The tepid response of Walnut Neighborhood residents to a proposed redo of Niowave Inc.'s pole barn has once again placed the company's request for a $550,000 tax break on hold. Niowave says there's not enough money to budget for more changes.
April 17 2013
Walnut Neighborhood residents see "major flaws" in a plan to fix the façade of their corporate neighbor's research facility because it does not go far enough in blending the building with its surroundings
April 17 2013
East Lansing's residential neighborhoods are fairly traditional when it comes to architectural styles, a good mixture of Tudors, Colonials, Side-Halls, Craftsmans and Cape Cods, to name a few. Every once...
Checking in with City Pulse readers' favorite politician: Grateful to serve and unsure of the future
April 17 2013
About 13 years ago, 28-year-old Gretchen Whitmer knocked her first door in East Lansing and Meridian Township as a candidate for the 69th state House district. The eager first-time candidate had a law...
April 17 2013
Outside Corina Slaughter's front door, beyond a 10-foot-high wooden fence across the street, is a lifeless stretch of concrete extending past Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, appearing to become one with...
Council committee approves GM tax abatement request; talks updates on Stadium District developments
April 17 2013
Wednesday, April 17 — General Motors representatives told four Lansing City Council members today that they will take concerns about large vacant parking lots at its Grand River Assembly site back...
No comment from editors, promise of more details in the coming days
April 17 2013
Wednesday, April 17 — Well, that didn’t last long. The Bay City MLive hub has dropped from its website an online legislative tracking system run by the conservative Mackinac Center for Public...
Budget hearings round 3: Police, finance and IT
April 16 2013
Tuesday, April 16 — A police union official says there is no way the Fraternal Order of Police will reopen its employee contract with the city before it expires in 2015, which could put a kink in...
The future of the Michigan/Grand River Avenue corridor
April 15 2013
Monday, April 15 — The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is looking for citizen input to develop a community vision of the area’s busiest thoroughfare: the Michigan Avenue and Grand River...
Over a five-year period, the city’s property values fell by over 34 percent
April 12 2013
Friday, April 12 — Lansing is on par with the city of Detroit when it comes to declining property values, according to information compiled by the state and recently published by Bridge Magazine
Dems offer a t-shirt to counter Agema’s comments
April 12 2013
Friday, April 10 — The state Democratic Party has found a way to capitalize on former state Rep. Dave Agema’s anti-gay attacks: It is selling pro marriage equality t-shirts
Signature-gathering campaign to ban fracking starts this week
April 10 2013
Tuesday, April 9 — Friday kicks off a six-month signature-gathering campaign for a group that’s trying to ban fracking in Michigan
April 10 2013
"He took the easy way out." That's former Mayor David Hollister's blunt assessment of Mayor Virg Bernero's latest budget proposal, a document released just days after the Hollister-led Financial Health...
April 10 2013
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: A simple retaining wall, like this one, is a reminder of the tenuous relationship between humans and the environment. Despite the engineering and strength...
The $5.5 million question at the heart of Mayor Bernero's budget proposal
April 10 2013
The central piece that balances Mayor Virg Bernero's budget next fiscal year may not even be legal. Bernero's proposal to charge Lansing Board of Water and Light customers for streetlights and fire hydrants...
Michigan School for the Blind property on cusp of change
April 10 2013
Apart but not isolated, dignified but not imposing, there's no place in Lansing like the old Michigan School for the Blind campus
Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski reflects on nearly 26 years at the LPD
April 10 2013
Wednesday, April 10 — Consolidating the Lansing Police Department into one building is the biggest goal she never accomplished, Teresa Szymanski said today, reflecting on her three years as Lansing...
Steve Ford, son of President Gerald Ford, gives lecture in Lansing
April 8 2013
Monday, April 8 — Before a crowd of several hundred people, Steve Ford, the youngest son of President Gerald Ford, spoke at the Lansing Town Hall Celebrity Lecture Series today in South Lansing
Budget hearings round 2: More BWL details, LEPFA and human resources
April 8 2013
Monday, April 8 — Lansing Board of Water and Light General Manager J. Peter Lark was in the house tonight to give more details on potentially new ways to pay for streetlights and fire hydrants in...
A ‘monster rain’ is needed to wash away excess hydraulic fluid
April 5 2013
Friday, April 5 — A “monster rain” is needed to wash the excess hydraulic fluid that spilled into the Grand River earlier this week into absorbent booms, an official with the Mid-Michigan...
The launch of a new environmental campaign calls for MSU to disinvest in oil companies contributing to climate change
April 4 2013
Thursday, April 4 — The gathering may have been small, but the message was big. MSU Fossil Free, a re-launched student environmental group at Michigan State University, called on the school to divest...