Feb. 22 2017
When this location was featured as an Eyesore in April 2014, it was “vacant and boarded, its falling soffit precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment.” The...
Berl caricature
Lansing needs a drink of courage on sanctuary cities
Feb. 22 2017
Action, not words, is usually what counts. And in normal times, that would be enough on the undocumented immigrant issue
Spending and dark money become hot button issues
Feb. 22 2017
Lansing’s 2017 candidates and dark money groups could spend as much as a million dollars in eight months in a bid to elect a new mayor. Dark money — untraceable money ostensibly spent to educate...
Feb. 17 2017
Including sexual orientation and gender identification in the hate crime law could elevate the punishment for some of these incidents
Council approves new law regulating home pot growing
Feb. 15 2017
In an action that will have ramifications for home growers of medical marijuana, the Lansing City Council has approved an ordinance regulating odor and electrical use
Feb. 15 2017
Architectural critics often divide their subjects into ‘capital A’ Architecture and ‘small a’ architecture. The former category includes famous museums, large monuments and examples...
Journalist sees silver lining in America’s racial discord
Feb. 15 2017
Back in 2014, journalist Jonathan Capehart wrote this headline for a Washington Post blog: ‘‘Black lives matter’ to everyone – finally.”
Lansing is finding out in sanctuary city debate
Feb. 15 2017
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare wrote. And that may be the case in Lansing in the debate over whether the city should declare itself a sanctuary city
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wilderness
Feb. 15 2017
Dirt trails along the Grand River open up a Lansing wildernessAt an obscure trailhead hidden behind a backyard in southwest Lansing, a laminated card is crudely duct taped to a fence pole: “No motorized...
County weighs proposals for trail extensions
Feb. 15 2017
The next time I roll from my home turf in North Lansing to talk about trails with Parks Department Director Timothy Morgan at the Ingham County seat in Mason, I may do it on two wheels
McClurken a ‘pissy rich guy,’ Yorko says on Facebook
Feb. 15 2017
“Pissy rich guy.” That’s how Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko has described James McClurken, who has filed to run for her seat this year to represent the Fourth Ward
Millage will put Ingham County trails in trim in 2017
Feb. 15 2017
You can learn a lot from the recreational trails pavement report prepared for the Ingham County Parks Department in 2015. It’s a grim pathology of horrors like “raveling,” “flushing,”...
City Council to vote tonight on almost being a ‘sanctuary city’
Feb. 13 2017
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Feb. 10 2017
LANSING — Michigan LGBT lobbyists are hailing the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to admit transgender boys as a momentous step in the struggle for recognition of equal rights.“Boy Scouts...
Feb. 10 2017
FRIDAY, Feb. 10 — A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories.Women’s advocates fear loss of federal anti-viole
MSU band leader Madden cited for sexual harassment
Feb. 8 2017
Shortly before 11 p.m. on Feb. 20 last year, Spartan Marching Band Director John Madden texted a female band member who had participated in an annual band event called “The Huddle” the night...
Astronaut Mae Jemison pitches interstellar travel at packed Black History Month event
Feb. 8 2017
MSU’s “Slavery to Freedom” speaker series has featured some lofty rhetoric from the likes of Cornel West and Harry Belafonte, but Mae Jemison is the first one to address the audience...
Feb. 8 2017
Lansing City Attorney James Smiertka has complained that a story in last week’s City Pulse on the settlement with his predecessor, Janene McIntyre, was inaccurate
Federal, state reprisals chill sanctuary city ardor
Feb. 8 2017
A rising chorus of voices is calling for Lansing to openly declare itself a sanctuary city, where local officials limit cooperation with federal immigration agents, as a substantive shield and symbolic...
Feb. 3 2017
LANSING — It’s early days for the Trump administration, but environmental advocates throughout Michigan are already alarmed about the future of the state’s public lands and natural resourc

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