How Mayor Virg Bernero's budget proposal looks beyond June 30, 2014
March 27 2013
Balancing Lansing's budget is the easy part. Just ask Virg Bernero, who's had to annually patch over millions of dollars in budget deficits since he took over as mayor in 2006. Layoffs here, department...
With deficit $4 million less than expected, cost-shifting to residents and businesses to pay for fire hydrants and streetlights
March 25 2013
Monday, March 25 — Lansing’s projected budget deficit for the coming fiscal year has shrunk to $5 million, which is $4 million less than anticipated, the Bernero administration announced today
March 22 2013
For most of her adult life, Mari has lived the ultimate gamble: getting through without health insurance. She has always had a job but made too much money to qualify for Medicaid, which caps income for...
Lansing teachers, superintendent get a new five-year contract with layoffs; school board agrees to sell two buildings
March 22 2013
Thursday, March 21 — Lansing teachers gave up their daily planning time and agreed to no step salary increases as part of a new contract with the district adopted tonight
City Council president says no solution on façade work drawn up this week, vote on tax abatement taken off Monday’s agenda
March 22 2013
Friday, March 22 — Lansing City Council President Carol Wood said there will not be a final vote on Niowave Inc.’s requested tax abatement by the Council on Monday, as has been planned for...
Bernero ‘looking at’ police layoffs if no concessions
March 21 2013
Thursday, March 21 — Unless its employee bargaining unit is willing to make concessions to reduce costs to the city, the Lansing Police Department may see layoffs as part of Mayor Virg Bernero’s...
Three houses will be deconstructed following RFP, lead and asbestos removal
March 21 2013
Thursday, March 21 — Lansing Community College will soon start the process of removing three homes — each at least 111 years old — on the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue and...
1039 N. Cedar St., Lansing, M-F Noon-7 p.m. and Sat Noon-6 p.m. (517) 481-5264
March 20 2013
Earlier this year in what seemed like a logical step, Victoria, original owner and operator of SuCasa since 1974, turned the home behind the head shop into one of Lansing’s newest medical marijuana...
A City Council employee reveals what she claimed Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar asked her to do — and provides the results of a lie detector test to support her claim.
March 20 2013
The Lansing City Council's office manager says Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar asked her to file a false police report in November saying Dunbar's city-issued laptop had been stolen. Dunbar denies the accusation....
March 20 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Gas stations are a 20th-century building typology, the epitome of single-use, car-oriented development. Although gas stations were designed with some architectural...
Niowave's personal property tax abatement may come with strings attached
March 20 2013
The Lansing Economic Area Partnership has stepped in to try resolving the dispute between Niowave Inc. and Walnut Neighborhood residents over the appearance of the company's 14,000-square-foot pole barn
Sizing up a swastika vase at the MSU Surplus Store
March 20 2013
The cavernous MSU Surplus Store is a "Casablanca" for hard drives and file cabinets, a place of last resort for discarded things. From reel-to-reel tape recorders to Spartan-green street signs, a jumble...
The Lansing School District starts reevaluating transportation services to save money
March 20 2013
The process of trimming the Lansing School District's budget is kicking off in the same place where roughly 5,500 students start their day: school buses
March 20 2013
We've heard this before, haven't we? Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero saying he will run for re-election and isn't interested in running for a higher office next year?
Hundreds of gun rights supporters flock to downtown Lansing
March 20 2013
Wednesday, March 20 — Chris and Martha Welch were at the Capitol today to voice their support for gun ownership and carrying rights
Former Lansing state representative won't seek Sen. Gretchen Whitmer's seat come 2014
March 19 2013
Tuesday, March 19 —Former Rep. Joan Bauer will not run for the state Senate in 2014, saying in a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon that she wants to "explore other options and also want to spend...
The Lansing City Council is expected to approve tonight a May election to increase taxes
March 18 2013
Monday, Feb. 21 — The Lansing City Council is likely tonight to approve a special election to be held on May 3 to increase the city’s property tax by 4 mills in an effort to balance the budget
May 3 election: It’s on, with Jeffries a lone voice of opposition
March 18 2013
Tuesday, Feb. 22 — Brian Jeffries was the lone vote on the Lansing City Council Monday night opposing calling a special election on May 3 on whether to implement a 4-mill property tax increase. It...
MSU panel to discuss the “perceived” conflict between religion and sexuality
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Feb. 23 — Being gay and Christian is not an oxymoron. At least that’s what a panel discussion will address Thursday at Michigan State University
A hearing on the Capital Area District Library’s weapons policy postponed
March 18 2013
Thursday, Feb. 24 — A court hearing on the Capital Area District Library’s weapons policy was postponed today at the request of the lawyer for Michigan Open Carry, CADL’s lawyer said

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