Critics of author Michael Pollan gear up for a debate when he brings his gospel on healthful eating to MSU next week
April 7 2010
So when Thon heard MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is co-sponsoring a lecture by acclaimed food and sustainable agriculture author Michael Pollan next week, he hoped his peers...
Sleek Lansing landmark will come back to life
April 7 2010
The Knapp’s building, Lansing’s most spectacular but conspicuously vacant downtown landmark, will be restored to its 1930s Art Deco glory for a new life as a high-end retail, office and residential...
A new poll sheds light on Bernero's Dillon/Cox attacks
April 7 2010
As the gubernatorial race continues, the polls do, too. And they are starting to become more interesting.An Epic MRA poll released Tuesday shows that Democrats are still having a hard time with name recognition,...
Sleek Lansing landmark will come back to life
April 6 2010
(For an interview with Bob Johnson, director of theLansing Planning and Neighborhood Development Department on this week’s “CityPulse on the Air” radio show, , click here or go...
Activism, worship and science fiction
April 5 2010
On a day that brought news of the death of a friend and spiritual leader, former Lansing Police chief Mark Alley could still manage a smile.He remembered a time at the end of a service at Friendship Baptist...
March 31 2010
However, your reporter erred in naming Susan Cancro, Director of Advent House Ministries as the owner. It is true that Advent House occupies a fair amount of space in the building in its ministry to the...
March 31 2010
The clash between Bernero, the city’s chief executive, and Wood, his chief critic on the Lansing City Council, has been well chronicled, with the political tug-ofwar coming to a head in 2009 when...
March 31 2010
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: At one time, the weathered house at 420 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. was quite a handsome dwelling in the tradition of the early American farmhouse style
Gang members bring tales of grit, change to Lansing
March 31 2010
Last Thursday night at the NorthStar Center on Lansing’s east side, Latin Counts gang member Anthony Caruso spent two hours alternating rants with another gang member. Caruso, 25, was in Lansing...
What happened to Lansing's public access, and what's being done about it.
March 31 2010
Sinclair is a famed counterculture activist who, among other things, has been a poet, marijuana legalization activist, manager of the band MC5, underground newspaper publisher and founder of the White...
A few more endorsements, plus Virg's birthday
March 31 2010
First off, happy birthday to Mayor Virg Bernero, who was born on this day in 1964. By our math, he turned 46 today.But it was probably a bittersweet lead up to his birthday for the mayor, as a companion...
A quirky fundraiser for Bernero, and a campaign stop in Kalamazoo
March 25 2010
Would you like to eat ice cream at 8 a.m. and pay $250 to have a private conversation with Virg Bernero? Well, you’re in luck.Last week, the Bernero campaign sent out an invitation for an “un-breakfast”...
MSU’s Artificial Language Lab celebrates 35 years.
March 24 2010
Photos Lawrence Cosentino/City Pulse In 1974, Donald Sherman, disabled by a facial paralysis called Moebius syndrome, became the first person to use a computer voice to order a pizza. Last week he watched...
March 24 2010
If you spend more than two hours a day in front of the computer you may be one of the 125 million Americans that suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, commonly called CVS. Eyes are stressed by continuously...
Local pastor, city official had ongoing delinquent taxes
March 24 2010
Maxwell said that the transfer should have been done a long time ago. He said that the transfer “had nothing to do” with the fact that news broke last Wednesday that Charles Moore, the treasurer...
Company that owns downtown Lansing office building pays some back taxes
March 24 2010
101 S. Washington Sq. Development LLC paid off $184,380.07 in 2007 taxes and $68,569.93 in late fees on Friday for the office building at 101 S. Washington Square, on the southeast corner of Washington...
March 24 2010
Property: 743 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing Owner: Westminster Presbyterian Church Assessed: exempt Owner says: Susan Cancro, executive director of Advent House located in the building, said...
Local advocates want alcoholic energy drinks banned
March 24 2010
Four Loko and Joose these beverages might not be familiar to a parent shopping with an underage son or daughter. But packaged in cans and containing stimulating ingredients similar to energy drinks like...
March 24 2010
Name the Michigan Democratic Party's last attorney general nominee in 2006 and win a prize. Shoot, I covered the guy and still needed Google to come up with the name: Amos Williams. That's kind of the...
March 18 2010
Property: 200 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing Owner: Jonathan and Leola Watts Taxpayer: Jonathan and Leola Watts Assessed: $26,500 Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment Architecture critic...