meetings is opening her up to political attacks from the unions.Yorko, who was elected in 2009 to represent the 4th Ward, missed...
Old school chats with new school when discussing … schools
Dec. 8 2010
School budgets are shrinking and the tools are changing, but still their fervor for lighting a fire of understanding in a young mind was contagious. They talked of inner city challenges confronted by school...
What is a master plan? What does it do? And why is Lansing’s 52 years old?
Dec. 8 2010
Lansing Planning Director Bob Johnson’s downtown office is modestly sized a computer desk, a small table and some bookshelves. Aerial views of Lansing dot the walls. One bookshelf is loaded with...