Budget hearing picks apart police millage appropriation, consolidation. Administration still facing opposition from Council.
March 18 2013
Monday, April 16 — The Bernero administration’s budget proposal to spend nearly $650,000 on plans to consolidate the Lansing Police Department into one building is the continuation of a four-year...
Subscription, Sunday single-copy prices going up on May 1
March 18 2013
Wednesday, April 18 — Subscribers to the Lansing State Journal are trying to understand a letter they have received from publisher Brian Priester. In short: Home delivery rates are increasing —...
Developer says he’d sell the North Precinct to the city for $3.4 million
March 18 2013
Monday, April 23 — Turns out Harry Hepler is willing to sell the 24,000-square-foot North Precinct — and another 117,000 square feet of additional space — to the city for about $3.4 million...
Grebner, Lindemann tangle through letters, memos
March 18 2013
THURSDAY, April 26 — Mark Grebner started it. Now Pat Lindemann is counter-attacking
Rate increase delayed — if you know to ask
March 18 2013
MONDAY, April 30 — Facing threats of cancellations because of a home delivery price increase Tuesday, the Lansing State Journal is giving some customers a three- to six-month extension of their current...
Budget hearing shines light on public service millage spending
March 18 2013
Tuesday, May 8 — Nearly half of Lansing’s roads are in poor to failed condition, the Lansing City Council was told Monday night, but the Bernero administration hopes the $1.9 million expected...
Tom Gabel's revelation has changed the point of view of writer and Against Me! fan Sam Inglot
March 18 2013
There are a few things you need to know about me. First off, I do not have any interest in following or paying attention to figures in the entertainment industry, I prefer to wear black and I’m obsessed...
March 18 2013
WEDNESDAY, May 9 — “Wow” was Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope’s reaction. Swope hadn’t yet heard the news of President Barack Obama’s interview on ABC News in which he...
Sobering news as the budget process winds down. Also, Council approves a permit for redeveloping the old Silver Dollar property; Emergent Biosolutions wants to expand; and supporting striking Red Cross workers.
March 18 2013
Monday, May 14 — In a matter of three hours between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. today, the City Council learned from the Bernero administration that the General Fund may have to start funding a $1.6...
Financial Health Team presents budget recommendations for next fiscal year
March 18 2013
Monday, March 18 — The city’s advisory Financial Health Team would make $12 million in cuts to services — including funding for police, fire, building inspection, cemeteries and golf...
Michigan Municipal League announces legislative priorities for 2013, wants more investment in local government
March 18 2013
Monday, March 18 — Officials with the Michigan Municipal League, an advocacy group for local governments, say the governor and state Legislature need to reverse a decade-long trend of disinvesting...
Lansing School Board wants to avoid a Niowave-like situation as it considers selling excess property
March 15 2013
Friday, March 15 — A medical laboratory has offered to buy a vacant school building from the Lansing School District. As the school board discussed the sale at a work session Thursday night, some...
Long-term, regional recommendations approved
March 14 2013
Thursday, March 14 — The city’s mayoral-appointed Financial Health Team has approved recommendations to alter city employee health care and pension systems and significantly change the way...
An Obama administration official visits Lansing to make the case for higher education funding
March 13 2013
Monday, May 14 — A federal education official appeared at Eastern High School Friday to highlight the importance of higher education, financial aid opportunities and a push for federal programs that...
Council proposes amendments at morning budget session, setting the stage for final approval Monday night. The administration is skeptical “at first blush.”
March 13 2013
Thursday, May 17 — The Lansing City Council has some ideas of its own for balancing next fiscal year’s budget, which include bringing back two more police officers and two more firefighters...
Members of Occupy Lansing sing protest songs at the Capitol
March 13 2013
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Wallstreet shows terminal greed. Hee! Hee! Hee! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Courts are owned by CEOs.”
Legislation decried by environmental groups may soon legalize methane production via grass clippings
March 13 2013
MONDAY, May 21 — Michigan banned throwing away yard waste in neighborhood trash bins 17 years ago because of concerns about landfill space. Now, though, both Democrats and Republicans are trying...
Will Mayor Bernero keep his word on vetoing Council’s budget? “Of course,” his chief of staff says
March 13 2013
Tuesday, May 22 — The Lansing City Council adopted a fiscal year 2013 budget at its Monday night meeting, but it’s safe to say the budget process is far from over. By a 5-3 vote — with...
School aid changes could cost Lansing schools millions based on how it structures kindergarten classes
March 13 2013
Tuesday, May 22 — A proposed change in the State School Aid Act this year could negate all $2.5 million that was saved by the Lansing School District in its new reconfiguration plan
Vendors and community members had blue skies and sunshine for the opening day of the local market
March 13 2013
THURSDAY, May 24 — Farmers, food vendors and craft makers from Lansing and other areas of the state arrived Wednesday at 1619 East Kalamazoo St. to partake in the annual Allen Street Farmers Market

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