The passing of legendary Helen Thomas stirs memories
July 20 2013
Saturday, July 20 — I was Helen Thomas’ boss. Not for long, but long enough to create some wonderful memories
In a rare move, dueling political groups endorse Bernero and his supporters on City Council
July 18 2013
Wednesday, July 17 — Although the two organizations rarely agree on politics, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and the United Auto Workers Region 1-C are on the same page for the citywide...
Schauer launches petition asking Snyder why he outsourced travel guide
July 18 2013
Thursday, July 18 — The Mark Schauer for Governor campaign has launched a petition drive asking why the Snyder administration outsourced the Pure Michigan travel guide to an Iowa publisher when it...
July 17 2013
We hold no grudges toward federal workers; federal laws are the problem. A tug-of-war exists between the states and the federal government
In a City Council race with veto implications, how do 4th Ward voters perceive Councilwoman Jessica Yorko's support of the mayor?
July 17 2013
The city's budget battle this year was not won by compromise between the Lansing City Council and Mayor Virg Bernero. Bernero got his way by vetoing all of the amendments the Council had made to his budget
July 17 2013
Property: 1800 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing Owner: Hilde Wright Assessed Value: $33,100 Michigan Avenue wasn't always a business district. If you look closely, you'll see that many of those commercial...
July 17 2013
Why do we need a primary election, or state party conventions? Twelve months before either major party officially picks its candidates for state office, it looks the November 2014 ballot is just about...
Public buildings and churches on next Lansing Historical Society tour
July 16 2013
Tuesday, July 16 — The Historical Society of Greater Lansing continues its Behind the Façade tours this weekend with “Church and State,” a look at some of downtown’s oldest...
Ratings give a glimpse into how city office candidates view LGBT, women’s health rights
July 12 2013
Friday, July 12 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and At-Large City Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar have received the highest rating in this year’s primary election races from the political action committee...
How a group of white-collar men gets entwined in a drug conspiracy when state and federal law collide
July 11 2013
"I must say you don’t look like the typical drug defendant that we have in our court.” U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph Scoville was talking to 65-year-old Dennis Corey in a federal courtroom in...
Bill package would require more transparency to protect the state’s water supplies
July 11 2013
Thursday, July 11 —House Democrats, including three local representatives, introduced legislation today to increase transparency and accountability from gas companies that practice horizontal hydraulic...
July 10 2013
One thing I’ve learned during my eight years as mayor of Lansing is that change is hard. The status quo is a powerful force, and most people, especially politicians, are firmly wedded to keeping...
Lansing School District teacher layoffs will likely no longer be based solely on seniority
July 10 2013
Ben Baldwin probably reached the coda of his career as Lansing Everett High School's band director too early
July 10 2013
Property: 565 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing Assessed value: $270,700 Owner says: Could not be reached for comment
Persistent passion earns Dave Dempsey top award for Great Lakes advocacy
July 10 2013
Quietly, slowly, water erodes the strongest rock. Dave Dempsey's lifelong push against the despoilers, exploiters and developers that pressure the Great Lakes operates on that scale
July 10 2013
Like the students and faculty who led Michigan State University to be the first public university to divest from firms doing business with apartheid South Africa, today's MSU students with the Fossil Free...
City Council gets its first look at the city’s new lease agreement for the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex
July 8 2013
Monday, July 8 — The Lansing City Council’s first look at the new lease agreement between the city and a private company for the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex came with questions about the...
Lansing City Council regular Darnell Oldham Sr. passes
July 5 2013
Friday, July 5 — In less than six months, the Lansing City Council has lost two of its most vocal and regular critics from the public. Darnell Oldham Sr., known for biting speeches amplified by repetition...
It’s been one year since the Niowave pole barn controversy flared: Negotiations progress, but no solution and no tax abatement vote foreseen
July 3 2013
Something happened at the Walnut Neighborhood Organization’s meeting Thursday that has never happened since Niowave Inc. celebrated the opening of a new 14,000-square-foot pole barn as part of its...
Property: Downtown Williamston
July 3 2013
The aged architecture and weathered wood of downtown Williamston’s historic district comforts you like an old rocking chair