Feb. 4 2015
City Pulse freelance reporter Todd Heywood asked, by email, for further comment from Mayor Virg Bernero on his proposed City Charter amendments to create an inspector general in his cabinet to oversee...
Koenig transferred tax debts two weeks before primary election
Feb. 4 2015
Carol Koenig, one of three finalists to be Ingham County register of deeds, was ramping up for the final two weeks of her primary campaign to retain her seat as a county commissioner last July when she...
Feb. 4 2015
For a politician, it´s self-inflicted wounds that hurt the most. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero surely feels the pain after his failed bid to take control of the Lansing Board of Water & Light, the...
Quinney selected as new Register of Deeds
Feb. 4 2015
WED., FEB. 4 – Derrick Quinney was selected as Ingham county’s new Register of Deeds this afternoon. Quinney was one of three finalists for the position, vacated when Curtis Hertel, Jr. was...
Dunnings: Lansing Township police killing of Minier justified
Feb. 3 2015
TUESDAY, FEB. 3 — On Dec. 8 a Lansing Township police officer shot and killed Randall Minier, 27, of Lansing, during a traffic stop. Officer Eric Lapham fired one shot striking Minier, in the face....
Koenig transferred tax debts two weeks before primary election
Feb. 2 2015
MONDAY, FEB. 2 —Carol Koenig, one of three finalists to be Ingham County register of deeds, was ramping up for the final two weeks of her primary campaign to retain her seat as a county commissioner...
Koenig tells panel she was tardy on taxes
Jan. 30 2015
FRIDAY, JAN. 30 — Ingham County Commissioner Carol Koenig, who is seeking the register of deeds post, said Thursday she has been late or delinquent at times on property taxes
Koenig delinquent on Lansing property tax payments
Jan. 29 2015
THURSDAY, JAN. 29 — Ingham County Commissioner Carol Koenig, a finalist for register of deeds, may have unpaid property taxes on three properties she used to own in the city of Lansing
Criticism mounts even before Bernero has spelled out his plans for the Lansing Board of Water & Light
Jan. 28 2015
When Virg Bernero takes the stage Thursday night at Lansing Community College, it will be to deliver perhaps the most anticipated State of the City address in his 10-year tenure as mayor. Folks will be...
Jan. 28 2015
Leota and Talbert Adams were inspired to build this mid-century home while traveling abroad. During a flight over the Atlantic, they spied the shadow of their plane in the clouds below. Upon their return,...
When a big fish is canned, attorney George Brookover is on the case
Jan. 28 2015
In January 1954, George Brookover was perched on his dad´s shoulders, watching the big political fish go by on their way to the second-term inauguration of Michigan Gov. G. Mennen "Soapy" Williams....
BWL resolution exposes anew City Council’s failure to communicate
Jan. 28 2015
The firing of J. Peter Lark as head of Lansing Board of Water and Light neatly sets the theme for the dramatic comedy that will play out in City Hall over the coming year. The first act certainly had...
Three finalists chosen for Ingham County Register of Deeds
Jan. 27 2015
Three finalists were chosen for the Ingham County Register of Deeds post today, Derrick Quinney, Carol Wood and Carol Koenig
Bella and Buddy most popular dog names in Ingham County
Jan. 27 2015
TUESDAY, JAN. 27 — Step aside Spot. Make room for Bella and Buddy. Those are the most popular dogs names in Ingham County, according to the Ingham County Treasurer’s Office.
Lansing School Board member subject of criminal investigation
Jan. 22 2015
THURSDAY, JAN. 22 – Nicole Armbruster, who resigned Monday from the Lansing Board of Education, is under criminal investigation by the Lansing Police Department, sources tell City Pulse. Sources,...
In last week´s City Pulse, former Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner cast a negative light on south Lansing. Here are two responses.
Jan. 21 2015
It’s hard to tell a story about a place and a population that the would-be storyteller doesn’t know. This has to be why — in last week’s City Pulse — Mark Grebner couldn’t...
Jan. 21 2015
Property: 5600 W. Mount Hope Ave., Lansing Owners: Beth and David Kallman Darius B. Moon, Lansing’s most prominent Victorian-era architect, is probably best known for his elaborate urban Queen...
Michigan marriage equality goes to the Supreme Court
Jan. 21 2015
Whether same-sex couples have the right to marriage in the U.S. is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, led by a case originating in Michigan. On Jan. 16 the court agreed to hear a quartet of cases coming...
Local woman creates same-sex mobile app
Jan. 21 2015
If you are gay in Lansing how do you know if a restaurant is safe to take a date to? How could you show support for your favorite lesbian-owned business? Or maybe you’re transgender and you want...
Ulyana the traveler, dancer, fairy princess
Jan. 21 2015
The orange “Shoulder Work” road sign leaning on the Moores River Drive front porch is a clear sign there’s a story waiting to be told. In the summers the front yard is overgrown with...

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