Aug. 2 2018
The former Republican lawmaker from Williamston, now running as a Democrat in Lansing, said he knows that money in politics typically generates success. Legislative candidates who spend the most money...
But change develops into civil rights debate
Aug. 2 2018
For the uninitiated, dwarf tossing is a comedy-oriented event where drunken patrons hoist a helmet-clad individual with dwarfism over their shoulders and attempt to toss him or her at a designated target,...
Dozens of pigs diagnosed with swine flu auctioned off for pork chops
Aug. 2 2018
Virus-infected pigs at the Fowlerville Family Fair caught the attention of local and state health officials following multiple, offseason reports of flu-like symptoms among those who recently visited the...
Aug. 1 2018
State House candidate Paul DeWeese said today he is “sickened and saddened” by antigay actions he took when he served in the Legislature nearly two decades ago
July 31 2018
The president of a local gay rights political action committee has changed her explanation of why it rated House legislative candidate Paul DeWeese “negative.”
10th District proves to be most expensive ahead of primary election
July 30 2018
Recently released campaign finance statements show nearly $120,000 in contributions this election cycle helped fuel a costly race for Ingham County’s Board of Commissioners.All told, at least $73,000...
City Market Map-1
Mayor backs off proposed parkland sale amid community concerns
July 27 2018
Mayor Andy Schor isn’t giving up on Lansing’s City Market building
Sale price discounted $5M after talks
July 26 2018
Lansing’s City Council unanimously agreed Monday to offload the site into the hands of Frank Kass and Joel Ferguson, the development team at Continental- Ferguson, for $2.2 million. Officials previously...
New suit causes city clerk to tap breaks on licensing
July 26 2018
State officials earlier this month granted operational approval for four medical marijuana-related enterprises, including Lansing-based Capital Transport, a secure transporter with plans to set up shop...
July 26 2018
That’s become clear in the PAC’s unfair “negative” rating of Paul DeWeese, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the race to represent Lansing in the state House of Representatives....
July 26 2018
The young senator Ian Conyers is a sharp up-and-comer with that polished Clark Gable look and presence that could work statewide, but the Conyers name is tainted after his great uncle’s missteps...
Lansing City Market rolls to a stop after Labor Day
July 26 2018
The death spiral of fewer vendors and fewer visitors was so bad that that a few years ago, the city tried to rebrand the market as a “small business incubator.” Soon, nobody wanted to set up...
Plaintiffs drop action without explanation
July 19 2018
Let Lansing Vote abruptly dropped its lawsuit against City Clerk Chris Swope last week, effectively halting a year-long case that sought to revamp the state capital’s marijuana market and force city...
East Lansing looks to taxpayers amid financial turmoil, unfunded liabilities
July 19 2018
“The basic constraint that we’re under is the city is broke,” said Mayor Pro Tem Erik Altmann. “This is the only place left to go find those dollars. Everything else has been cut...
Undersheriff: Ingham County’s jail routinely ‘oozing’ taxpayer money
July 19 2018
The average driver can expect to tack a few thousand miles to the odometer each year before they eventually need a replacement. But the Rocket V8 humming under the jail’s metaphorical hood has been...
Renewal would generate 90 % of CADL revenues
July 19 2018
The head librarian of Capital Area District Libraries’ Webberville branch for years has watched as curious schoolchildren roamed inside, anxious to check out another book or to log onto the nearest...
Louney, Pena accused of separate violations
July 19 2018
Byrum’s letter charges that Louney had repeatedly used his county email address to disseminate campaign literature. Byrum emphasized that taxpayers fund Louney’s office — and his email...
Candidates discuss priorities ahead of primary election
July 19 2018
City Pulse reached out to each of the 15 candidates seeking election in contested races to discuss their priorities.Two candidates didn’t return phone calls. One has since suspended her campaign
The 2018 Primary Election preview
July 19 2018
Once upon a time, City Pulse published its election preview guide the last issue before the election. But absentee voting has changed the election landscape. Thus, starting last year, City Pulse began...
Historic homes near downtown face uncertain future
July 19 2018
The 1876 Richard and Deborah Glaister House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March 2017, was sold in June to Set Seg, a nonprofit insurance company with offices at 415 W. Kalamazoo...