Oct. 12 2016
Designed by the father and son team of Lee and Kenneth Black, the sanctuary of this church was constructed in 1954. The building was expanded with a flat-roofed 1961 addition that enveloped the original...
Testing for potency, toxins and bacteria will be required
Oct. 12 2016
Inside a nondescript building near a busy intersection on the city’s southeast side sits the only lab conducting medical marijuana testing in Lansing today
Oct. 12 2016
As marijuana moves into the mainstream, with new business emerging and complex rules and regulations, here is what you need to know
Regulations will give big business control of Michigan’s marijuana industry
Oct. 12 2016
For decades, marijuana has been illegal, hidden in a black market and distributed clandestinely, often with criminal overtones. Now, and rapidly, it is emerging from back alleys into the daylight through...
Rare tour reveals Capitol suffers from leaky gut syndrome
Oct. 12 2016
Some scary things have happened on the floor of Michigan’s Senate and House of Representatives. What’s happening under the floor is none too reassuring, either
Collette’s attacks on BRT lowering the discourse
Oct. 12 2016
CATA’s proposal for faster bus service on Michigan and Grand River avenues deserves serious scrutiny, but that’s not what it is receiving from one of its leading critics
Oct. 7 2016
As the number of abandoned bikes grows on college campuses, bike rental programs flourish. In New York, abandoned bikes are recycled or trashed. In Denver, they are auctioned and the proce
MSU event offers lessons for American democracy
Oct. 5 2016
To save space, here is the political news and the weather, in one report: It’s pouring excrement with no end in sight. Hm. How’s the weather in Spain?
'Art in the Wild' hooks up high culture to a big drain
Oct. 5 2016
The perfect image of harmony between humankind and nature, in the imagination of Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann, is a turtle sunning itself on the back of a bronze sculpture
Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann shares vision for Montgomery Drain project
Oct. 5 2016
A slow whirlpool of pollution control, economic development and public art, the most ambitious and creative project for managing storm water in greater Lansing, is accelerating down the drain. In...
LGBT hate crime measure languishes in Legislature
Oct. 5 2016
When Howard Spence, an Eaton County commissioner, got in his car to go and pick up a twenty-something man on Lansing’s southwest side last winter, he didn’t expect the Craigslist meet-up...
Poll shows Bernero vulnerable to Schor and Brown Clarke
Oct. 5 2016
Virg Bernero: “Lansing's Mayor for Life.” Maybe not
Young farmers excited about working with communities
Sept. 30 2016
Millennials in agriculture see the need for more community involvement, said Emily Eisele, a 31-year-old member of the Michigan Young Farmer Coalition that helps beginning farmers network and learn from...
Sept. 30 2016
FRIDAY, Sept. 30 — A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories.Audit says inspectors need to recheck more school
Sept. 28 2016
Six years ago, Lansing Community College, the Allen Neighborhood Center and the Ingham County Lank Bank announced they would join hands to save this home, built in 1922, and another a few doors away as...
BWL walks a tightrope between power lines and tree lovers
Sept. 28 2016
In a road show familiar by now to Lansing area residents, the buzz of chainsaws and roar of service trucks drifted through a sleepy Lansing neighborhood south of Eastwood Towne Center for much of last...
Citing rates and health, Council approves BWL plan
Sept. 28 2016
In the end, a noisy coalition of preservationists, historians and tree lovers failed over nine months to persuade more than one Council member to oppose the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s plan...
Sept. 23 2016
A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories
BWL Central Substation clears a major hurdle at City Council
Sept. 22 2016
THURSDAY. Sept. 22 – The Lansing City Council will likely decide Monday night on the plan to put a power substation in Scott Park after a committee approved it today. WashingtonThe Planning and...
Sept. 21 2016
Taking its name from the use of the ancient architectural orders, the Neo-Classical Revival style traces its immediate origins to the extensive classical themes found in the pavilions at the 1893 World’s...

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