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Developer: Request for proposals emphasizes tearing down iconic building
July 28 2017
An architectural rendering of possible redevelopments included in the proposals appears to show the entire elimination of the current buildings and plaza, bringing a multi-story building to the sidewa
Dog Picture
Lansing Police Department and Ingham County Animal Control raid Ingham and Eaton County homes
July 27 2017
One of several dogs removed from the Lansing Avenue home.Photo by Eve Kucharski In what appears to be an animal cruelty case, Lansing Police and Ingham County Animal Control raided a house
July 27 2017
City attorney says initiative language has problems A citizen petition to ask voters to approve a medical marijuana licensing ordinance is on hold while Lansing city officials consider the legality...
July 27 2017
Accused killer found incompetent to stand trial in suspected hate case The accused murderer in what has overtones of a gay hate crime has been deemed incompetent to stand trial, Ingham County Prosecutor...
July 27 2017
408 E. Grand River Ave. Lansing Approaching this building from the west, one is immediately captured by Barbara Hranilovich’s colorful mural of an urban forest. The liveliness of the mural is carried...
July 27 2017
Chicken and EggAs primary election nears, candidates campaign to the choir Tina Aquirre sits on the front porch of her small house smoking a cigarette. Her 27-year-old son, Tony, is there as well. She...
July 27 2017
Council approves ballot question on selling historic Cooley-Haze House The fate of one of the last city-owned historic properties could be decided by voters in November. City Council, on the advice of...
July 27 2017
'Endangered' Esker?Friends of Ormond Park pin legal hopes on remnants of an ancient, subterranean river To the layman’s eye, the 25-foot-high landscape feature that dominates Ormond Park’s...
July 20 2017
EYE CANDY401 S. Capitol Ave. – Lansing Public Library The patterned cladding on this building, which serves as the downtown branch of the Capital Area District Libraries, brightens the streetscape...
July 20 2017
Straits pipeline report met with skepticism, frustration Oil and water did not mix at a public meeting July 6 at Holt High School, where a panel commissioned by the state laid out a report assessing...
July 20 2017
Despite lead, Houghton faces hurdles; Yorko not going quietly An incumbent could be in trouble in one of Lansing’s two City Council ward races, and an incumbent is making trouble in the other...
July 20 2017
Assault a 'hate crime'Feds investigating attack on Hispanic resident The FBI is investigating an alleged assault of a Hispanic resident of Lansing on the south side two weeks ago as a hate crime, city...
July 20 2017
Boji Tower clock gets a new pair of hands “Let’s go, let’s go,” Larry Willerson yelled from a catwalk near the top of Lansing’s tallest building. “It’s a good...
July 20 2017
Local bartender beats the odds If you are looking for Melissa “Inky” Kim this week, you will not find her mixing drinks behind the bar at Spiral Dance Bar. Kim, 39, will don a red coat to represent...
July 13 2017
'Go back to Mexico, wetback'Lansing Police investigating anti-immigration attack as hate crime “Trump doesn’t like you.” That’s how an assault against an undocumented immigrant...
July 13 2017
Last-minute suit puts Ormond Park entrance in limbo In 1994, Peter Wood and Merry Stanford were looking for a home to settle into at night after long days of working with others’ problems. Both...
July 13 2017
“Three hot rods rumbled into the parking lot and they wanted to know if they could hang out,” said Alexander. “I said, ‘Sure, as long as you keep the headlights on my job here so...
July 13 2017
Polling could signal problems for Councilwomen Dunbar, Houghton Without rallying their troops and turning out voters to cast ballots for them on Aug. 8, incumbent Lansing City Councilwomen Tina Houghton...
July 13 2017
Houghton among apparent victims of incorrect court recordkeeping Court records can be wrong — and in the case of Councilwoman Tina Houghton may well be. A check of her record on file at Lansing’s...
To catch up with James and Susan Herman, you need a quick flashback to 1973, when Marshall Goldberg, head of the endocrinology department at Flint’s Hurley Medical Center and a professor at MSU, improbably became a beloved medical expert, avidly fol
July 6 2017
To catch up with James and Susan Herman, you need a quick flashback to 1973, when Marshall Goldberg, head of the endocrinology department at Flint’s Hurley Medical Center and a professor at MSU,...