State owes county recycling fee for Governor’s Mansion
Feb. 22 2018
“I think this might be an error on the city’s part. That doesn’t make sense,” wrote Snyder spokesman Ari Adler Friday. “Do you have a copy of the bill? I’m trying to...
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City won’t identify people behind marijuana license applications
Feb. 22 2018
Who knows? Not the public, at least. Citing state law, city government is refusing to release the identities of the financial backers behind medical marijuana facility license applicants. The City Attorney’s...
Feb. 22 2018
The campaign, called “Promote the Vote,” seeks to give military members more time to vote, automatically register citizens when they conduct business at a Secretary of State office and allow...
Show we don’t stand or hate
Feb. 22 2018
On March 5th, Alt-Right poster boy, Richard Spencer, and his lawyer and MSU alumni, Kyle Bristow, are bussing in 300+ sympathizers from a private conference in Detroit to a speaking engagement at the...
Feb. 22 2018
Great coverage of an important issue (“The new BWL plant: Is gas the way to go?) by City Pulse’s Larry Cosentino this week. And kudos to the folks who are courageous enough to push back and...
BWL sticking with gas plant despite robust dissent
Feb. 22 2018
“The site has been selected. Construction is ready to start,” Peffley said. “We’ve been two years working on this and we can’t wait much longer because we need to replace...
New documents detail MSU Appling/Payne housing irregularities
Feb. 22 2018
In response to the sexual assault allegations against two standout freshman Michigan State University basketball players in 2010, the university ignored its own sexual assault protocols in moving Keith...
Feb. 15 2018
By passing the ordinance on Jan. 23, Lansing Township joined Lansing, East Lansing and Windsor Township as the only governmental jurisdictions in mid-Michigan to create pot regulations. Under the new state...
Feb. 15 2018
“I know people complain a lot about our roads and they’re not great, but they’re not horrendous either,” said the township manager, Frank Walsh, describing them as a 4 or 5 on a...
Passing grade
Feb. 15 2018
Schor was riding shotgun in one of the city’s new plows Friday as the city was socked with snow. For an hour, the new mayor rode south, then north, on Cedar Street, with a second one following. The...
Is BWL’s $500 million gas plant too much, too late?
Feb. 15 2018
The Stanton Memo is out. It sounds like a salvo from the political wars in Washington, but a memo by Lansing utility expert and former state regulator Tom Stanton is part of a local conflict over Lansing’s...
Simon ordered review of sexual assault training in 2010
Feb. 8 2018
A month after incoming Spartan basketball standouts Keith Appling and Adreian Payne were accused of a brutal sexual assault in a Wonders Hall dorm room, Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon...
Gloves coming off early in gubernatorial race
Feb. 8 2018
He’s not participating because he wasn’t involved in the planning process and his campaign doesn’t feel it needs to be . . . yet
History and culture color MSU sex scandal investigations
Feb. 8 2018
The board of trustees last week imposed a gag order on its elected members, in an attempt to limit their often bungled attempt to shape the crisis. That alone is unlikely to affect the breadth of investigations...
Growth spurt
Feb. 8 2018
When the emergency rules regarding medical marijuana licensing were released by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) in December, they included a provision allowing potential licensees...
Feb. 1 2018
Thank you for the article which provided information we needed to try to understand the woeful news that Schuler Bookstore at Eastwood is closing. This seems yet another example of a successful local business...
Okemos hotel site of white nationalist meetings
Feb. 1 2018
Approximately 35 people gathered for the session in October, organized by attorney Kyle Bristow. Supporters advance the theory that white people are discriminated against despite being superior to people...
Prosecutor Siemon could reopen MSU sexual assault cases
Feb. 1 2018
The multiple investigations of Michigan State University and its failures to address cases of sexual assault allegedly committed by athletes also involves actions — or inactions by the Ingham County...
Jan. 29 2018
Adreian Payne alleged sexual assault statement abridged version.In the early hours of Aug 31, 2010, officers from Michigan State University knocked on the door of a dorm room in Wonders Hall
Bishop Boyea gets an earful from Lansing Catholic, IHM parents
Jan. 25 2018
There appear to be no blacks on the teaching staff at LCHS. The 2017 Cougar yearbook, “Evolve,” shows 35 teachers and eight administrators, counselors and chaplains. It’s impossible to...