July 28 2010
Four candidates are running for Ingham County 55th District Court judge
July 28 2010
Of the five county commission primary races, four are between Republicans, yet the Demcratic race may be the most heated
July 28 2010
Millage proposals on local ballots for the Aug. 3 primary range from straight renewals to sharp increases, controversial to clear-cut and maintenance-driven to expansion-oriented
Truckin’ through Dillon turf with his confident opponent
July 28 2010
Saturday began with a UAW rally in blue-collar Taylor, in the Downriver area of Metropolitan Detroit. It drew a couple of hundred people. Unpredictable weather shuffled supporters inside and outside until...
July 28 2010
State Sen. Tom George became an official candidate on Jan. 27, 2009. U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra toyed with the race in January ’09, too, but waited two months before taking the plunge. Ann Arbor venture...
July 28 2010
The three-candidate GOP field in the 7th Congressional District, which includes Delta Township and Eaton County, consists of Tim Walberg, Michigan’s most conservative member of Congress in 2007 and...
July 28 2010
Whether it’s the so-called "Democratic Tsunami" of 2006, the Barack Obama Wave of Change in 2008 or voter-rich Delta Township/Grand Ledge’s changing demographics, Democrats see hope in this...
July 28 2010
James Giddings departure from the Ingham County bench because he has reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 is opening up a rare vacancy on the 30th Circuit Court
Tracking the money
July 28 2010
With less than a week until the gubernatorial primary election, the big news out of the races this week is the campaign contributions for each of the seven candidates. Democratic candidate Virg Bernero’s...
July 21 2010
Tom Helma has written an especially negative review of Lansing Civic Players’ Skungpoomery. While Helma’s review omits detail and demonstrates an apparent lack of understanding of absurdist...
A proposed street name change before the Lansing City Council brings to the fore controversial black-rights activist and former Lansing resident Malcolm X
July 21 2010
Michigan State University sociology Professor Carl Taylor was 15 years old on Feb. 14, 1965, the day he met Malcolm X. X was giving a speech at the Ford Auditorium in Dearborn on the same day his home...
July 21 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: This large residence reveals that careless attention to details can compromise what was once an elegant home into something less than ideal. Mismatched...
Overcoming the "multi-billiondollar-aging-industrial complex"
July 21 2010
trekking down to the Eastside’s Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing. There he is meeting up with Peggy Woods, 85, and about 20 others for the weekly Discovery Group meeting. It is an interest group...
July 21 2010
The Republican gubernatorial primary is a four-way free-for-all among U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Attorney General Mike Cox, businessman Rick Snyder and Oakland County Sherriff Mike Bouchard. All four have...
How BWL’s proposed plant changes the game
July 21 2010
The proposed $182 million plant would burn natural gas to turn a turbine, generating electricity about 100 megawatts for the proposed BWL plant, making up most of the 120 megawatts lost when the oldest...
Grand Trunk depot’s longest wait may be over
July 21 2010
The crenellated Jacobean Revival confection will be restored as part of a $182 million project centering on a new natural gas-powered cogeneration plant. The depot will be used for BWL meetings and events,...
How a power plant became an urban development
July 21 2010
REO Town, the historic district south of Lansing’s hub, is home to several new businesses, loft apartment projects and a new art gallery, but the area’s renaissance has slowed in recent years....
Green support
July 21 2010
The big news out of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero’s camp this week is endorsements by three of the state’s leading environmental groups. He also unveiled “Greening Michigan’s...
Tax exemption for GM expansion dominates Council meeting
July 20 2010
After swiftly placing more than a dozen letters and resolutions on file or moving them to various committees, Monday night’s Lansing City Council meeting welcomed General Motors Inc. representative...
Bernero looks to undecided progressive voters with new endorsements
July 19 2010
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero picked up endorsements today by prominent LGBT-rights groups, which he believes will connect him to undecided Democrats in the Aug. 3 primary