Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton on political timidity hindering tax reform
Nov. 7 2013
Thursday, Nov. 7 — As Congress moves forward on budget negotiations, the word out of Washington is to expect nothing major: no grand bargain, just more stopgap, short-term fixes. Yet there’s...
Nov. 6 2013
Cover story: The logistics of going local The national trend of “food hubs” linking local farmers with local stomachs is finally wriggling down the gullet of greater Lansing, writes Lawrence...
The growing tide of private-sector businesses offering same-sex partner benefits, and those in Lansing that still don’t
Nov. 6 2013
Fourth Ward Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko said publicly at the end of an Oct. 28 Council meeting that she finds it “somewhat appalling” that insurance company Jackson National Life...
Nov. 6 2013
This recently renovated apartment block is a short walk from Lansing Community College and enjoys a grand view of Durant Park. The building is finished in brick with stone details, including a continuous...
Councilwoman-elect Judi Brown Clarke is not dispelling rumors about a future run for mayor, other higher office
Nov. 6 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 6 — Lansing City Councilwoman-elect Judi Brown Clarke made a big splash in the local political scene Tuesday when she placed first in a field of four candidates and ousted 10-year...
Council considers another church’s request to move to commercial corridor after Planning Department recommends denial
Nov. 5 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 5 — For the second time in a month, the Lansing City Council is considering a request from a local church to relocate into a commercial corridor in the city. In both cases, the city’s...
Campaign mailer against Brian Jeffries in final days of campaign misrepresents the facts
Nov. 4 2013
Monday, Nov. 4 — A last-minute political attack campaign against Lansing City Councilman Brian Jeffries that refers to a City Pulse story has misrepresented the facts
New research on teaching teenagers with autism; high divorce rates in rural areas; food pantries gearing up for holiday season and more
Nov. 1 2013
Friday, Nov. 1 — Each week, City Pulse runs a series of stories produced by Capital News Service correspondents at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. This week’s topics...
A closer look at City Council attendance records from 2010 to present
Oct. 31 2013
Thursday, Oct. 31 — Fourth Ward City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko has the worst meeting attendance record among her peers going back to 2010, but it was that first year in office that’s brought...
Oct. 30 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 30 — MSU’s Broad Art Museum, celebrating its first birthday this week, was born into a wormhole of contradictory expectations
City Pulse endorses Bernero, Dunbar, Brown Clarke, Yorko and Houghton
Oct. 30 2013
City Pulse wishes to thank the members of our first-ever Candidate Interview Committee. Their thoughtful questions contributed to a better understanding of the issues this election season. They were Karl...
Lansing’s internal auditor scrounges for information about city’s contract with information technology company, but finds nothing
Oct. 30 2013
The city of Lansing paid nearly $200,000 to a local information technology company on July 5, but the city’s internal auditor doesn’t know what for
Bernero campaign under investigation by the Secretary of State’s Office over contributions, though a resolution may not be reached till 2014
Oct. 30 2013
Mayor Virg Bernero’s reelection campaign has been mum since allegations surfaced last week that two aides funneled a portion of their contractual pay to the reelection campaigns of Council members...
Oct. 30 2013
Yorko boycotts forum Lansing city Councilwoman Jessica Yorko created a mini-storm by boycotting a meet-the-candidates forum over the weekend at Grace Lutheran Church. Yorko had a campaign volunteer deliver...
Developer Pat Gillespie to break ground Thursday on latest mixed-use project, ‘Midtown’
Oct. 30 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 30 — Developer Pat Gillespie is scheduled to break ground Thursday on his “Midtown” project on Lansing’s eastern border. The mixed-use residential/commercial building...
In high-profile medical marijuana and child custody case, parents win
Oct. 25 2013
Friday, Oct. 25 — After a six-week battle with the state Department of Human Services, Lansing parents Steve and Maria Green regained custody of their 7-month-old daughter,Brielle, today
SNAP cards at farmers markets; a rejected contamination suit on the Pine River; tighter regs on mobile dental clinics; mechanical harvesting; and more
Oct. 25 2013
Friday, Oct. 25 — Each week, City Pulse will run a series of stories produced by Capital News Service correspondents at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. This week’s topics...
East Lansing City Council candidate admits wrongdoing, apologizes for using nonprofit resources to promote campaign
Oct. 25 2013
Friday, Oct. 25 — An East Lansing City Council candidate who founded the East Lansing Film Festival has admitted wrongdoing and apologized for using film festival resources to promote her campaign
Campaign finance expert says allegations would be hard to prove without direct evidence
Oct. 24 2013
Thursday, Oct. 24 — Updated 3:35 p.m.: Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero denies having told his campaign staff to direct their payments as contract employees to Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar's campaign
Two of Bernero's campaign staffers make big donations to Dunbar, Yorko days after getting paid big for work on Bernero’s campaign
Oct. 24 2013
Thursday, Oct. 24 — On a Friday in June, two of Mayor Virg Bernero’s campaign staffers were paid significantly more as contract workers than they had been previously for helping run his reelection....