New book explores locomotive’s path from East Lansing to Hollywood
Sept. 28 2016
Quite a few Michigan State University alumni have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. One of the most unlikely movie stars to come out of East Lansing is 1225, a steam engine that spent more than...
Sept. 28 2016
“The concept for ‘The Fourth Wall’ follows the storyline from the first album, ‘The Final Season,’ where I'm the head talent of a fictional TV show,” he said. “It’s...
Sept. 28 2016
The 2016 presidential election has been a wild ride, with unexpected twists, strong personalities and more candidates than you can shake a stick at. And for political comedy writers, this campaign...
Former Barenaked Ladies singer brings reimagined Beatles songs to East Lansing
Sept. 28 2016
The ensemble’s touring show, based on “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” hits the Wharton Center stage Oct. 6. The touring ensemble is a mix of classically trained musicians,...
East Lansing Public Library prepares to unveil renovations
Sept. 28 2016
Monday afternoon at the East Lansing Public Library, staffers were busy re-shelving books and contractors were moving furniture into place. Saturday, the library will unveil its $1.5 million renovation,...
Local artists make connections at Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize
Sept. 28 2016
Deborah Fehrenbach is used to making art small enough to wrap around a finger or dangle from an earlobe, but her latest project is large enough to wear jewelry. “Breath,” a 6-foot-tall copper...
Local video game developer draws inspiration from Michigan
Sept. 28 2016
Imagine a soccer game, except that you have to navigate shifting floors and dodge gunfire while trying to knock a spiked skull into the opponent’s goal
‘The Amazing Jesus’ confronts big questions in small Mexican village
Sept. 28 2016
What is it that God does to keep the world in order? That question — and others like it — are at the core of “The Amazing Jesus,” Ixion Theatre’s season opener
Sept. 28 2016
Being the seat of the state government, the home to Michigan State University and a key player in the rebounding auto industry are some of the more high-profile aspects of Metro Lansing’s economy
New book challenges official story of New York prison riot
Sept. 21 2016
The 1971 Attica prison riot is widely regarded as the nation’s most violent prison disturbance, where merciless prisoners killed hostages and brutally attacked guards who attempted to retake the...
Sept. 21 2016
Back in in the mid-‘60s, Bill Malone was vocalist and bassist for one of Lansing’s most popular teen bands, the Plagues. But after relocating to California in the late ‘60s, he got involved...
Sept. 21 2016
Tait and Jensen worked together to organize Grrrls Just Wanna Have Fun, a day-long concert and fundraiser for Helping Women Period that comes to the Avenue Saturday. Visitors can check out live music,...
LGBTQ radio program to open bureau at MSU
Sept. 21 2016
A new program coming to Michigan State University offers students a national platform to discuss LGBTQ issues
Legendary local rock ‘n’ roll outfits play reunion concert
Sept. 21 2016
While veterans of Lansing’s 1960s rock music scene are mostly in their 60s today, a select batch of those musicians are hoping to recreate some of the sonic majesty that happened over 45 years...
Berl Schwartz looks back on his career in journalism
Sept. 21 2016
Berl Schwartz showed an early interest in alternative news. While in high school, Schwartz and his best friend started an alternative high school newspaper as a counterpoint to the school’s, which...
Champion bodybuilder helps local church celebrate 150 years
Sept. 21 2016
At 80 years old, Ernestine Shepherd still wakes up at 2:30 a.m. every day to read the Bible and meditate. She then walks or runs 10 miles before heading to the gym, where she leads two group exercise classes...
Lansing Beer Exchange / Pure Performance Arts
Sept. 20 2016
Jim Flora will open Lansing Beer Exchange next spring on the second floor downtown Lansing’s Hurd Building. The bar/restaurant will be a local version of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange
Eastwood, in search of a hero, creates villains for 'Sully'
Sept. 19 2016
“Sully,” Clint Eastwood’s latest film, suffers from several of the same tensions and contradictions that plagued 2014’s “American Sniper.”
Sept. 16 2016
LANSING — Michael Schumacher was born and raised in Wisconsin and has been living right by the shore of Lake Michigan all of his life. “The lake means a lot to me so I won’t...
Charging station unveiled at popular Pokémon GO location
Sept. 15 2016
This week, the Lansing Board of Water & Light unveiled a standalone charging station designed to lure Pokémon hunters and other park visitors

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