Kande Ngalamulume ready to fight the Mike Rogers standard
May 26 2010
The other volunteers at the Recycle Livingston center in Howell that day said that Ngalamulume’s clothes really raised the dress code around the place. Plus, the safety vest might have been a little...
Virg's environmental scorecard vs. Andy Dillon's, plus, some national press
May 26 2010
Given the recent sunny weather, it might be a good time to look at the environmental record of Virg Bernero.Two weeks ago, Bernero spoke at a forum that hosted by the League of Conservation Voters. And...
May 24 2010
Lansing’s Jon Anthony Florist and October Moon make good use of plants to brighten up and give beauty to their businesses without giving up the advantages of a metropolitan location
“Basic” Estate Planning Tools
May 21 2010
(This article is the second in a three-part series which relates to estate planning paying special attention to non-marital relationships. Part two will be posted next Friday, May 21. The author, Kristin...
May 19 2010
Sorry, but if your subterfuge is to pose as a customer, pay your fees and shut up. Furthermore, we, the readership, have been denied the benefit of any kind of objective reporting upon this subject
Lansing city attorney got the Socratic treatment from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan
May 19 2010
One day back in 1999 in administrative law class at Harvard University Law School, future Lansing City Attorney Brig Smith was clicking away on his laptop at a game of solitaire while his professor, Elena...
May 19 2010
But whether its Robinson, Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar or At-Large Councilwoman Carol Wood (the likely suspects), they’re only going to hold the position for 11 months before they’ll...
A couple of years and a Facebook group later, Lansing resident kisses eyesore goodbye
May 19 2010
Since Orlich moved onto Princeton Street five years ago, the house at 735 Princeton has been a problem. At first, the people living there were a nuisance, attracting the attention of the cops. Then, when...
May 18 2010
Thanks to a last minute session of sausage making Monday night, Lansing City Council came to a compromise on city employee salary cuts and approved the $109 million city budget unanimously with no malarkey...
Why Do You Need An Estate Plan?
May 14 2010
(This article is the first in athree-part series which relates to estate planning paying special attention tonon-marital relationships. Part two will be posted next Friday, May 21. Theauthor,...
May 12 2010
Even residents who rarely attended took pride in knowing that their city could support a professional equity theater as well as a thriving community theatre scene
Property: 600 N. Homer St., Lansing Township
May 12 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: The former Impulse II club is situated at a major exit off a highway that is a gateway to the Lansing metro area. A gateway should be marked with buildings...
Lansing close to giving out grants for cable access, moving forward on a cable access studio
May 12 2010
Luckily, the city of Lansing is getting its Pro-Cyc wall for about $5,000 less than the retail price. Instead of buying the piece of equipment directly from Pro-Cyc, Lansing was able to scoop up a floor...
Undercover with Lansing’s ex-gay counseling center, Corduroy Stone
May 12 2010
Corduroy Stone is run by Mike Jones, a graying, middle-aged man with degrees in landscape horticulture and counseling. Jones, who is not a licensed counselor in Michigan, gives therapy to men and women...
May 12 2010
By and large, you can pick these kids out of the crowd. They’re dressed in outdated handme-downs that don’t fit. Their hair is rumpled and they’re socially awkward. They’re the...
Another scuffle with Dillon, and a Michigan Chamber of Commerce appearance
May 12 2010
Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero has had an interesting week: He filed a couple thousand petitions to run for governor, saw the Democratic side of the governor’s race winnowed from three to two,...
May 10 2010
Properties: 320, 326 Ottawa St., Lansing Owner: Dave Anderson and Cathy Stull Assessed: 320, $62,900; 326, $138,500 Owner says: “They were the last two row houses left” Architecture critic...
The difference between Mayor Virg and candidate Virg
May 7 2010
What’s the difference between Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, and Michigan gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero? Well, when it comes to making his stance on issues public, spokesmen for both sides of...
Dicker & Deal Nazi display raises red flag for shopper
May 5 2010
In the bottom half of the case, military items, mostly from World War II, predominate. The Allies seem to have secured the case’s eastern sector, but Germans clearly hold the west
On its first day, smoking ban brings frustration, fresh air
May 5 2010
On Saturday night at around 8 inside Piazzano’s restaurant and bar in north Lansing, the Alabama Crimson Tide girls’ softball team closed a scoreless first inning against the Tennessee Vols,...

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