March 22 2018
Pam Kies-Lowe, the coordinator for homeless education at the Department of Education, said, “Lots of folks think about the homeless as bad people in the park, or they think the homeless are on the...
Opposition growing to BWL’s $500 million gas plant
March 22 2018
“I feel confident it’s the best plan and I support building it 100 percent, but I’m willing to listen,” Commissioner Dennis Louney said. “We’re trying to build a fluid...
March 22 2018
They also revealed the price tag: $7.1 million. That’s $300,000 more than the $6.8 million raised by the millage. John Dinon, director of Ingham County Animal Control, said a nonprofit, the Ingham...
City struggles to fully explain what pot licensing fees pay forf
March 22 2018
Wood said determining the true cost of the additional work would require sanctioning a time study, which she said she assumed would back up Smiertka’s narrative. That time study would need to demonstrate...
Schor pause on City Hall sale could pave way
March 22 2018
“It’s time to have that conversation,” 55th District Judge Thomas Boyd said Monday in an interview in his chambers. Previous discussions didn’t go very far, said Boyd. But a review...
March 15 2018
Smith’s effort to defeat the much better funded Elissa Slotkin in the 8 th Congressional District Democratic primary and unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester Nov. 6 couldn’t be any more...
Beneath the gun debate: Bonding and nostalgia
March 15 2018
“I was trying to be all cool and stuff because I didn’t want my dad to think I was weak or anything like that,” she said. He showed her how to hold and aim the weapon. “I pulled...
Police response at Spencer protest in question
March 15 2018
“I’m pretty sure they set it up for it to be hard for Spencer supporters,” he said. “How else do you explain just letting us set up camp right in their way? I don’t see how...
March 8 2018
Since Larry Nassar never stood trial, there’s much that we don’t know. For example, it’s not clear how often and how far he broke with therapies that are acceptable in his field. We haven’t...
Community Foundation plans downtown riverfront projects
March 8 2018
The miniature spectacle makes people late for meetings, but the foundation’s executive vice president, Laurie Baumer, likes it that way
Labor fears Red Cedar developers won’t hire locally
March 8 2018
SkyVue is the $90 million, nine-story mixed-used development that is mostly student housing built by Georgia-based RISE Real Estate. Labor protesters greeted the groundbreaking ceremony in 2016 and continued...
Violent clashes outside. Peace within.
March 8 2018
Under the newly installed solar cells of Lot 89 at Michigan State University, drums and brass instruments sounded in the afternoon’s cold air. As MSU police observed, men and women, racially mixed...
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.42.46 PM
March 1 2018
Which one of our bad roads get fixed and when? How do we fix the long-term deficit? Whither the arts? Those are just some of the issues that Lansing’s new mayor, Andy Schor, addresses in an ex
March 1 2018
When I was assigned the task of selecting the most qualified 25 medical marijuana provisioning centers (a.k.a. dispensaries) by the City Council in fall 2017, I stated that my goal is for this process...
March 1 2018
— Impact study: Public Sector Consultants will spend the next 30 days on an economic impact study of the proposal. It will forecast the prevailing wage income revenue attributable to the 388 full-time...
March 1 2018
But after U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, blew out a well-funded and well-organized Gretchen Driskell by 15 points during an election in which Democrat Hillary Clinton was supposed to carry Michigan,...
March 1 2018
Columbus-based developer Frank Kass, 75, flew to Lansing Monday to present an agreement to the City Council reached by developers and the city to purchase and develop the former Red Cedar Golf Course into...
March 1 2018
For years, residents and politicians have heard the Red Cedar project is just a month away; shovels would be in the ground by spring. But finally, after nearly six years, the decommissioned Red Cedar Golf...
March 1 2018
The man beached his tiny craft, scattering a few ducks. Two years hence, at the same spot, guests will pull up to a high and dry hotel, if the most long-awaited development agreement in Lansing’s...
New owners act
Feb. 22 2018
The manufactured home park was sold on Dec. 15 on land contract to Riverview Estates MHC LLC, a California company, by South Lyon-based Riverview 110 Estates LLC. The sale price does not appear in city...