Council says no to streetlight/hydrant ‘fee’
May 21 2013
Friday, May 17 — Instead of charging city Board of Water and Light customers fees for streetlights and fire hydrants, the Lansing City Council wants to increase the publicly owned utility’s...
Council approves a budget in messy fashion, Mayor Bernero promises some vetoes
May 21 2013
Tuesday, May 21 — The Lansing City Council approved a fiscal year 2014 budget at Monday’s meeting, but it was ugly. The process, that is
Ingham County Land Bank, Great Lakes Capital Fund to hold public meeting on School for the Blind plans
May 20 2013
Monday, May 20 — On Tuesday, the Ingham County Land Bank and the Great Lakes Capital Fund will hold a public meeting on plans to repurpose the School for the Blind campus west of Old Town
Lansing School District budget on its way to leaner times next year
May 17 2013
Friday, May 17 — On Thursday night, the Lansing School District Board of Education got its first taste of the proposed $142.5 million district budget for next school year — it’s about...
Michigan Democratic Party chairman puts 8th Congressional District in play
May 17 2013
Friday, May 17 — The chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party considers the 8th Congressional District an “absolutely winnable race” for Democrats regardless of whether seven-term U.S....
Community center's future will reach 'resolution' soon, diocese says
May 16 2013
A proposed merger between Cristo Rey Community Center and St. Vincent Catholic Charities that has been under attack by a citizens group has been called off, Michael Murray, legal counsel for the Diocese...
Transportation Review Committee makes no recommendation on Michigan Flyer expansion because of tie vote
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission’s Transportation Review Committee won’t be making a recommendation to the full commission on Michigan Flyer expanding its...
Annual bike ride remembering bicyclists killed or fatally injured by motor vehicles resonates locally after fatal accident this week
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — A procession of nearly 200 bicyclists traveled from Michigan State University to the Capitol Wednesday night. As a police escort stopped traffic along Michigan Avenue throughout...
City attorney issues formal legal opinion on proposed fees for streetlights, fire hydrants
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — Lansing City Attorney Janene McIntyre issued a formal legal opinion today saying the city could move forward with charging Lansing Board of Water and Light customers fees for...
May 15 2013
Owner says: Property is for lease through CBRE MartinArchitecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Some buildings are more susceptible to blight than others. By nature, buildings that are not easily...
Bernero administration still unclear whether proposed fire hydrant and streetlight charges would be a fee or a tax
May 15 2013
With less than a week to go before the Lansing City Council must adopt a new budget, the single biggest issue has yet to be resolved. The question is whether Mayor Virg Bernero's proposed charge for hydrants...
Mayor, Council president and business community — in defense of airport — line up against federal grant for Michigan Flyer. One supporter calls for a grown up in the debate.
May 15 2013
Tension between the Capital Region Airport Authority and Michigan Flyer has been rekindled in recent weeks as the private bus service seeks local approval for a $595,680 federal grant to expand its service...
With the filing deadline for city elections closed, campaign season officially begins
May 15 2013
The filing deadline to run for city elected offices officially closed at 4 p.m. Tuesday. From the looks of things, it's likely Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero will coast to reelection
Market Place project finally gets moving, developer expects completion in late 2014
May 14 2013
Tuesday, May 14 — It only took six years and the threat of a legal action by the city, but developer Pat Gillespie has officially begun to work on his Market Place project in downtown Lansing. He...
Lansing Association for Human Rights to host panel about the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay members
May 13 2013
Monday, May 13 — The president of the Lansing Association for Human Rights says the Boy Scouts of America is going only “halfway” with a proposed policy that would partially lift the...
Budget hearings round 7: Mayor’s Office and Community Media
May 13 2013
Monday, May 15 — The city’s Office of Community Media had a strong year at its temporary home in a former National Guard armory. Within the next year it expects to be operating from the newly...
New insurance company to fill insurance gap
May 10 2013
Friday, May 10 — While the Legislature dithers over whether Michigan’s working poor should be allowed affordable health insurance, a consortium of local health agencies is moving ahead with...
A weekly column answering your technology questions
May 10 2013
Friday, May 10 — Editor’s note: “Deemable Tech” is a syndicated column by Jacksonville, Fla.-based writer Ray Hollister. It will appear weekly on
Two terms isn’t enough for Mayor Virg Bernero, who is seeking another four years in office. He also urges support for Dunbar, Houghton, Yorko and Brown Clarke for City Council.
May 10 2013
Friday, May 10 — Touting $1 billion of new investment and creating thousands of jobs during his two terms as Lansing’s mayor, Virg Bernero started his re-election campaign today
Anti-fracking protesters disrupt DNR oil and gas land lease auction, no arrests
May 9 2013
Thursday, May 9 — A gas and mineral rights auction of public land by the Department of Natural Resources drew the ire of about 40 anti-fracking protesters at the Lansing Center today. Several protesters...

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