Jan. 20 2016
A defining trait of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is his willingness to share an opinion on, well, just about anything The same with city voters, when asked to say what they think of the mayor. They are...
LGBT and ally groups fight to amend civil rights law
Jan. 20 2016
Nathan Triplett, the former mayor of East Lansing, has taken on a new role: political director of the statewide gay rights organization Equality Michigan
Lansing leaders involved in crisis
Jan. 20 2016
When Gov. Rick Snyder was in Flint last week, a familiar Lansing face was by his side: David Maxwell, the head of the city of Lansing’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives. Maxwell is a Flint native
Jan. 20 2016
This building might have been constructed in a different place in 1892, were it not for the objections of Michigan Agricultural College President Oscar Clute. When the original Botany building burned in...
City Pulse survey shows Bernero with high scores for performance and likeability
Jan. 20 2016
Look back at 2010, the race for governor in Michigan, and there he is: Virg Bernero, America's angriest mayor. A familiar talking head on cable television, it's Bernero railing against big business and...
Max & Erma’s survives cutbacks in rest of Midwest
Jan. 18 2016
MONDAY, Jan. 18 — The Max & Erma’s restaurant in Eastwood Town Centre will remain open, despite closings elsewhere across the Midwest
Bill Beachler started longstanding LGBT scholarship
Jan. 13 2016
Bill Beachler was involved in nearly every LGBT and HIV event in Michigan’s capitol for decades
What has happened to Snyder's executive skills?
Jan. 13 2016
Perhaps dealing with, as Snyder puts it, “his partners” in the Legislature has dulled his critical managerial abilities. Certainly it has lowered his standards. Consider two issues involving...
City officials recognize concerns, looking for solutions
Jan. 13 2016
First, the bad news. Lansing tops communities in the state in municipal pension and other retiree benefits obligations, an estimated $600 million in short and long-term debt obligations
A few credit unions are living up to their roots
Jan. 13 2016
The object of credit unions when created in the mid-1920s was to provide credit to those who couldn’t get it from the banks and for any profits to be shared with the members. Credit unions were tied...
Jan. 13 2016
As is often the case with vacant buildings, this former office exhibits neglected upkeep. A fallen eaves trough blocks the main entrance and sections of siding have are missing from the south elevation....
Mover pleads ‘no contest’ to state charge in District Court
Jan. 11 2016
Jae Burnham, owner of U Save Moving and Storage appeared Monday before 54 A District Court Judge Hugh Clarke, Jr. Burnham entered a 'no contest' plea to charge he operated his moving company without
State, local officials to launch new informational campaign
Jan. 6 2016
WEDNESDAY. Jan. 6 — State and local officials will announce tomorrow that they are scaling up a public response to the dramatic increase in heroin and prescription opioid overdoses. Representatives
Supreme Court rejects MSU's assertion of secrecy
Dec. 30 2015
The Michigan Supreme Court, usually so protective of business, hostile to unions and deferential to powerful interests, actually ruled in favor of openness and transparency last week by ordering Michigan...
Dec. 30 2015
Mike Stevens of Grand Ledge was the first person to correctly provide the identity of the Dec. 9 Eye for Design (see below). Stevens described the detail as the “piers at the massive stone entrance...
Properties face foreclosure unless taxes are paid
Dec. 30 2015
It’s a diverse set of properties. One building houses a gym; another a laboratory. There is a manufacturer of plastic products. More than a few are dwellings. All of them share one thing, however:...
Local credit unions lacking in socially conscious practices
Dec. 30 2015
In my last column, I discussed credit unions hoping to find one locally that might more transparently demonstrate sustainability values. I did hear back from one of my own credit unions, but not with any...
Board of Canvassers gives green light to GLBT ballot proposal
Dec. 29 2015
The four members of the State Board of Canvassers (from left: Republicans Colleen Pero and Norm Shinkle and Democrats Jeannette Bradshaw and Julie Matuzak) prepare for Tuesday's meeting at the state
Local governments, schools want veto of bill limiting info on ballot initiatives
Dec. 23 2015
School districts and local government organizations are seething after discovering a late-night change made to state legislation that unless vetoed will ban officials from addressing a millage or bonding...
A powerful retelling of the miracle birth myth
Dec. 23 2015
I don't think the Ten Commandments belongs in courtrooms. Kids should pray at home and if they want to do it at school, do it privately.But I don't really mind nativity scenes on the Capitol grounds, a...

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