How bizarre
Sept. 1 2010
What a bizarre letter ("There goes the neighborhood," by Kevin Webb, 8/25/10). First of all, the Old Forest Association is a residential association, not commercial, whereas Old Town Manor and Rizzi Designs...
Sept. 1 2010
Believe it or not, the nominations that yielded the most combined consternation for both Republicans and Democrats at this week’s conventions weren’t the attorney general or the secretary of...
Six months after a risky move, it’s harvest time at the Lansing City Market
Sept. 1 2010
But the plan to demolish the old market and build a smaller one next to the river as part of a larger development stirred doubts. Critics wondered whether the city wasn’t rolling the whole zucchini...
For the city, public safety trumps potential costs of a new snow and ice removal ordinance, which will be discussed publicly today
Sept. 1 2010
Over the past two winters, 450 nuisance complaints were filed with the Lansing Public Service Department. Of those, 207 notices were delivered to property owners’ doorsteps to clean up their public...
Sept. 1 2010
Living near MSU is a distinct experience this time of year. Roughly 15,000 students move into residence halls on campus, each with varying quantities of essential and non-essential furnishings
A lot has been happening in mid- Michigan since the last Back-to-School Issue dropped. Here are some highlights of new businesses, events, festivals and more that have popped up in the last 12 months.
Sept. 1 2010
No more ordering carry-out from East Lansing or the west side the tiny shop on Allegan Street has brought downtown diners what they’ve been craving: sushi. AnQi, Japanese for vigor and health, offers...
Sept. 1 2010
Jeanologie XX/XY Boutique NYC-inspired fashion in East Lansing, bringing both trendy designers and familiar brands. Jeanologie offers personal shopping appointments and garment alterations. The mother-daughter...
Dreams and reality clash in Kristina Riggle’s ’Life’
Sept. 1 2010
In her first book, “Real Life Liars,” Riggle examined the members of a family as they approached various crossroads in their lives. This time, it’s four adult women, three of whom shared...
A two-year struggle to open Village Summit on the south side finally pays off.
Sept. 1 2010
Marcus Brown was a teenager living on Detroit’s east side about 25 years ago. One day he was helping a neighbor woman carry some boxes.“Did you know there’s a famous woman with your name...
Have you seen the new one about “Pure Lansing?”
Sept. 1 2010
The Michigan Republican Party released a one-minute political shot at Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero this week vis--vis depressing portraits of Lansing
Job training: How long does it take to replace a City Hall veteran?
Aug. 31 2010
A contentious contract agreement between the city and a former city employee was scheduled for approval at Monday night’s City Council meeting, but it was put on hold after two Council members and...
Lansing finds itself unable to enforce building codes in manufactured rental homes
Aug. 30 2010
A report by the Public Safety Committee will be distributed at tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting that concludes the city is unable to perform certain building code inspections on mobile-home...
Should street food vendors be allowed to serve until 3 a.m. on weekends?
Aug. 26 2010
Clint Tarver has been slinging hot dogs for about 12 years. He is a staple outside of the Lansing City Hall building at Capitol and Michigan avenues, and for the past two years he has sold hot dogs in...
There goes the neighborhood
Aug. 25 2010
I generally enjoy your publication and will pick up a copy whenever I see a new edition. However, I’m writing in regard to the recent article in the City Pulse by Neal McNamara entitled "The New...
Aug. 25 2010
The ordinance seeks to manage unkempt snow like the city does for long grass and weeds, issuing a formal warning after the violation is spotted. A warning would come as a posted notice on the property...
Sharon Ellis managed two successful campaigns against Bernero. Can she help the GOP do it again?
Aug. 25 2010
If you know Williamston political consultant Sharon Ellis, you know she’s a Democrat. She has no problem making that pretty clear.In fact, on her first day working for Republican gubernatorial candidate...
Two Lansing women prepare for a four-month peacekeeping mission to the front lines of the war on drugs
Aug. 25 2010
Sandra Cade and Sister Nina Rodriguez, both in their 60s, know they are not going to the sleepy tourist border town that Juarez, Mexico, used to be. Instead, their mission as part of the Michigan Peace...
Negative Red attitude
Aug. 25 2010
From industrial angst and electro, to mellowed-out hippie jams, Lansing has a vast assortment of live music this week
Picking a running mate: Much ado about nothing?
Aug. 25 2010
The Michigan Democratic Party Convention is Saturday and Sunday in Detroit, but there is only speculation about whom Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero will choose as a lieutenant governor...
Bernero defends running for governor while serving as mayor
Aug. 24 2010
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero made a rare appearance of late at Monday’s City Council meeting — perhaps coincidentally the first session since the Lansing State Journal renewed its editorial...

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