Volunteers brighten the Capitol grounds on Planting Day
May 19 2015
TUESDAY, MAY 19 — The lawn of the state Capitol is in full bloom following this morning’s annual Capitol Flower Planting Day event. Despite temperatures in the 50s, the event gathered about...
Lansing law firm alleges fraud against Boles
May 14 2015
THURSDAY, MAY 14 — Lansing City Councilwoman A’Lynne Boles is being sued by a Lansing law firm that claims she failed to deliver services she had agreed to do
Survey offers city suggestions to improve its ailing waterfront facility
May 13 2015
Armed with the results from the survey it conducted this winter, Lansing is weighing a series of initiatives to reposition the struggling City Market
May 13 2015
Property: 107 W. Riverside St. Williamston Owners: Paula and Ken Zichi Oops: City Pulse mislabeled this eyecandy as an eyesore last week, for which we deserve a black eye. When originally constructed,...
Notice of proposed 911 tower mobilizes nearby residents, township officials
May 13 2015
They reasoned. They pleaded. They cried. They bucked the sheriff. They hauled out visual aids. In the end, they toppled the invading tower — for now. A group of Clinton County residents got a whirlwind...
Foolishness over, pols need to step up
May 13 2015
Last week´s resounding defeat of the bloated Proposal 1 constitutional amendment puts funding for repairs of Michigan´s crumbling roads back where it belongs, in the state Legislature. It...
Michigan crosswalk safety rules unclear
May 13 2015
When a car and a pedestrian meet at a crosswalk, what’s supposed to happen? It’s a safety question that’s left some Michigan communities requesting more signs to remind drivers to yield...
Senator aids same-sex partner to keep house
May 13 2015
The surviving member of a same-sex Lansing couple will be able to keep his house, thanks to the assistance of state Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., D-Lansing. Mykul Johnson shared the the east-side house for...
Voters want special session on roads
May 6 2015
Proposal 1, the broad-reaching ballot question Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative leaders birthed the week before Christmas to raise $1.288 billion in annual road funding dollars, blew a piston and died. With...
Michigan can take some pot lessons from California
May 6 2015
In Sacramento, California´s capital, marijuana is marketed as openly as in the two states that have legalized cannabis
State Police reach out to diversify ranks
May 1 2015
LANSING – Lots of young people in Michigan want to be State Police troopers, but almost all of them are white men. The State Police, like law enforcement agencies across the country, are struggling...
City of Lansing bills residents over $90,000 for unshoveled sidewalks
April 29 2015
Phil Siebert was in the hospital at the end of February, fighting another bout of infection from his chronic upper respiratory issues. On Feb. 23, at 1:23 p.m,. a city of Lansing official walked up to...
April 29 2015
When originally constructed, the house was a simple gabled building. However, in the 1980s it underwent a spectacular makeover, when it was converted into this confident Tudor
Pollution at Erickson, threat of suit over Eckert shadow BWL´s aging fleet
April 29 2015
As the Lansing Board of Water & Light charts a path out of the coal era, dustups over emissions violations at its coal-fired Erickson and Eckert power stations are adding urgency to the transition. In...
While Lansing, nation await ruling on same-sex marriage, for one couple it´s already too late
April 29 2015
In 1977, the world for the LGBT community was a different place. No presidents spoke of equality. A measure to ensure equal treatment under the law had been introduced in the U.S. House but died. East...
Joshua Davis advances to top six on “The Voice”
April 29 2015
Last week, Michigan-based singer Joshua Davis narrowly avoided elimination from reality TV singing competition “The Voice,” needing his fans to voice their support on Twitter to activate the...
Drones are everywhere — here's why
April 24 2015
LANSING — Seems like every day we’re hearing something new about drones, whether it’s military use of drones overseas, Amazon floating the idea of creating a drone delivery system, journalists...
Righting historical anachronism or land grab?
April 22 2015
Underneath the Marriott Hotel in downtown East Lansing is a 30-year-old parking ramp. Most assume it belongs to the Marriott, but that assumption is wrong. The city owns the property, and under agreements...
April 22 2015
Property: 1022 E. Kalamazoo St. Lansing Owner: David and Wendy Moncada, unavailable for comment Although it is red tagged and boarded up, this simple house appears to be in reasonable shape. A few...
New grocery store highlights changing shopping desires
April 22 2015
Long gone are the days when a grocery store was a simply a grocery store. At Meijer, for example, food is just part of the shopping experience. The same with Target and Walmart, which have embraced the...

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