National Broadway musical tour featuring world-class talent comes to East Lansing
Jan. 18 2018
Director Diane Paulus (“Finding Neverland”) is backed by an all-female creative team, including screenwriter Jessie Nelson (“I Am Sam”) and composer Sara Bareilles (“Brave.")
New exhibit unearths candid photos of the legendary artist
Jan. 18 2018
Andy Warhol dons a black suit and tie with sunglasses, while an unnamed man hangs in the background. Warhol’s daily life is celebrated by the new Broad Art Museum exhibit, “Andy Warhol: A Day...
Riverwalk Theatre resurrects Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama
Jan. 18 2018
By Skyler Ashley “Buried Child,” the legendary play that earned its creative mind Sam Shepard the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1979, comes to Riverwalk Theatre this weekend. Director Janet Colson...
Jan. 18 2018
Did you know about M.A.C. co-ed Gertrude Peters, who in 1903 was expelled for some indiscretions relating to “hours” and having dinner with a man? Or that the 1900 J-Hop was delayed due to...
Berlin horn master, Lansing Symphony generate solar power
Jan. 11 2018
Coming near the end of a string of subzero days and nights, at the post-holiday nadir of winter gloom, the golden horn, golden tone and golden grin of soloist David Cooper was the most timely musical intervention...
Jan. 11 2018
Stalwarts like Centenary and the Revenant have long since established themselves in the Lansing metal scene. Recorruptor and Grave Leech, both relatively new, should perform exciting sets. Recorruptor...
Jan. 11 2018
Retail Properties of America, or RPAI, the Oakbrook, Illinois owner and leasing agent for the Edgewood Towne Center, had been pressing the Fehsenfelds to agree to a reconfiguration and reduction in size...
Jan. 11 2018
Visitors can now stare down the barrel of “Dirty Harry” Calhoun’s gun, wondering if they do indeed want to make his day, as they place their orders at the counter. On the far wall, Walter...
Annual Martin Luther King concert wades into healing waters
Jan. 9 2018
Annual Martin Luther King concert wades into healing waters
The story of an influential Lansing musician
Jan. 5 2018
Achtenberg, bassist of the Fix, Blight, the Meatmen and Just Say No, died on Dec. 14 after a battle with heart disease. He was 60
Jan. 4 2018
By ALLAN I. ROSS For 2 ½ years, the Creole restaurant has been serving New Orleans-style bistro cuisine in the former home of Old Town’s historic Creole Gallery
David Cooper’s winding road from Grand Ledge to the Berlin Philharmonic
Jan. 4 2018
Despite his exalted position in the world of symphonic music, he said it’s a “dream come true” to come back to the house where he was raised, on St. Joseph Street, near the “new...
Jan. 4 2018
When Blue Owl Coffee Company first opened last year, co-owner Nick Berry knew he wanted to foster an environment conducive to live music events. He approached local singer-songwriter Tania Howard about...
Jan. 4 2018
By PAUL WOZNIAK It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Audio Airforce’s presentation of “Super Heroes… and Little Orphan Annie!” Mason resident and creator of the audio...
Jan. 4 2018
By BILL CASTANIER Hey! Don’t bogart that joint, man! This week, California will join Washington D.C. and seven other states with its vote to legalize recreational marijuana. Here at home, Michigan...
Jan. 3 2018
You know it’s been a weird year when the biggest development news is two big holes in the ground. East Lansing finally eradicated its biggest eyesore, the former Citizens Bank at the corner of Abbot...
Classical and jazz highlights of 2017
Jan. 3 2018
On Feb. 10, Israeli-born clarinetist Anat Cohen, one in a series of major jazz artists-in-residence to visit MSU’s Jazz Studies program, performed with the student octet
Books explore persistent belief in things that aren’t true
Jan. 3 2018
Dr. Charles Laughead and his wife, Lillie, of East Lansing, spent several days before Christmas 1954 in Oak Park, Ill., with other true believers, waiting — not for Santa, but for spacemen from the...
A look back at Lansing’s cultural landscape
Jan. 3 2018
The new year has all but dawned on Michigan’s capital. For most, it’s a time of reflection and for those invested in the arts, we’ve asked ourselves: “What was big in music? Theatre?...
Local Lansing record label celebrates a productive anniversary year
Jan. 3 2018
Lansing’s GTG Records put out 16 records this year. That’s over 150 songs and more than 10 hours of music. If you wanted to, you could drive all the way to Tennessee listening to nothing but...