Ex-cop champions making pot shops legal
Dec. 2 2015
It’s like Nixon going to China. Rick Jones is a conservative ex-cop who is leading the charge to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. His actions may soon allow the operators of the...
Dec. 2 2015
Featured as an Eyesore in June 2014, the grounds at the Marvin E. Beekman Center have since enjoyed significant improvements. At that time, “the faded peach playground equipment (was) partially draped...
Chamber should rethink its negative tactics
Dec. 2 2015
For East Lansing's City Council, the payback opportunity came quickly. Angered by Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce negative advertising in the run-up to the 2015 election, the city is withdrawing...
Lansing man pleads guilty to federal charges
Nov. 30 2015
MONDAY, Nov. 30 —Tyrone Smith, 45, has pleaded guilty to three federal counts of sex trafficking girls and women in Lansing and transporting them across state lines for prostitution
New World's natives faced sadly familiar tactics
Nov. 25 2015
Last week it was a terrorist attack in Mali. The week before, it was Paris. From our 21st Century perspective, we ask how such barbaric acts are possible. What motivates such evil, such disregard for innocent...
Drop Your Pride! Drop Your Drawers
Nov. 25 2015
How does it start? A nightmarish slow motion of disbelief. Overwhelming grief. Yelling at God! Hiding teary-eyed from reality under the comfort of blankets for days. Eventually, encouragement from friends...
Nov. 25 2015
Editor’s note: On Friday, reporter Todd Heywood sent Randy Hannan, who is Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s spokesman, and Bob Johnson, director of the Planning and Neighborhood Department, 11 questions...
Nov. 25 2015
When the current owners bought the Bank of Lansing building in 2005, their purchase agreement stipulated that they would not operate the facility as a bank for at least 10 years. Mary and David Swanson...
Neighbors battle unwanted neighbor; city slow to respond, they say
Nov. 25 2015
Elena Keller and her neighbors first noticed the giant Budget rental trucks parked on their busy southeast Lansing neighborhood street a year ago. One was parked in the driveway of 2623 Wabash Road —...
Judge allows transgender suit against state to proceed
Nov. 25 2015
Transgendered Michigan residents can pursue a constitutional lawsuit challenging the Secretary of State’s requirements to change the gender on their drivers’ licenses and state ID cards, a...
Nov. 25 2015
A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service
New study evaluates fracking in Michigan
Nov. 20 2015
LANSING — A new report breaks down what’s up with fracking in Michigan.The multi-million dollar question is if gas prices go, up will fracking increase?Researchers at the U-M Graham Sustainability
Nurses file unfair labor practice charge against Sparrow Hospital
Nov. 19 2015
THURSDAY, Nov. 19 —The Michigan Nurses Association announced today it has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Sparrow Hospital for allegedly forbidding its members to speak about the
Undeterred by Ohio vote, marijuana backers here are optimistic
Nov. 18 2015
Organizers for one of two full-fledged ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana statewide hope to have the necessary 250,000 valid signatures in the next six weeks to make the November 2016...
Southsiders demand city crack down on dispensaries
Nov. 18 2015
With an explosion of new pot shops opening across south Lansing’s large commercial corridors, residents are demanding city officials take action to curb the businesses
Barring Syrian resettlement not really about public safety
Nov. 18 2015
The horrific massacre in Paris last week has elicited the predictable response in the United States
County may seek an outside auditor
Nov. 18 2015
Ingham County officials may seek an outside auditor to review contracts and payments to vendors throughout the county, it was revealed Tuesday night at a county services committee meeting
Op-eds from Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum and Sen. Rick Jones
Nov. 18 2015
Ingham County clerk finds board chair's column 'unsettling'
Eastsiders rip design of 2000 block development
Nov. 18 2015
More than 100 eastside residents gave developer Scott Gillespie an earful Tuesday night about his proposed apartment and retail building that would replace the iconic but worn-out 2000 block of Michigan...
Students file federal civil rights lawsuit against MSU, fraternity
Nov. 18 2015
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 18 — Four women who were alleged victims of sexual assault filed a federal civil rights lawsuit today accusing Michigan State University and a fraternity of violating federal civil...

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