The difference between Mayor Virg and candidate Virg
May 7 2010
What’s the difference between Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, and Michigan gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero? Well, when it comes to making his stance on issues public, spokesmen for both sides of...
Dicker & Deal Nazi display raises red flag for shopper
May 5 2010
In the bottom half of the case, military items, mostly from World War II, predominate. The Allies seem to have secured the case’s eastern sector, but Germans clearly hold the west
On its first day, smoking ban brings frustration, fresh air
May 5 2010
On Saturday night at around 8 inside Piazzano’s restaurant and bar in north Lansing, the Alabama Crimson Tide girls’ softball team closed a scoreless first inning against the Tennessee Vols,...
Lansing’s Ottawa Power Station refit nears completion
May 5 2010
All nine floors of the 190,000-square-foot power plant are in place. Workers are routing computer cables, heating and cooling vents and assorted spaghetti into the floors. A glassy new 105,000-square-foot...
May 5 2010
(On May 12, the House Judiciary Committee, headed by Rep. Mark Meadows, D-East Lansing, will conduct hearings on legislation that would end the requirement to publish governmental public notices —...
May 5 2010
Assistant Lansing city attorney Billie Jo O'Berry is at it again. She's on the Ingham County ballot for 2010.She's running for the Ingham County Circuit Court this go around, marking the fifth time in...
City gets award for bike friendliness
May 4 2010
Lyndon Babcock has had multiple sclerosis for 30 years, but he’s been abicyclist for 70. And right now, he’s one of Lansing’s biggestbicycling advocates. “Bicycling isn’t...
An aggregation of Lansing government happenings
May 4 2010
Mayor Virg Bernero’s administration is asking the City Council approve a plan to spend $350,000 to create a city-run TV production studio at the former Holmes Street School. Deputy Chief of Staff...
Dems still lag in the polls, plus the latest on Bernero's 527 account
April 29 2010
A new poll out today by Rasmussen Reports puts Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero neck-and-neck with House Speaker Andy Dillon, but the two leading Democratic candidates are still largely unknown among voters.The...
Bars and restaurants prepare for Michigan’s new smoking ban, which goes into effect Saturday
April 28 2010
If he had lived to see a smoking ban become law in Michigan, Ronald M. Davis would have been proud. Davis was, as described in his New York Times obituary, a “health crusader” who “stayed...
New data shed light on local food disparities
April 21 2010
The Food Research and Action Center, a nonprofit group focused on hunger and nutrition policy, recently released a study that found 15.3 percent of residents in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District...
April 21 2010
This week, the fight continued between Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and House Speaker Andy Dillon, plus Bernero sent out another press release requesting that other politicians take action on some things.According...
Donor lists and labor disputes: Dillon v. Bernero continues
April 14 2010
Virg Bernero and Andy Dillon continued to beat on each other this past week, this time not on health care, but on campaign donors and labor.On Friday, Bernero’s campaign released a list of attendees...
April 9 2010
Property: 619 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, LansingOwner: Richard and Eileen RidenourAssessed: $52,000Owner says: Big rooms, sturdy construction, great place to raise kids.Another of the MLK corridor's...
April 7 2010
Response to cable story Just read your article on "Cable Crisis" in this week's City Pulse and wanted to offer my opinion on the future local cable access stations, or least one - that being LCC TV (Comcast...
Critics of author Michael Pollan gear up for a debate when he brings his gospel on healthful eating to MSU next week
April 7 2010
So when Thon heard MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is co-sponsoring a lecture by acclaimed food and sustainable agriculture author Michael Pollan next week, he hoped his peers...
Sleek Lansing landmark will come back to life
April 7 2010
The Knapp’s building, Lansing’s most spectacular but conspicuously vacant downtown landmark, will be restored to its 1930s Art Deco glory for a new life as a high-end retail, office and residential...
A new poll sheds light on Bernero's Dillon/Cox attacks
April 7 2010
As the gubernatorial race continues, the polls do, too. And they are starting to become more interesting.An Epic MRA poll released Tuesday shows that Democrats are still having a hard time with name recognition,...
Sleek Lansing landmark will come back to life
April 6 2010
(For an interview with Bob Johnson, director of theLansing Planning and Neighborhood Development Department on this week’s “CityPulse on the Air” radio show, , click here or go...
Activism, worship and science fiction
April 5 2010
On a day that brought news of the death of a friend and spiritual leader, former Lansing Police chief Mark Alley could still manage a smile.He remembered a time at the end of a service at Friendship Baptist...