East Lansing City Council approves new precinct boundaries, polling locations at Michigan State University in effort to make voting easier for students
Aug. 7 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 7 — The East Lansing City Council approved new precinct boundaries and polling locations for Michigan State University students living on campus Tuesday, an effort seeking to improve...
Charter amendment to legalize possession, use and transfer of small amounts of marijuana could be on November ballots
Aug. 5 2013
Monday, Aug. 5 — Organizers of a campaign to legalize the possession, use and transfer of less than an ounce of marijuana on private property in Lansing turned in over 6,000 signatures to the City...
City Council approves agreements for Jackson National Life expansion
Aug. 5 2013
Monday, Aug. 5 — The Lansing City Council unanimously approved property sharing and development agreements at a special meeting tonight for Jackson National Life’s planned $100 million expansion...
Human rights concerns in other Sister Cities and their countries
Aug. 2 2013
Friday, Aug. 2 — As city officials and local advocates have focused recently on Lansing’s Sister Cities relationship — or lack thereof — with St. Petersburg, Russia over human rights...
Lansing resident becomes first person in Michigan to own brand new hybrid vehicle
Aug. 1 2013
Thursday, Aug. 1 — For Lansing resident Yvonne LeFave, Christmas came early this year. On Wednesday, she became the first person in the state to own an ELF
Supermarket chain plans 2015 opening in Meridian Township
Aug. 1 2013
Thursday, Aug. 1 — Whole Foods Market, the Austin, Texas-based grocery chain specializing in natural and organic foods, reportedly plans to open a new location in Meridian Township in 2015
A closer look at the maintenance of the Michigan Avenue rain gardens
July 31 2013
Tim O’Rourke, one of the co-owners of Stober’s Bar on East Michigan Avenue, is frustrated. The city of Lansing rain garden outside his business — which he didn’t build and isn’t...
First public bike share program in Michigan set to launch Sunday in Lansing
July 31 2013
Sunday will be a day of firsts. Lansing will be the first city in Michigan to have a public bike share program. And the launch will be the first project of A2B Bikeshare, a new Ann Arbor startup specializing...
Whether Lansing voters know it, the issue of prevailing wage is driving next week's primary election.
July 31 2013
Within hours after City Pulse published an innocuous line in a July 17 online story that said City Council member Brian Jeffries opposed Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero on significant issues, such as prevailing...
Building trades group challenges Lansing’s prevailing wage ordinance and wins in Circuit Court; city preparing for appeal
July 31 2013
Wednesday, July 31 — The city of Lansing’s prevailing wage ordinance, which requires area-standard wages be paid on city-funded construction projects, has been on hold since November after...
In restructuring move, executive editor Mickey Hirten’s last day at the Journal is Friday
July 31 2013
Wednesday, July 31 — The Lansing State Journal announced today that it’s phasing out executive editor Mickey Hirten’s position as part of a news department restructuring
Mid-Michigan Sports Turf takes over at Hope Soccer Complex
July 29 2013
Monday, July 19 — Mid-Michigan Sports Turf LLC has officially taken over at the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex. The company’s owner is pitching a future “championship artificial turf...
St. Petersburg resolution taken off agenda
July 29 2013
Monday, July 29 — A resolution condemning discrimination against LGBT advocates and their allies in St. Petersburg, Russia — a Lansing Sister City — was pulled from tonight’s City...
Former LPD Chief of Police Teresa Szymanski starts as chief operations officer for Lansing Schools
July 26 2013
Friday, July 19 — Although she’s still technically a 'chief,' she won't be getting a badge or uniform with this job. Former Lansing Police Department Chief of Police Teresa Szymanski has started...
Bernero has lopsided fundraising lead in mayor’s race; Dunbar tops At-Large candidates; and in close 4th Ward, Canfora lands contributions from four Council members
July 26 2013
Friday, July 26 — In an example of what’s proving to be a lopsided mayoral race, incumbent Mayor Virg Bernero reported earning more than $75,000 in campaign contributions for the reporting...
Township begins discussing LGBT non-discrimination ordinance
July 25 2013
Thursday, July 25 — Lansing Township has officially begun discussions to create an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, joining three other Lansing-area townships that are pushing for similar measures....
School board unanimously adopts new policies on teacher layoffs, recalls, placement and evaluations; says administration has more work to do on regulations
July 25 2013
Thursday, July 25 — The Lansing Board of Education unanimously adopted new policies regarding the layoffs, recalls, placements and evaluations of teachers at a special meeting tonight. However, the...
Citizen’s FOIA request for automatic license plate reader data is denied on grounds that it’s an unwarranted invasion of privacy
July 24 2013
Wednesday, July 24 — A Lansing resident’s formal request for what he believed was public information gathered by the Lansing Police Department through automatic license plate readers has been...
Area police departments scan license plates without policies for how to use the information and how long to keep it. ACLU is investigating
July 24 2013
Several Lansing area police departments have been using car-mounted automatic license plate readers to passively collect and store data on motorists — some for as long as two years — without...
July 24 2013
Property: Various rain gardens on Michigan Avenue in Lansing. Is that a bush growing out of the sidewalk? Is that fenced-in hole just a big cigarette butt and trash depository? Nope, it's just a rain...

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