Lansing finds itself unable to enforce building codes in manufactured rental homes
Aug. 30 2010
A report by the Public Safety Committee will be distributed at tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting that concludes the city is unable to perform certain building code inspections on mobile-home...
Should street food vendors be allowed to serve until 3 a.m. on weekends?
Aug. 26 2010
Clint Tarver has been slinging hot dogs for about 12 years. He is a staple outside of the Lansing City Hall building at Capitol and Michigan avenues, and for the past two years he has sold hot dogs in...
There goes the neighborhood
Aug. 25 2010
I generally enjoy your publication and will pick up a copy whenever I see a new edition. However, I’m writing in regard to the recent article in the City Pulse by Neal McNamara entitled "The New...
Aug. 25 2010
The ordinance seeks to manage unkempt snow like the city does for long grass and weeds, issuing a formal warning after the violation is spotted. A warning would come as a posted notice on the property...
Sharon Ellis managed two successful campaigns against Bernero. Can she help the GOP do it again?
Aug. 25 2010
If you know Williamston political consultant Sharon Ellis, you know she’s a Democrat. She has no problem making that pretty clear.In fact, on her first day working for Republican gubernatorial candidate...
Two Lansing women prepare for a four-month peacekeeping mission to the front lines of the war on drugs
Aug. 25 2010
Sandra Cade and Sister Nina Rodriguez, both in their 60s, know they are not going to the sleepy tourist border town that Juarez, Mexico, used to be. Instead, their mission as part of the Michigan Peace...
Negative Red attitude
Aug. 25 2010
From industrial angst and electro, to mellowed-out hippie jams, Lansing has a vast assortment of live music this week
Picking a running mate: Much ado about nothing?
Aug. 25 2010
The Michigan Democratic Party Convention is Saturday and Sunday in Detroit, but there is only speculation about whom Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero will choose as a lieutenant governor...
Bernero defends running for governor while serving as mayor
Aug. 24 2010
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero made a rare appearance of late at Monday’s City Council meeting — perhaps coincidentally the first session since the Lansing State Journal renewed its editorial...
The Ingham County Land Bank’s quest to make this place a better ... place
Aug. 23 2010
On the day Rochelle Rizzi first saw the grand, brick house along Pine Street in Lansing, it was “complete construction zone.” The 6,000-square-foot Colonial Revival house was once the home...
Public hearing scheduled tonight on easing the restrictions of certain commercial developments
Aug. 23 2010
A public hearing is scheduled for tonight’s Lansing City Council meeting on a proposed ordinance to establish four overlay districts in the city. Overlays are land-use planning tools that encourage...
Would endorsements keep you from voting for an old friend?
Aug. 19 2010
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero used to hang out together at Adrian College in the 1980s. They got to know each other quite well then and stayed in touch as they moved...
Aug. 18 2010
No excuse for speeding, A frustrating reminder & Thanks, voters
Restoring a former eyesore with the help of local homeless
Aug. 18 2010
When entering the Genesee Neighborhood near downtown Lansing from the south, a large two-story white house at the corner of Butler Boulevard and Ionia Street gives you a forbidding welcome. For about the...
Urbandale Farm Project, Hayford Street, Lansing
Aug. 18 2010
Hear “urban farming” and think “oxymoron?” The reality is that farming has an incredibly urban tradition. In fact, the first cities in human history occurred as a direct result...
A talk with Sharon Parks on aiding low-income citizens
Aug. 18 2010
Sharon Parks will retire soon as president and CEO of the Michigan League of Human Services, where she started 33 years as a policy analyst. The League is an advocacy group for low-income residents. Kyle...
How a Lansing Community College student leader is coping with a criminal past
Aug. 18 2010
After serving 5 1/2 years in Ingham County jails, Manning was released on parole. Two of the conditions were that he was not to use any device with Internet capabilities and he was not to look at sexually...
Aug. 18 2010
It’s safe to say the Tea Party didn’t exactly take over Michigan politics during the August primary. Not even close
To CoW, or not to CoW?
Aug. 17 2010
An ongoing divide between the Lansing City Council was on full display at Monday night’s meeting, as the Council President A’Lynne Robinson sought to refer all items of business to the Committee...
Three Lansing City Council members find themselves in an “appalling” situation en route to Detroit
Aug. 15 2010
It was about 7 p.m. on a warm, sunny Tuesday evening and three Lansing City Council members were en route to celebrate Mayor Virg Bernero’s nomination to be the state’s next governor