Council committee addresses questions with planned South Lansing Pathway; Boles-Robinson hopes full Council will unanimously approve project
Aug. 16 2013
Friday, Aug. 16 — Third Ward Lansing City Councilwoman A’Lynne Boles-Robinson is feeling much better about accepting a $1.1 million federal grant to help pay for a non-motorized pathway through...
Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton weighs in on a ‘deeply unpopular and flagrantly unproductive’ Congress
Aug. 15 2013
Thursday, Aug. 15 — Deeply unpopular and flagrantly unproductive, Congress is on its August recess right now. It won’t return until Sept. 9, after a five-week recess, leaving itself just a...
Organizer says nearly two-week delay caused by locking malfunction should be cleared up by next week
Aug. 15 2013
Thursday, Aug. 15 — Forty bike racks installed throughout the city as part of a new bike-sharing program have been empty since being unveiled 12 days ago. Organizers hope that won't be the case by...
Aug. 14 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 14 — The city of Lansing’s Ethics Board cleared City Council President Carol Wood Tuesday night of any wrongdoing after a formal complaint alleged she used city resources for...
Aug. 14 2013
Lansing City Council President Carol Wood has revealed more about her sources of consulting income, which include major local institutions. She has been paid by Lansing Community College, Ingham Regional...
Bernero calls a B.S. on move by Boles-Robinson delaying southside bike-pedestrian project
Aug. 14 2013
As of Monday night, it appears there’s yet another fight over non-motorized pathways in southwest Lansing. Reminiscent of the Council/administration fight over a sidewalk along Waverly Road, now...
Aug. 14 2013
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Nobody is using that as a campaign slogan, but it is the theme of this fall’s Lansing City Council election. The man behind the curtain...
Crime and discontent at South Washington Park Apartments and the efforts to stop it
Aug. 14 2013
The first half hour of the 1991 fictional crime movie “New Jack City” introduces viewers to The Carter, a high-rise apartment complex in New York City that’s taken over by the Cash Money...
Group hopes to replace demolished MSU greenhouse with high concept biodome
Aug. 14 2013
Never make a promise you don’t plan to keep. You never know when someone will stick around for, oh, say, 15 years and hold you accountable. The Student Greenhouse Project has been chasing a promise...
Columnist Mark Mayes is one of four to be let go as part of cost-cutting moves at the State Journal, sources say
Aug. 14 2013
Thursday, Aug. 14 — Its executive editor is gone and now the Lansing State Journal’s daily columnist was let go Friday as the Gannett-owned daily continues shedding staffers to save money....
Second referendum to ban wolf hunting has strong political overtones
Aug. 13 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 13 — A second referendum campaign to keep Michigan wolves off the state’s hunting list is just as much about politics as it is about conservation. The group behind the effort...
East Lansing City Council member won’t seek third term
Aug. 13 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 13 — East Lansing City Council member Kevin Beard announced today that he would not seek a third term on the Council. Beard cited “professional opportunities” as the reason...
$1.1M federal grant tabled because the administration didn’t come to a neighborhood meeting, which Bernero called ‘petty.’ In St. Petersburg resolution, Council asks for annual human rights report, which Bernero called ‘idiotic.'
Aug. 12 2013
Monday, Aug. 12 — Lansing City Councilwoman A’Lynne Boles-Robinson pulled a resolution to accept a $1.1 million federal grant from tonight’s meeting agenda because a representative from...
Lansing delegation traveling to D.C. later this month for a reenactment of the March on Washington
Aug. 9 2013
Friday, Aug. 9 — A delegation from greater Lansing is traveling to Washington at the end of the month for a reenactment of the historic 1963 March on Washington and to celebrate the 50th anniversary...
Five apply for 4th District Ingham County Board of Commissioners seat
Aug. 9 2013
Friday, Aug. 9 — The Ingham County Board of Commissioners will consider five applicants seeking to fill a board seat that will be vacated in early September by outgoing board member Debbie De Leon
Lansing Board of Water and Light reports fraudulent telephone calls asking for payments, threatening to turn off service
Aug. 8 2013
Thursday, Aug. 8 — Lansing’s publicly owned utility is warning of “telephone calls from scam imposters” who have threatened to turn off customers’ service if they don’t...
The State Journal's circulation numbers continue to plummet since introducing a paywall last year
Aug. 7 2013
Since close of business Friday, the daily newspaper in this town has been without an executive editor
Aug. 7 2013
Property: Rosewood Inn, 15275 Francis Road, Watertown Township Owner: Valerie and Joseph Cordes Assessed value: $310,000 Rural America has a wealth of architectural styles. The Rosewood Inn Bed...
New film on Lansing's drive to keep GM revs up the spin
Aug. 7 2013
In the late 1990s, greater Lansing faced what many regarded as an existential threat: GM’s decision to pull out of Lansing after the demise of Oldsmobile. It was time for a team of rivals to unite...
Two seek to fill vacant seat on Ingham County Board of Commissioners; deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Friday
Aug. 7 2013
Two Lansing Democrats have applied so far to represent northwest Lansing on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners to fill out the term of Debbie De Leon

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