Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski reflects on nearly 26 years at the LPD
April 10 2013
Wednesday, April 10 — Consolidating the Lansing Police Department into one building is the biggest goal she never accomplished, Teresa Szymanski said today, reflecting on her three years as Lansing...
Steve Ford, son of President Gerald Ford, gives lecture in Lansing
April 8 2013
Monday, April 8 — Before a crowd of several hundred people, Steve Ford, the youngest son of President Gerald Ford, spoke at the Lansing Town Hall Celebrity Lecture Series today in South Lansing
Budget hearings round 2: More BWL details, LEPFA and human resources
April 8 2013
Monday, April 8 — Lansing Board of Water and Light General Manager J. Peter Lark was in the house tonight to give more details on potentially new ways to pay for streetlights and fire hydrants in...
A ‘monster rain’ is needed to wash away excess hydraulic fluid
April 5 2013
Friday, April 5 — A “monster rain” is needed to wash the excess hydraulic fluid that spilled into the Grand River earlier this week into absorbent booms, an official with the Mid-Michigan...
The launch of a new environmental campaign calls for MSU to disinvest in oil companies contributing to climate change
April 4 2013
Thursday, April 4 — The gathering may have been small, but the message was big. MSU Fossil Free, a re-launched student environmental group at Michigan State University, called on the school to divest...
Proposed Niowave pole barn solution: brick, fake windows, a painted roof, $200,000
April 3 2013
A proposed solution to the Niowave Inc. pole barn controversy features a brick façade on two walls, fake windows, a parking lot and landscaping, at a cost of $200,000
Inside and outside the U.S. Supreme Court's gay marriage plunge
April 3 2013
WASHINGTON — Last Tuesday morning, while the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on California's anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8, a quiet contingent from a South Carolina Baptist church, about...
With a deadline Tuesday, the Waverly Road sidewalk project envisioned by the Bernero administration may not happen
April 3 2013
A sidewalk project along Waverly Road — a goal of the Bernero administration for over two years — may not happen unless Lansing Township and Ingham County agree by Tuesday to help pay for it
A city contractor and tax abatement beneficiary has been late on paying taxes, but says the redevelopment of the Holmes Street School will be completed this summer
April 3 2013
The redevelopment of the former Holmes Street School into a high-tech workplace is scheduled to wrap up this summer. But the project's completion comes after years of late tax payments and delays due to...
How the Republican Party is pillaging Michigan's natural resources
April 3 2013
Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice: If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. It is the official motto of a state now advertising itself as a "19-million-acre playground that’s Pure...
Time to prepare your backyard gardens — here’s how
April 3 2013
Wednesday, April 3 — The Allen Neighborhood Center has already been hard at work this year teaching gardening and small-scale agriculture in an urban area. On Saturday, it continues that effort with...
Former headquarters of Michigan Sheriffs Association purchased by LCC
April 1 2013
Monday, April 1 — This is not a joke: One of the newest buildings purchased by Lansing Community College won’t be demolished, but future plans for the structure are still up in the air
Budget hearings round 1: Fees and revenues
April 1 2013
Monday, April 1 — The Lansing City Council kicked off its weekly budget hearings under President Carol Wood tonight with a look at how the Bernero administration proposes bringing in new revenue...
Mayor Bernero budgets for a cold-case detective
March 29 2013
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced Monday that he wants to create a new position in the Lansing Police Department dedicated to unsolved homicides. He cited a March 18 City Pulse cover story as his inspiration
Council starts budget deliberations Monday
March 29 2013
Friday, March 29 — The Lansing City Council will begin its weekly budget hearings Monday night, starting with fees and revenues proposed by the Bernero administration
Four employee groups get new contracts
March 28 2013
Wednesday, March 27 — Four remaining employee groups with the Lansing School District got new contracts today, which include no layoffs and no salary increases
City Council president says controversy over Kathie Dunbar’s computer is not resolved
March 28 2013
Thursday, March 28 — Lansing City Council President Carol Wood said Wednesday she believes a controversy surrounding Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar’s city-issued laptop computer is not over. She...
Right-to-Work legislation officially takes effect today in Michigan; protests pop up in Lansing and around the state
March 28 2013
Thursday, March 28 — It’s official: Michigan is a Right-to-Work state, effective today. However, the roughly 50 people on the steps of the Capitol this afternoon weren’t celebrating —...
Public officials texting and emailing during public meetings could pose legal problems
March 27 2013
"OMG, I think I just violated the OMA," is a phrase Bill Mathewson likes to use when giving presentations about elected officials texting and emailing during public meetings. That very issue came up during...
March 27 2013
There's something about a stone house that draws people to it. More than likely, it's the subtle balance of quaint rustic character with a bit of grandeur — a castle, on a small scale