The Lansing Bike Party organizes educational pool party to save Moores Park Pool and Pavillion
July 26 2017
Courtesy You can mix preservation awareness with a day at the pool tonight, with the Lansing Bike Party. The Moores Park Pool, despite being open all summer for swimmi
REO Town 2
LEAP will aid in renovation of REO Town properties
July 26 2017
Mayor Virg Bernero announces plans to renovate REO Town properties at 1101 and 1103 South Washington Ave. They will be home to Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale along with Wheel House Studio—a ceramic...
Dusty's Cellar hosts Lansing Food Bank fundraiser through July 31
July 24 2017
For the week of July 24 through the 31, if you get dinner at Dusty’s Cellar, 10 percent of your purchase will go to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Greater Lansing Food Bank is a non-profit
July 22 2017
Kick of your Saturday night with a show! The Robin Theatre will host Michigan-based group War & Treaty. They play a mix of folk, bluegrass, soul and gospel music.Tickets range from $10 in advance
July 21 2017
Gifts or CreaturesCourtesy Photo By KATE HABRELLANSING — What do you get when you combine Great Lakes history, folk music and Michigan musicians? In this case, Brandon and Bethany Foote’s upc
July 20 2017
A woman’s journey of self-care The slam of the door, the chatter of people, the hiss of the espresso machine. Imagine doing something as mundane as going to a coffee shop while being unable to filter...
July 20 2017
A review of some of Instagram's most popular health trendsSugar Bear Hair The website promises healthier hair with a $30 bottle of 60 vitamins. Basically, these little blue gummies contain biotin, folic...
July 20 2017
Art in the Wild hosts fundraiser for Montgomery Drain project Even though it might seem like art and science are polar opposites, sometimes they work in perfect harmony. That’s exactly the case...
July 20 2017
Unique art by MSU Faculty When looking through pictures there are always a few images that just don’t make the cut—the snapshots that aren’t worth printing out or sharing to family members...
July 20 2017
McLaren gives mental health nursing a boost at MSU Randolf Rasch, the dean of MSU’s College of Nursing, is glad that the current health care debate — ugly as it has been — is shining...
July 20 2017
The committee of 'yes'W3 works for women’s well-being Often, it’s gradual. First a strand or two. Then, there might be a clump on the pillow or in your hairbrush. Your scalp might feel tender....
July 20 2017
Local trainers dish on how to get fit 
Dropping a few pounds on a fad diet is one thing, having the willpower to stay fit is very different animal. City Pulse chatted with two local trainers and asked...
July 20 2017
Kari Holmes at The Loft Friday, July 21 @ The Loft, 414 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing. 18+, $12, $8 adv., 8 p.m. Kari Holmes, a Lansing native now recording out of Nashville, has created some buzz after...
July 20 2017
High-Tech Fitness: Pros and Cons of some of the industry's hottest productsWith all the new fitness technology advancements, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s out there and what actually...
July 20 2017
Theio’s Restaurant temporarily out of order For the first time in decades, the 41-year-old, 24-hour breakfast spot Theio’s Restaurant shut down on a day that wasn’t Christmas. Not...
July 20 2017
One ring found within the rubble, two strangers’ lives changed forever When Dylan Rogers stopped by at his friend’s new place, he didn’t expect it to be the first step in a quest of...
July 20 2017
Former Lansing man is son of Bobby Darin Aficionados of Lansing theater are likely to remember Sam Tallerico who took the acting scene by storm in the 1980s. Initially, coming to Lansing to work in...
July 20 2017
The owners of Knight Cap have sold the longtime downtown Lansing eatery. The father-and-son team of Leo and Gregory Farhat bought and renovated the restaurant in 2015. Allan I. Ross/City Pulse Two...
MSU hosts its own Maker Faire
July 19 2017
Prepare to reinvent your definition of the word “make.” The first Lansing Mini Maker Faire is this Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon at Michigan State University’s Main Library
Turner Street Outdoor Theater shows 80s classics
July 17 2017
Every summer, Lansing totes out its projectors and lawn chairs to fill downtown with the sounds of “Willy Wonka,” “Space Jam” and the like, for outdoor movie screenings. Since...

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