Mortgage foreclosure is rarely a straightforward — or completely legal — process, according to those working in the trenches
June 5 2013
Toby and Donna built their Meridian Township home 25 years ago where they raised three daughters. More recently, they enjoyed having their grandkids visit. But in 2011, even after making every payment...
New Facebook page comes out against the existence of Lansing Township
June 3 2013
Monday, June 3 — A new Facebook group — started by a Lansing Township resident — advocates for the dissolution of the township and is slowly gaining followers and media attention
Mayor’s budget veto stands; Council approves buying property on Ottawa/Butler block for $1
June 3 2013
Monday, June 3 — The Lansing City Council didn’t have the necessary six votes Monday night to override Mayor Virg Bernero’s fiscal year 2014 budget veto
May 31 2013
So what's the problem with the city of Lansing's ethics ordinance? The same thing that plagues too many disclosure requirements for public officials. While on paper it has most (if not all) of the elements...
17th annual Mayor’s Walk is Saturday
May 31 2013
Friday, May 31 — Mayor Virg Bernero invites you to strap on your walking shoes with him Saturday to take part in the 17th annual River Walk in Lansing
Absent commission member up in air on how he’d vote
May 30 2013
Thursday, May 30 — Brian McGrain , whose absence Wednesday night resulted in a tie vote on the Michigan Flyer issue, said today he is up in the air on the controversy. “I don’t know,”...
Same-sex couple in Lansing uses Canadian marriage license to secure property rights not available to same-sex partners in Michigan, potentially setting up court challenge
May 29 2013
Just over nine years ago, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope and his partner, Bradly Rakowski, got married in Canada, with the skyline of Detroit as the backdrop to their ceremony. The marriage is legally...
May 29 2013
The original Biggby location in East Lansing — an unmistakable feature of the Valley Park area just west of downtown — may soon be demolished. DTN Management has a development agreement with...
The ins and outs of form-based zoning codes
May 29 2013
On fishing weekends, my Uncle Andy used to put a milk carton full of worms in the fridge door, where the milk goes. It freaked my Aunt Sophie out. So did the golf balls in the egg keeper. After talking...
Ingham County register of deeds gives legal weight to same-sex marriage, a first in the state
May 28 2013
Tuesday, May 28 — Later today, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope and his husband will file an affidavit with the Ingham County Register of Deed’s Office securing their property rights as a married...
Michigan native will oversee operations of Ingham County-wide authority
May 24 2013
Friday, May 24 — Growing its Garden Program and helping Lansing improve its commercial corridors are on the top of the priority list for Jeff Burdick, the new executive director of the Ingham County...
Will ask Board of Water and Light for higher return on equity to pay for streetlights, increase water rates for hydrants
May 23 2013
Thursday, May 23 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has vetoed all of the City Council’s budget amendments, reinstating expenditures for information technology and several other General Fund line...
Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will form trio of planets in the evening sky
May 23 2013
Thursday, May 23 — The cosmic orbits of three planets will appear to be huddled together in the night sky, creating a planetary spectacle that won't happen gain for 40 years. For about a week, starting...
Mayor Bernero promises to veto City Council's decision to exclude a full-time cold-case investigator in next fiscal year's budget
May 22 2013
In his office Monday night shortly after the Lansing City Council adopted a budget for the next fiscal year, the first item Mayor Virg Bernero promised to veto was the Council's elimination of a new, full-time...
Two City Council members' non-disclosure of financial interests suggests a weak ethics ordinance
May 22 2013
Lansing City Council President Carol Wood earned at least $4,700 as a consultant to political campaigns in 2012, yet she didn't have to report any information on it under the city's ethics ordinance
Lansing Police Department to purchase three additional Automatic License Plate Readers for use later this summer, raising privacy concerns
May 22 2013
Later this summer, the Lansing Police Department will roll out Automatic License Plate Readers that will be used to find stolen vehicles, but a Lansing City Council candidate and the American Civil Liberties...
Tunnel construction, pollution prevention and the tax abatement
May 22 2013
The latest chapter in Niowave Inc.'s strained relationship with its residential neighbors is over the construction going on inside the company's controversial pole barn
May 22 2013
Consumers Mutual Insurance, Michigan's newest health insurer, is ambitious. Its mission is to be "recognized as Michigan's plan of choice for patient-centered care, disease management, lower costs, and...
Council says no to streetlight/hydrant ‘fee’
May 21 2013
Friday, May 17 — Instead of charging city Board of Water and Light customers fees for streetlights and fire hydrants, the Lansing City Council wants to increase the publicly owned utility’s...
Council approves a budget in messy fashion, Mayor Bernero promises some vetoes
May 21 2013
Tuesday, May 21 — The Lansing City Council approved a fiscal year 2014 budget at Monday’s meeting, but it was ugly. The process, that is