The Runway Lansing and LCC celebrate collaboration with fashion show
Oct. 20 2016
THURSDAY, Oct. 20 — The Runway Lansing and Lansing Community College team up tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their collaboration and the two-year anniversary of the fashion in
Collaborative theater project brings professional talent to work with MSU, high school students
Oct. 19 2016
Last week, actors, musicians and directors gathered in a brilliantly lit, mirrored-wall rehearsal studio in the basement of the MSU Auditorium, hashing out a complicated collaboration — well, a...
Oct. 19 2016
Back on Sept. 28, in a post on the Seth Bernard & May Erlewine Facebook page, the songwriting couple made a surprising announcement. In part, the lengthy post read: “The time has come for us to change...
Oct. 19 2016
“I’d liken it to when you’re trying to learn Spanish, and you move to a Spanish-speaking country where everyone around you is speaking that language,” said Lindsay Lou Rilko, frontwoman...
Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio brings solo show to Mac’s Bar
Oct. 19 2016
“Any place that feels a little more intimate, more one-of-a-kind, that makes it special,” Andriano said. “I love playing all kinds of venues, but the bigger the room, the more detached...
Gender-swapped ‘The Odd Couple’ puts a twist on Neil Simon’s classic play
Oct. 19 2016
“The Odd Couple” play I saw Friday night took more than a few odd turns, even with the original odd characters created by oddball playwright Neil Simon. The Starlight Dinner Theatre’s...
MSU program turns fallen trees into furniture, decorations
Oct. 19 2016
Snapped branches and broken trunks lined the normally well-groomed roads of Michigan State University’s campus last July, the aftermath of a huge summer storm. The university’s Sustainable...
Upcoming event looks back on one of Lansing’s early female pilots
Oct. 19 2016
In an odd historical coincidence, Lansing had its own Babe Ruth. But while the Great Bambino was swatting home runs for the New York Yankees, Marion “Babe” Weyant Ruth was lying in her backyard,...
Holden-Reid Clothiers / Green Dot Stables /Zaytoon Holt
Oct. 19 2016
Now here’s a sign you don’t see that often: “Quitting Business Sale.” In an era where Internet retail is putting the hurt on independent brick-andmortar stores, you’re more...
‘The Birth of a Nation’ fails to tell its important story
Oct. 17 2016
Politically muddled and aesthetically and narratively banal, Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” ultimately fails to fulfill its many ambitions. It feels less like a personal passion...
‘Mamma Mia!’ offers playful, ABBA-fueled romp
Oct. 15 2016
Get out your spangled spandex and channel your inner “Dancing Queen,” because “Mamma Mia!” is back at the Wharton Center
‘Mornings After Grace’ tackles tough issues facing baby boomer generation
Oct. 13 2016
In Carey Crim’s “Mornings After Grace,” a world premiere production from Purple Rose Theater Co., the playwright builds a story around two scenarios increasingly familiar to the baby...
Oct. 12 2016
Probably best known for work in the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band on “A Prairie Home Companion,” Pat Donohue is a Grammy Award-winning folk guitarist. His fingerpicking style seamlessly blends...
Oct. 12 2016
Michigan’s natural beauty is important to writer and illustrator pair Gijsbert and Robbyn van Frankenhuyzen — so much so that they’re opening their 40-acre property, Hazel Ridge Farm...
All-star Aziza quartet brings rich jazz tapestry to Wharton Center
Oct. 12 2016
When rays of recombination zap the venerable genes of jazz tradition, fresh mutations vibrate into being
Russell Malone digs in at first MSU jazz residency of the year
Oct. 12 2016
Russell Malone’s Gibson Super 400, a dark, resonant cavern of a guitar, contains many mansions of sound
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
Oct. 12 2016
As it prepares for a move across the street, Strange Matter Coffee Co. is raising funds to launch a scratch bakery specializing in craft doughnuts, including vegan and gluten-free options
New book on Grande Ballroom explores Detroit’s lost music venue
Oct. 12 2016
In the late ‘60s, visitors entering the second floor of Detroit’s Grande Ballroom were greeted by waves of pulsating music and an electric light show. They handed a ticket to someone in a bathtub...
Millennials get the spotlight at Creative Placemaking Summit
Oct. 12 2016
The second annual Creative Placemaking Summit, which drew nearly 300 artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders to the Lansing Center last week, featured a diverse slate of presenters from a variety...
Dicker and Deal / La Cocina Cubana / Chick-fil-A
Oct. 12 2016
Every so often, a business transcends its retail roots and crosses over into tourist attraction territory

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