State moves forward with $70M bond for new Senate office space
Nov. 25 2014
The Michigan Strategic Fund this morning started the ball rolling on a plan to purchase most of the Capitol View Building, which is across Allegan Street from the Capitol, for new Senate office space. The...
MLive restructuring will eliminate Lansing editor post
Nov. 24 2014
MONDAY, NOV. 24 — Journalism jobs continue to dwindle in Lansing. According to Meegan Holland, the Lansing Editor for MLive Media Group, the company is restructuring and eliminating her job. “I...
Lansing classic diner closed due to ‘mechanical failure’
Nov. 20 2014
THURSDAY, NOV. 20 — If you’ve got a hankering for Hippie Hash, it might have to wait a bit. The Fleetwood Diner, on South Cedar Street, is closed
Lansing scholar, immigrant starts petition effort to keep him in the U.S.
Nov. 20 2014
Oscar Castaneda, a Lansing Guatemalan immigrant, Fulbright scholar and local soccer coach is in danger of having to leave the country. That’s why he will be glued to every word President Barack Obama...
Who will fill the Ingham County register of deeds post?
Nov. 19 2014
Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. hasn´t turned in his county office building keys yet, but there’s a lot of focus on who will take over his job. A few names have already surfaced...
Lansing´s Victim Advocate Program needs help comforting families and friends of trauma victims
Nov. 19 2014
There are certain things you should never say to someone who has suddenly lost a loved one: “She´s in a better place,” or “It’s God’s will,” or “you can...
Nov. 19 2014
Property: 2520 Oxford Road, Lansing Befitting a state defined by two distinct peninsulas, Michigan maintains two separate governor’s residences. The first is a summer house overlooking Mackinac...
Nov. 19 2014
Avoid shoveling your snow twice To avoid reshoveling after the snow plow has come down your street, the County Road Association of Michigan suggests clearing an area before your driveway large enough...
Mid-term election voters couldn’t relate and Dems ignored their base
Nov. 19 2014
With the election season just a bad memory I had resolved to move on. Honest. That was until last week´s Capitol Issues Forum and a talk with polling guru Ed Sarpolis, who served up answers to questions...
Giving is receiving for Thanksgiving at Cristo Rey
Nov. 19 2014
Judy Heppinstall knew she didn’t have the energy to cook for Thanksgiving this year. Her ex-husband is in hospice care with emphysema. Their only daughter, Kathleen Heppinstall, 45, died unexpectedly...
How a community meal grew from a family's need to bond
Nov. 19 2014
The St. Gerard Thanksgiving Day dinner that will feed more than 200 people this year was born of a woman needing a break. Carolyn Hudson, the oldest of five, decided she wanted to spend time with her young...
2014 free Lansing Thanksgiving meals
Nov. 19 2014
List of free Thanksgiving meals in Lansing
Open Door Ministry needs Thanksgiving fixin’s
Nov. 14 2014
The Open Door Ministry needs help providing a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and low-income families. The dinner will be held next Thursday, Nov. 20 at 11:30 a.m
Red Cedar project could transform Michigan Avenue Corridor
Nov. 12 2014
If the glamorous Red Cedar Renaissance project were open today, those frequenting the businesses or living there would be greeted by a shabby eastern gateway into Lansing. There’s a parking lot...
Nov. 12 2014
Rather than simply listing this building’s shortcomings, it may be more constructive to search beyond the blight to see what the home was, and could be again. Numerous changes took place over many...
Most officeholders returned
Nov. 12 2014
To bastardize Howard Beale in the movie “Network”: “We´re mad as hell, and we´re not going to do anything about it.” People are fed up with partisan, ineffective government,...
6th Circuit ruling likely means Supreme Court hearing
Nov. 12 2014
The move breaks a series of federal court rulings which have found marriage bans unconstitutional. The ACLU announced it would immediately seek a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, and attorney Dana...
Nov. 12 2014
Disabled and elderly disagree with snow removal amendments A handful of residents spoke out against a proposed amendment to the city’s snow removal ordinance that would expedite the clearing of...
Nov. 12 2014
There are only a few residents left on Helen Street near downtown Lansing. Out of 13 houses, seven are boarded up or red-tagged as unfit to live in. One is vacant but well-manicured. Neighbors say the...
City cites progress in talks with developers of $200 million project
Nov. 5 2014
Another week and still no word on Lansing´s much touted and still not ready for prime time Red Cedar Renaissance. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero said last week that he expected a “big announcement”...

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