City Council candidates weigh in on Park District blight
Sept. 30 2015
It’s hard to miss the massive blighted buildings that take up entire city blocks in East Lansing on the corner of Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue, stretching onto Evergreen Avenue
Legal, but untraceable political spending hits Third Ward race
Sept. 30 2015
Third Ward Council challenger Adam Hussain is being targeted by an outside organization with a mailer and a robocall that are accusing him of being a puppet of his mother — First Ward Council woman...
Questionnaires conducted by Lansing's League of Women Voters.
Sept. 30 2015
Questionnaires conducted by Lansing's League of Women Voters.The eight-member Lansing City Council is the legislative and policy-making body for city government. Elections are held in odd-numbered...
Sept. 30 2015
Three more lawsuits have emerged against Lansing City Councilwoman A’Lynne Boles, whose reelection efforts were already being hampered by publicity over two suits filed against her this year
Michigan’s ag exports to China skyrocket
Sept. 29 2015
LANSING — In the past five years, more and more of Michigan’s dairy products and prepared fruits and vegetables
Shadowy political group produces robocalls attacking Hussain, Washington
Sept. 28 2015
MONDAY Sept. 28 — The mailing of absentee ballots, which happened Friday in Lansing, also coincided with robocalls in the First and Third wards
After being greeted with mailers on Thursday, voters in Lansing's Third Ward received robocalls over the weekend.
Sept. 28 2015
MONDAY, Sept. 28 — After being greeted with mailers on Thursday, voters in Lansing's Third Ward received robocalls over the weekend
Voters in Lansing's First Ward received a robocall from a shadowy nonprofit political organization over the weekend.
Sept. 28 2015
MONDAY, Sept. 28 — Voters in Lansing's First Ward received a robocall from the shadowy nonprofit political organization Capitol Region Progress over the weekend
Board seeks public ideas on possible 2016 bond proposal
Sept. 25 2015
FRIDAY, Sept. 25 — The Lansing School District will hold five public meetings starting Monday on a possible bond millage proposal to improve school buildings
Washington, Mielock face off on “City Pulse Newsmakers”
Sept. 25 2015
FRIDAY, Sept. 25 — Incumbent First Ward Lansing City Councilwoman and challenger Shelley David Mielock are the guest on the “City Pulse Newsmakers” TV show, which airs at 7:30 tonight...
Third Ward Council race heats up with attack mailer
Sept. 25 2015
FRIDAY, Sept. 25 — Southwest Lansing residents received a political mailer Thursday accusing Third Ward City Council candidate Adam Hussain of being a puppet of his mother, First Ward Councilmember...
$8 million downtown renovation will provide 100 apartments, offices, stores
Sept. 24 2015
THURSDAY, SEPT. 24 — Oliver Towers, vacant since a fire in 2000, will get an $8 million makeover to transform it into apartments, office and retail space. The developer, George F. Eyde Family LLC
Potter Park rally reflects new energy and old ideals
Sept. 23 2015
On Sunday, many hundreds of Mid- Michigan peace activists will march at Potter Park Zoo to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Among the activities will be the planting of a “peace pole,”...
LGBT students report higher rate of sexual violence
Sept. 23 2015
The MSU data is part of a 27-university study funded by the Association of American Universities that surveyed over 150,000 students nationally. The study found about 1 percent of respondents identified...
Scorecard data bundles costs, aid and future salaries
Sept. 23 2015
And when it comes to tough grades for the graders, which is what the U.S. Department of Education has done with the nation's public and private colleges, the schools respond like students and complain...
Sept. 23 2015
It's three years away, but with Gov. Rick Snyder termed out in 2018, no notable public official wants his or her name left out of the discussion when the natural discussion turns to "What's next?" Count...
Sept. 23 2015
While the actual city limits are several blocks to the west, this intersection serves as the apparent western entrance to East Lansing, subtly marking one end of the central business district with a slight...
Apartments, retail coming to downtown high rise
Sept. 23 2015
WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23 — Look for an announcement tomorrow that the long-shuttered Oliver Towers in downtown Lansing will be renovated into apartments and retail shops
International students with startups face visa difficulties
Sept. 18 2015
LANSING—International students face daunting challenges starting a business. But as more and more international students enroll at Michigan universities, more and more keep trying to open busin
A cautionary tale from the front
Sept. 16 2015
Eric Pavona had the world in his hands when he graduated from Okemos High School. He had high college entrance test scores, he’d been working and saving money, he had scholarship offers from numerous...

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